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Annoyed With Israeli Strikes, Russia To Invest In Syrian Air Defence: Report

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Annoyed With Israeli Strikes, Russia To Invest In Syrian Air Defence: Report

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Russia is unsatisfied with Israel’s repeated attacks on Syria and is stepping up support for the Syrian Arab Air Defense Forces (SyAADF), a well-informed Russian source told the London-based Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper on July 24.

The Israeli Air Force carried out two attacks on Syria this week. On July 19, a series of airstrikes hit targets in the northern governorate of Aleppo. On July 21, several airstrikes targeted al-Daba air base in the central governorate of Homs.

Losses were reported after both attacks. Nevertheless, the spokesman for the Russian Reconciliation Center claimed that most Israeli missiles were intercepted by the SyAADF.

The Russian source told Asharq Al-Awsat that the recent statements were related to the talks launched with the US following the first summit between Presidents Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden in June.

“Moscow received a confirmation that Washington does not welcome the continuous Israeli raids, according to the source,” Asharq Al-Awsat source said. “The rhetoric was escalated against any Israeli military action targeting Syria’s sovereignty, and in violation of international resolutions.”

According to the source, Russia has not only toughen up its rhetoric against Israel’s repeated attacks on Syria, but also stepped up its support for the SyAADF.

“The fact that all the launched missiles were destroyed indicates a fundamental change in handling this issue,” the source said, adding that “Israel’s air force has not entered the Syrian airspace and carries out its attacks from neighboring lands, but the attacks are no longer effective because the Syrian anti-aircraft systems have been enhanced, and Moscow provided Damascus with air defense equipment.”

The unnamed source went on to reveal that Russian military advisors had supported SyAADF personnel during the last Israeli attacks.

Russia is apparently trying to set clear rules with Israel, which has been stepping up its attacks on Syria. So far, Israel has failed to achieve any of its declared goals in Syria. Moscow’s pressure will further complicate the situation for Tel Aviv.


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I would luv to see multiple s 400s in Syria.


I would prefer to SAA S300 being allowed to be used that is already there instead of catching dust..


They are using them already but to a lesser degree effectively for what ever reason. Their was a Time back in 2016-18 in which the Russians had also interconnected their Lakatia and Marine Base AA into this network. It looks like that they dissolve this network for whatever reason and the SAA is alone with their outdated S300 and pant-sir.

This works a bit like Radio astronomy. the more Radars on different frequencies you have the better the resolution of the target you get, combined with far more accurate live tracking data. With all those S300 and 400 combined back then, you could literally lead a dumb clay brick into a mach 2 missile with 99% accuracy.

I guess after the IAF start to attack Syrian AA for that reason they dissolve this network and send the surviving S300 into hiding to protect them again surgical strikes. (Accordinfg to some Ex NVA officer it needs a bit of work and to be stationary to be network connected, bad if you have to move fast to avoid being discovered?) Russia should send 5 full fledged S400 complexes to Syria to end this IAF nonsense once and for all. SAA could buy them afterwards little by little.

Abraham Lincoln

Russia is enhancing its own and Syria’s air defence capabilities sa Israel gives away all USSA secret military capabilities in such useless strikes.

Now Russia and Iran will beef up Syria’s sir defences and its missile offence so Syria can totally destroy the entire Israeli air force in a few hours along with Israel’s entire military and economic infrastructure.


Already there, only in Russian hands. The zionist squatters are launching attacks over Lebanese airspace.


The Zionist AmeriCunt + Brit War-Criminals + Terrorists have totaly neutralized + destabilized Lebanon with their planed + executed Terrorist Attack on their Port in Beirut and spreading total desinformation propaganda about this [fake]Accident ever since.

Marco Polo

Too bad Russia refuses to use it against the Israelis, they wouldn’t sell it to Iran either and I don’t think Syria can afford it.


I would LUV to see some retaliation.

