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Anonymous publicizes addresses of ISIS supporters

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The hacker organization Anonymous publicized private information of supposed IS terrorists and sympathizers.

Anonymous publicizes addresses of ISIS supporters

Originally appeared at Deutsche-wirtschafts-nachrichten, translated by Yannick Meyer exclusively for SouthFront

An IS recruiter is supposed to be among them. The hackers announced to wage a war against IS on the internet after ISIS described Anonymous as “fools” in one of their propaganda videos not too long ago. The hacktivists quickly started a new digital campaign under the hashtags #opISIS and #opParis which resulted in the successful hack and take down of countless pro-ISIS websites, email and social media accounts.

IS sympathizers already acted on the threat, reported the Business Insider. The IS uses the messenger app Telegram to share tips with their followers: “Don’t open unknown Links, change your IP address periodically and don’t talk to users you don’t know”.

Anonymous has already been gathering Twitter accounts and websites for months. The total take down bounty is now up to 5500 accounts according to sources in the hackgroup which has announced a digital open season on IS in a video in an effort to destroy their communication. “The assaults can’t be unpunished” said the speaker of the Video, dressed in a black hoodie and the typical Guy Fawkes mask.

“We will find you and we will not ease up. We will start the most important operation against you. The war has started.” said the spokesperson in a digitally masked voice.
Some internet security expects were skeptical about the latest opp itself, because the hackers have already taken down a few innocent by standing websites. Apparently collateral damage isn’t reserved for the brick and mortar world and has also stepped into the digital realm. Anonymous has been slowly working on their Anti-ISIS operations since early February of rhis year.

Many of the exposed ISIS cyber targets and agents had already been exposed and rendered useless as several hundred of those social media and email accounts have been shut down completely. It takes years to build up those digital trust networks and their takedown can be seen as an overall digital victory for Anonymous. The score stands at Anon -5500- ISIS -0-

Anonymous is a fluid and loosely organized Hacker cells and their activities are hard to track.

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Notice that all of these accounts, websites and active recruitement campaign had been running for over a year despite all the “anti-extremist” and “hate speech” laws that are used to attack and undermine freedom of speech in western countries.

That Anonymous has to do it prooves, again, which side the western regimes are on.

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