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MARCH 2021

Anonymous takes down website related to Trump


A series of reactions worldwide have appeared after Donald Trump’s controversial declarations on Muslims.

Anonymous takes down website related to Trump

Donald Trump, Republican US Presidential Candidate

The international hacktivist group Anonymous temporarily took offline for about an hour one of the websites belonging to the magnate US presidential candidate Donald Trump in response to his absurd and full-of-hate declarations about Muslims earlier this week.

After the attack to the website of Trump Towers NY, Anonymous claimed its responsibility warning the magnate that such declarations will have a huge impact on the development of IS imminent growth.

The warnings came days after Trump declared that he would impose a total and complete ban of all Muslims entering the US.

Trump often uses the attacked website for his presidential campaign.

Such declarations originated a series of disapproval reactions worldwide and inside the US. Trump’s disgusting proposal took place while he was giving a speech after it was confirmed that San Bernardino’s attackers were radical Muslims, according to American authorities.

 Written by Lisbeth Mechter



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