La Rata

Passing Target Data from the Russian S-400 to Syria SA-11 via data link ??

"Israel" is a terrorist European settler colony

Syria should get some S-500s. Syria will be a testing ground for Russian weapons against zionist NATO weapons and planes.

Nice sentiment but the S-500 has not even gone into serial production for the Russian Armed Forces.


But it uses the exact same selection + variations of missiles but their tracking/targetting radar and computer are more sophisticated.


Untold number of improvements. S-500 can take down low earth orbit spy satellites.

We would need an expert to fully explain the differences in laymans terms.


Specialy range of their radars system and also a AI software, with the satellites at least some rumors floating around but nobody know this exactly, the system is at least capable to hit target in high altitude even hypersonic.


Why would the Russians give away their secrets to shoot down a few zionist-antisemite aircraft? They need to keep them secret from the Seppoes for as long as possible.

Red Admiral

Less than a month ago the S-500 was rumoured to have been tested at Khmeimim airbase and allegedly lock-on to an F35i. It was hoped that the shite which exploded forth from Captain Shlomo’s Arsehole and nearly choked the dumbfuk would have been enough to curtail this type of Squatter behaviour. Seemingly not. However, memos have been leaked(please excuse the pun), that all Squatter pilots flying by the seat of their pants have since been issues with CHENs(Chemical Encapsulated Nappies), which will not prevent them from shitting thems but will prevent theit scutter from escaping into theit G-suits thus preventing them from choking on their own shite.

no, the s-500 is part of the Russian layered air defense network. it’s mainly for low orbit satellites, ICBM/warheads and future drones or planes that may fly at higher altitudes, out of the s400 range and ceiling limit/altitude height of 28-30km, maybe in time of war they would also be used against high value targets like faraway awacs, spy-planes, bombers, EW planes etc..which are also the targets for the long rang s400 missile up to 400km, however at 400 km you are better off using the 500 system. missiles run out of fuel for maneuvering at their range limit making it easier for the enemy to evade, since most air forces train/practice for that.

Why European? Most now come from Russia and the US.

Jews are semitic, not European.


The problem has always been Lebanese traitors like hariri who holds three passports. In the south the occupied Golan Heights are use for attacks on the SAA.


Syria is very, very importent in the global agenda. So they are now teasing the Russians on the home front, and on the same time attacking Syria.. The U.S. (cabal) pulled back on the global chessboard, so they are planning something new.. They can not afford to give up. And the clock is ticking…

Arch Bungle

The problem for the US is that there’s nothing new they can plan.

They’ve pretty much tried everything short of WW3.

And WW3 will be the end of them.

Tommy Jensen

Next time Israel do it, Russia will reconsider the delivery of the S-300 to Assad. If Israel do it again.


Yeah right LoL


Here we go again. Russian “help” with AAD that never arrives


The Zionist cowards are launching from Lebanese airspace,if Syria had a state of the art airforce they could engaged the bastards over Lebanon.

Last edited 1 year ago by Cromwell
frank g

allot of posters here do not understand the Russian S series SAM systems, layered air defense, other Rus SAM systems as well as that the zio state is well armed especially their air/drone forces. Given their proximity to Syria as well as what they have, they can overwhelm air defenses but at the cost of escalation with Russia. syria needs more pantsir’s and tor2’s, reloaders and more and better trained operators. the s-300’s are there to keep idf out of that part of syrian airspace as well as for defending against multiple cruise missile attacks. IRC, they only have the 150 or 180km max range missiles mixed with lower range missiles, usually a bettery of S systems has a mix of various range missiles in the launchers, those launchers still require protection from tor and pantsir or other CIW systems. Syria could also use more current export versions of Pantsir and tor. also shooting down zio plane over Lebanon will increase chances of Lebanese casualties and/or building damage, which then would be spun by international zio media in order to escalate even further. however where the idf strike from is hard to get any SAM on target, unless those sam’s where in lebanon.

