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Anonymous says that company from the United States is protecting ISIS

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Anonymous says that company from the United States is protecting ISIS

This article originally appeared at Politika translated by Stevo Marjanović exclusively for SouthFront

London – As “Daily Mail” reports, hacker group Anonymous has accused CloudFlair company from the Silicon Valley of protecting website of the Islamic State from cyber attacks.

They claim that this company is helping ISIS to improve their security by speeding up website loading times.

This means that, if Anonymous would try to take down their website, they would be stopped with the help of the technology from the CloudFlair company.

According to a recent report, CloudFlair was accused of protecting 40 websites with the terrorist links, including 37 purely propaganda websites.

Anonymous wrote on Twitter: “Once again, CloudFlare have been found to be providing services to pro Islamic State websites. Shameful”.

Matthew Prince, CloudFlare CEO and Founder of CloudFlare, Matthew Prince, said that Anonymous claims is “armchair analysis” and that they wouldn’t have any benefit from helping terrorist group.

He believes that “this was armchair analysis by kids” and that we should not take it seriously.

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