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Another Convoy Of Turkish Army Enters Idlib Governorate (Video)

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On February 9, a convoy of the Turkish Army, consisting of dozens of armored vehicles and trucks, entered the northern Syrian governorate of Idlib, according to the Syrian pro-opposition Qasioun news agency.

The Hayat Tahrir al-Sham-linked news agency Iba’a reported that the Turkish Army convoy will establish a new observation post in the village of Tell Tuqan south of the city of Saraqib in the southeastern Idlib countryside. Units of the Turkish Army conducted a reconnaissance mission around the city of Saraqib on February 7.

From its side, the Lebanese al-Mayadeen TV said that the Turkish Army convoy contains reinforcements to the already existing Turkish observation post in the town of al-Eis in the southwestern Aleppo countryside.

However, several Syrian pro-government activists doubted the  al-Mayadeen report because Tukey’s Presidential Spokesman Ibrahim Kalin said on February 7 that Turkey and Russia had agreed to establish twelve observation posts inside Syria during the Astana talks.

Experts believe that the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies will likely respect the de-escalation agreement and cancel their military operation towards Saraqib if the Turkish observation post is established in Tell Tuqan.

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So the Turks want to observe HTS being destroyed? They should be very careful in this area!


The reason for these observation points, like agreed in Astana, is to form a de-escalation zone monitored by Turkey, Iran and Russia.

Second phase of the plan is to get rid of HTS and leave FSA in the area. I’m not sure how that is possible because these fighters switch groups faster than I switch from underwear. The Syrian army can expand military operations elsewhere, for example southern Damascus, eastern Qalamoun or eastern Damascus, maybe even Daraa.


probably by eliminating HTS leaders that oppose… and rebranding

Graeme Rymill

Who is going to get rid of HTS? Is it the Turkish Army or the SAA or who?


I think what the Erdo wants is to remove all kurds from Afrin and settle there the syrians that are in Turkey… lets see how it plays out.

The question is will Erdo attack Manjib…

You can call me Al

Not a bad idea.


They want to control the corridor into afrin to effectively block any additional reinforcement from the rest of the Kurdish forces. I guess the one got sent to afrin before were fully Kurdish militias. At least unless it forced the recent conscripted child soldiers to fight the Turks. The idea is to eliminate enough Kurdish main forces to tip the balance into Arabic militia in SDF. Once the Arabic militias in SDF gained enough power to stand equally with Kurdish militia they’ll be more easier to negotiate with Turkey which in turn maybe open another chances for Erdogan wishes to gain swaths of Syrian lands.


HTS will try again to start a war between turkey and Syria by attacking these convoys.

Btw, afrin recently received 5,000 volunteer Kurdish fighters from SDF. Nearly half of them brought military equipment with them.

Turkey is in for a rough ride.


Well, without airforce, the YPG/SDF is in big problems in Afrin. The airforce is crucial.

Afrin needs a political solution with the Syrian government, not a military solution by jihadists.


The Kurds refused to hand out the territory to the SAA, they want a country on their own.

You can call me Al

Well tough, they are not going to get it.

It is sad really that they (SDF and friends) sold their soul to the Yanks as they had it pretty good before this manipulated war (whatever the MSM states); whereas they now have no future in Syria – little by little, person by person, they will be eliminated and sent into exile.


The capital of afrin waves a large flag for kurdish PYD. But they also wave a smaller flag for syria. The actual syrian flag, not the rebel syrian flag. The two flags accepts the reality that in afrin there are both kurds and arabs, though the majority are kurds. In addition to afrins population, There are over 100,000 extra syrian refugees who do not want to be captured by turkey and their salafist extremists either. They are arabic.

IT is true, the kurds want to be in charge in afrin. They are 70% of the population there. They told assad they’ll remain part of syria with autonomy. They tell the pentagon they are never going back to syria, they are autonomous. Now when turkey is invading, they see that playing both sides means neither one will save them.


How can SDF terrorists can go to Afrin ?

You can call me Al

I didn’t realise hat it was 5,000 in number, but in my view even better, I wonder how many came from the East of the Euphrates.

Eliminating HTS is good for all sides even their Turkish backers now, as they seem to be breaking all rules and instructions.


If the Kurds do not come to their senses to return to become Syrians , they will definitely lose everything as there is no way they can form their own state with so many powerful forces against them. US is only there if the going is good for them and leave in a second if the going is bad.

Fact is no Syrian will allow their country to be partitioned.


Fu.k Putin, Lavrov and their accursed deals..

You can call me Al

Look at you !. Maybe if your ZioYanks had not created this war, there would be no reason for the Russians to eliminate all of you murdering retarded scum.


I am neither a Zionist or an America so no need to lecture me you dimwit..Russia has no interest in opposing the US-it only wishes to be accepted as a “partner”.


Lool if Russia didn’t enter this war and took the entire burden on themselves then ASSAD would have been hanged in the middle of damascus city center as back in 2016.

He had zero chances in this war and technically lost the war back in 2015 even with Hezbollah and Iran hence their help was not enough at all.

This entire war switch to Putin vs Rebels. Assad is irrelevant at this stage nor is he the ruler of Syria but Putin is


Except Russia DID NOT take all the burden for themselves..Russia send a small contingent that remained small throught the war.


People are so stupid.

These dumb kurds are betraying Arabs syrians and give Turkey (who is supported by USA) the opportunity to impose their islamic scums in Syria.

In the same way, arab syrians are betraying their own country by destroying it with the help of the devil americans.

And Russia is also betraying Syrians and gave half of Syria in a deal with USA.

That’s full of garbage and the good people have died and will die.

John Whitehot

go figure if Russia didn’t betray someone LoL.


Arabs and kurds are dumb people. Americans are terrorists by nature. Russians are opportunists and always betray their allies that they just want to use.

In Europe, I trust only the Germans, the most intelligent, valuable and brave people in Europe.

John Whitehot


El' kerym

Russia betrays allies? Trust Germans?? HAhAHAaha do you know even a little bit of history..? maybe check it out sometime, take a break from posting seriously profane things


Good observation.

Tom Tom

It does appear that way, but no, that’s not this will end up.

Christian Gains

SEEMS that Turkey is working AS or TOWARDS a PROXY of Russia situation…Just as an analyst recently stated they will…Dr. Hisrotov,[sp?], seems to have some insight into the maneuvers going on in Syria…Hmmmm?


Just when takfiri mongrels were getting demolished in Idlib. How convenient.


WOW, breaking news and quite surprising !! Now let’s see if Turkey can control the Jihadist ?? https://www.almasdarnews.com/article/breaking-syrian-defense-ministry-announces-end-operations-idlib-aleppo/

Ryan Glantz

I’ll just leave this here- https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=140&v=FJqLAleEnKw

Tom Tom

Come in, come in, you little turkish men. Your time is almost over.

Weldon Cheek

If they can turn idlib into a de-escalation zone (remember hts are not included in ANY of these “truces”) then the saa can shift a large force to eastern Damascus and get that area cleared,then move on to the next point and so on whilst the talks in astana etc drag on the syrians can keep taking back their country .once all the “moderates”are in idlib and hts is destroyed militarily like is happening with isis in syria,then the syrian gov has all the real power in the talks,the kurdish issue is not set in stone,once things are on an even keel then they may see the sense of moving back into the syrian fold instead of being surrounded by major enemys and being propped up by the god godawful americans who could drop them in the shit at any momment.

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