The Objective

You have to answer a few questions for your claims to have any credibility: 1. Was every target Israel hit not protected or at least covered by the S300 radars? 2. Which has a longer range?: Israeli air-launch missiles or S300 radar coverage? 3. Can the Russian not just warn Syria of an approaching air threat long before it’s within range to attack?

Israel launches air attacks from Lebanese airspace – right above Hezbollah’s head and Hezbollah can’t do anything about it. Funny isn’t it?

The Truth

1. No. 2. Depends, it’s not as simple as you think. Geography for example. 3. Almost certainly they do. Yes, IAF usually fire from Lebanon, then use mountains to hide. Matter of minutes if not seconds. Definitely not “long before”.

Hezbollah do not posses any serious air defenses. How’s that “funny”? Turkish AA is actually funny and almost non-existent, that’s why they bought S-400. Still it does not solve all their problems.

You have problem with “credibility” (lack of it). You fail to fundamentally comprehend what air defense systems are or how they function. In short: there are different systems with different purpose. S-300 (or S-400) are not some miraculous systems designed to cover everything and destroy every threat. In addition to radars there are a few launchers, 4 (plus a command vehicle, supply etc). S-300 is the first line of defense, it is a long range strategic system, unlike Pantsirs which have completely different purpose (cheap, tactical almost point defense system). We are talking about one battery here. Yeah it can attack an israeli aircraft, probably destroy it, but Russians won’t do that. Putin and Netanyahu made a deal back in 2016. I remember Israeli generals even promised they wont attack russian aircraft even if they breach Israeli air space. And they didn’t. They tricked Syrians to shot down russian plane. And it wasn’t Netanyahu, it was Lieberman. Of course russian generals were extremely angry so Putin had to do something. And he sent one S-300 as a token force, but in reality its purpose is to coordinate air defense with Syrians and above all to protect Russians, not Syria. I’m sure it is controlled by Russians, not by Syrians. If Israeli again attack Russians by ‘mistake’ then “Syrian” S-300 will attack Israeli aircrafts, not Russians from Khmeimim base. Plausible deniability as CIA like to say, Russians play that game as well. So does Israel.

There is one more thing: Israelis can destroy that one system EASILY. Not because it’s bad, but because they can overwhelm it (they know exactly where it is). As a matter of fact they can probably destroy the entire Russian base. But contrary to your claims, not because russian air systems are not efficient but because there are not enough of them to counter full scale Israeli attack. Israel can launch 100s even 1000s of different missiles and projectiles from air, land, sea… There is no way limited russian defenses can intercept them all. Impossible unless they add more and more systems. And right now Russia need them in – Russia. Also, if Israel destroy russian base, then Putin must destroy Israel. Something that Zionists in Washington DC would never allow, they will defend Israel more than Texas (remember Kissinger back in 1973). Russians are not crazy to start WW3 because IAF bomb Iranian militia in some desolate syrian village. Israeli are not crazy either, but they know Russians won’t do anything unless directly and openly attacked. Netanyahu had some weird connections with Russia, but the new government is different, probably more hostile. It’s quite possible they stage another provocation against Russians, so if Russia indeed send more systems to Syria it’s for their own safety, not for Syria.

Yeah, that was a short version…

Last edited 1 year ago by The Truth
The Objective

Thanks for your lengthy reply. All you have said centers around two points: 1. Russian anti-aircraft systems are effective only when operating in a layered defense network – at least in light of the repeated successful Israeli strikes 2. Every successful Israeli attack must have overwhelmed Russian air defenses or the Russians deliberately refused to engage Israeli aircraft (you said they had a deal not to).

Then what the hell is Russia doing in Syria? Is Putin already bogged down? Has Syria become a second Afghanistan already?

Russia came to fight the Syrian rebels and reinstate Bashar Al-Assad. All the ISIS nonsense is just a cover. Six years later, Russia is still trying to achieve this goal. If restoring Assad is Russia’s goals in Syria, then why allow attacks on the SAA? If all of the SAA is dead, Russia will have to do the ground-fighting and this will lead to more costs in lives.

I still think Russia resists the temptation to engage Israeli jets out of fear of the effectiveness of those systems. We are talking about billions of dollars here. In fact, such a glaring failure will hurt the entire Russian defense industry.

Besides, the Israelis always attack with only a handful of jets. Surely the S300 batteries deployed in Syria should be able to engage a dozen aircraft at once. I remember reading somewhere that the S300 can engage about 72 or so targets simultaneously. One dozen aircraft shouldn’t pose much of a challenge even for a singe battery of S300. I may be wrong though, so you correct me.


The interesting thing is that Spice 1000 that was downed over Lehfed in Lebanon. What makes it so interesting is the range that it was downed at. For a relative “small” target to be downed at a range of about 80km from the targeted area do show advances in SyAADF capabilities. No matter how one look at it it’s rather far into Libanon and that needs increased capabilities. It may also send a signal to Israel that they are no longer safe while conducting attacks at those ranges.

frank g

it is unusual and weird. i read that the tor-m2 was used but that only has a short range maybe 15-35km, cannot be buk either range is 35-50km, irc. must of been s-200 at that that range, however no pics of other debris to indicate what it was shot down with. it must of been a much smaller missile but the range for such is much less 60 or 80km especially for small targets. unless hezB somehow took it out, the location/distance is wrong or it was defective.


One should also take notice at the height an Spice 1000 should be at 80km from target. S-200 couldn’t do that interception. I am very interested in hearing how and with what it was done.

Jim Allen

Iranian missile defense systems have been deployed in Lebanon, and Syria. Also Syria has two dozen MiG-29SMT,and Russian trained pilot’s that should complete training any time now. Syrian Air Defense Force’s are proven to be some of the best in the world, and received the highest praise from MoD Shoigu for their work. I should think, given Russia’s patience has run out with Israel IAF aircraft will hit the ground shortly. These attacks are annoying while ineffective. Apparently there’s still risk of US being dragged back into protecting Israel, which would escalate the conflict. Russia knows what it’s doing, and the trolls here know they’re trolls, and pitiful.


When Syria shot down a kike-piloted F-16 the USA started rattling its sabers. Russia will not shoot at the kikes.


“Russia will not shoot at the kikes.”

Because they have their own strategy that you fail to understand. The Russian military command is nearing approximately 150000 extremists eliminated, operating within Syrian territory.

Does that sound like failure to you? They operate in various ways that may or may not include direct engagement with the zionists, americans, turks etc. This is why the SAA & their allies are regaining territory in Syria.

Jim Allen

Interesting, as Russia authorized attack’s against IAF aircraft months ago. They’re fair game, troll. Syria also got a strike on an IAF F-35 with an S-200. Damaged, it managed to return to base. Israel insisted too much, it was a bird strike.

Peter Wallace

When the Russians said they would supply Syria with the S300 it was stated that they would be capable of recognising Israeli jets taking off from their bases and could be targeted from that stage. Since then they have not shot a single Israeli jet out of the sky and prevented continued attacks at will . At first the excuse was they Syrians were still being trained and would be ready soon. That was what , a couple of years ago . I have been waiting to hear an Israeli jet or two have been blown out of the sky and their attacks stopped. One now has to ask why that hasn’t happened. Russia supposedly told Israel to stop a year or so ago. Well that never happened and i don’t hold out much hope for this latest .. whatever it is.. As I said last year it appears Syria has been divided up into different sections controlled by Assad , Turkey , and the US with Israel doing as they please .. Nothing has happened to change my view of that. Talks of troop buildups for anticipated operations have never materialised into anything . No amount of wishing or dreaming things are different don’t make it so. Assad has a smaller Syria but that is better than no Syria at all. Israel is happy that Syria is no threat to them even though they would like more. They always want more . The US is happy they have an area to do as they please without prying eyes seeing what is happening and Turkey has expanded its border with its eyes on more. Compared to a year or two ago it is relatively peaceful in Syria with delineated borders between each group.

Muay Thai

i heard this hypothesis years ago & have kept it in the back of my mind, as a possibility. geo politics is complicated, strategic, and us peasants are always a step behind. but what you stated here, is materializing. i’ve always wondered why USA is allowed to remain in Syria, occupying a rather large swathe of land, which essentially, is an American no fly zone . this hypothesis is still not certain but things are falling into place.

Last edited 1 year ago by Muay Thai
Jim Allen

Strangely, Russia, and Syria have no need to make excuses for anything. So neither have made any. You’re mistaken, and totally prejudiced troll opinion has no cash value. You’re parroting year’s old bullshit that no one believed then, it’s so worn out today it can’t raise a chuckle. It does identify you as the pitiful troll you are.

Peter Wallace

Troll ?? you wouldn’t know a Troll if you slept with one. That’s MY opinion and view and tuff shit if you don’t like it. I suck no man’s dick . Now go shove your ignorance up your arse where it belongs.. I don’t wwrite to get yours or anyone’s agreement.

Muay Thai

Peter’s post is objective, intelligent, mature, cogent, pertinent, sincere & his opinion. by definition, it’s the complete opposite of troll.

The Objective

Excellent analysis, Peter Wallace. However, you miss one thing: that the war in Syria is not about Syria. It’s about Iran and Hezbollah. America and Israel didn’t get as much as they wanted, but they got enough to finish the job on Hezbollah. I have a question to ask which I think you have an answer to: Do you believe that Russia will try to save Hezbollah in the event of a civil war in Lebanon? Hezbollah is pretty much hopeless now – at least regarding winning a civil war in Lebanon. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not wishing for a Lebanese civil war just to destroy Hezbollah. But unfortunately, that’s where all this is leading. America now has a huge military presence on the Iraq-Syria border. Israel as the same presence on the Syria-Lebanon border. This is really bad for Hezbollah and Shiite militias around that area. I was researching the current situation of the Lebanese military and economy. It’s really really bad.

Last edited 1 year ago by The Objective
Peter Wallace

I have never really taken much interest in Hezbollah . I was in Rhodesia when some friends went to Lebanon during their civil war around 77/78 ? .They were offered big money to be snipers but I never heard from them again. I supported Israel in those days but a lot of water has flowed under the bridge since then. I shall remember your comment and watch with interest . My wife has a cousin that has been living in Beirut for a decade or more so I am aware of their current problems but not much more.


Hezbollah is the de facto government in Lebanon supplying social services, food and medicines from vast stores and Lebanese will soon turn to support them. the Israeli Diaper Force got a hiding from 400 Hezbollah 16 years ago and is 10 times stronger today!


If not for Hezbollah the Israeli gangsters would be drinking beer on the Beirut Corniche as we speak,people need to remember that.

Arch Bungle

Air defense is an expensive waste of time.

Counterstrike on Tel Aviv. Keep striking until the little hats quieten down.

Richard D

You should go to Tel Aviv yourself and start up something to protect your dear friends in the region. Maybe you can leave your Grandma’s basement without her knowing for a few days. Would not want to make Grandma mad, she might take away your Fritos and Ruffles.

Arch Bungle

You’d better pray I never leave Grandma’s basement.

Because the day I do, I will make Tel Aviv a smoking hole in the ground.


The enhanced systems need to track each attacking plane back to it’s base and then destroy that base. TEP.

Israeli Diaper Force

Russia has been passive against Zionist repeated attacks on Syria and that also puts Russian military and weapons in a very poor light and has emboldened the Zionist diaper force. Occupied Palestine is a narrow sliver of coastal land and the Zionist planes can be shot down even as they take off. It is time to saturate Syria with AD systems and also launch commensurate retaliation. Missile for missile.


Russia should just LEAVE Syria, not worth of money and effort.

Too many factions, too many conflicts, too many interests, too many problems… and for what, some little base? Syria was lost tens years ago. Israel, America, Turks will never allow peace, they never allow it to recover.

Focus on Belarus, Venezuela and Cuba.

Last edited 1 year ago by Realpolitik

and leave syrians to israel and turkey?


Israel, Turkey, Kurds… let them kill each other.

I am sorry about Syrians, but they should have defended their country better, instead they can’t even defend properly without Russian (and somewhat Iranian) support. Very incompetent army.

Now you’ll say I am hasbara or something, but let’s be objective (really objective, not like this troll): there is no strategic, economic or even military reason for Russia to stay in Syria any more.

It’s a noble cause, but a lost one.

The Objective

Now you call me a troll and claim to be objective in your opinions. Then you say the same thing that I’ve said since last year: That Syria is already a lost cause for Russia provided restoring Assad is the main aim. 119 Russian solider “not mercenaries” have died since the war started. This is official Russian reports in 2020.


bunch of bs by russia, you done this before but what good does any of that do when you dont allow syria to use them and you stay quiet when these attacks happen


Hopefully Syria gets some REAL anti air defense, not the shit S300 or Pantsir that gets destroyed in every war where its deployed.

Lone Ranger

You spelled Patriot and Iron done tho Shlomo faglet… Chinese fireworks can overpower any Isisrael toy SAM 😂

Lone Ranger

Isisrael is a terrorist nation… Supporting isis and al-cia-da…

Lone Ranger

Lil Shlomos are salty that Russia has the best air defense systems while their Patriot and gay iron dome cant even shoot down home made houthi missiles and Chinese fireworks lol. Keep crying guys. Isisrael is a failed state, that is destroying itself as it is written in the Bible. You can’t do anything about it…

The Truth

Americans once tried to make SPAAG like soviet ZSU-23 or more modern Tunguska. Yet they failed so badly. M247 Sergeant York was probably the worst military vehicle in modern history, it was broken garbage beyond belief. Until this day they don’t really have comparative system.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M247_Sergeant_York https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3mVLgiY5Tig&ab_channel=Matsimus https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TanFPsRaeto&ab_channel=Blacktail

Last edited 1 year ago by The Truth

Oh boy, just wait until they get S300s.. I mean.. Until they become operational.. I mean, S400.. etc. etc.


Iran and Hezbollah can successfully intercept and destroy ANY Israeli military aircraft but the Israeli Diaper Force (IDF) uses civilian aircraft as human shields. Time is also not ripe for them to show their hand as they are not interested in winning battles but win the war of defense/resistance. We call it strategic patience. Israel crosses a red line and Palestine will be free from the river to the sea!

Lance Ripplinger

The Syrian military has at least one notch on their belt. The IDF doesn’t dare fly over Syrian airspace anymore. They know their jets will be shot down, as we have seen happen. I am guessing that Russia will send more BUK or Pansir systems, among others, to Syria?


Best military tech in the world is from Russia. The ziorats are delusional clowns. Their merkava trash were tin cans in Lebanon 2006.



It is typical of Sukhoi jets. Heck, they always have absurdly overpowered engines. The only US aircraft with the same concept. was the F-14. It did cost an arm and a leg in fuel, but it was capable of piercing an hurricane.

However even Sukhoi has started building low power aircraft, like the recent Checkmate.


What Syria really, actually needs, is airborne early warning, which will let them see Israeli planes approaching from beyond the radar horizon of the mount lebanon mountain range. AA Systems don’t matter as much, as seeing the enemy in advance.


Defenses are always eventually crushed no matter how well fortified. As long as Syria and Russia stay on the defensive and allow Israel to attack with impunity then Israel wins in the end.

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