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Anniversary Of Russian Strike On Yavoriv Training Ground, Investigation Is Yet To Reveal True Losses

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Anniversary Of Russian Strike On Yavoriv Training Ground, Investigation Is Yet To Reveal True Losses

Illustrative Image: foreign troops are welcomed at the Yavoriv training camp with the Ukrainian traditional dance

March 13, 2023, marked the annual anniversary of the Russian strike on the Yavoriv training ground in the Ukrainian Lviv region. The military facility hosted foreign mercenaries who came to fight in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. LINK, LINK

As a result of the precision strike by Russian missiles, a large number of foreign fighters were destroyed before they reached the battlefield, thousands more fled from Ukraine.

The information about the losses which the Ukrainian side and its NATO partners suffered as a result of the strike was carefully covered up. Not a single name of the deceased mercenary was officially published.

Ukraine recognized the death of first 35, and then 61 Ukrainian soldiers and the injury of 160 others, while not confirming the death or injury of a single foreigner.

Anniversary Of Russian Strike On Yavoriv Training Ground, Investigation Is Yet To Reveal True Losses

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So far, the true results of the Russian strike are yet to be assessed. While the Western and Ukrainian officials are hiding the truth, various media, mercenaries and military specialists commented on the incident in an attempt to shred light on the events in the Yavoriv training ground on March 13, 2022.

TrackAMerc group which is aimed at “tracking Nazis and mercenaries in Ukraine and more” decided to recall the events in 2022 and provided some evidence of the consequences of the strike.

A French mercenary crying: “My friends died”


The Daily Mirror reported that 3 British ex-commandos were killed in Yavoriv, the total number of those killed may exceed one hundred.

“Asked in the aftermath of the devastating blasts if British casualties were among the dead UK Foreign Office sources said they were unaware of any. The British MoD confirmed there were no serving personnel killed or injured in the explosions,” – the newspaper wrote.

Various international media addressed the authorities, who said that an investigation had been launched. Its results were never published. MSM never asked about the investigation again. They seem to have forgotten this story.

Gert Snitselaar, who coordinated the Dutch members of the Ukrainian Foreign Legion, confirmed that there were killed and wounded among his compatriots; but he refused to provide their exact number. Since then, he has stopped writing on social networks, but he has been quoted by many users and many media outlets.

American journalist Christopher Miller reported that several of his contacts went silent that morning.


Another US mercenary of Vietnamese origin, Hieu Lee, gave an interview, describing the attack in Yavoriv. Of the 23 volunteers that had been staying in his tent and survived the strike, only seven decided to remain in Ukraine.

Two other mercenaries also gave interviews, confirming the heavy losses as a result of the strike. Ben Aitkin, 18, told of a lack of organisation, training and equipment for those who opt to join the Ukrainian side. Former Royal Navy engineer, Curtis Parr, 30, from Cornwall, also told of a similar experience with the Legion.

“A lot of guys left after the initial Lviv attack and realised it’s not a game. I would say 20-plus British have died,” Mr Parr claimed.

Channel 4 News asked the Foreign Office how many British citizens had gone to Ukraine, were missing and had died. A Foreign Office spokesperson said they did not know exactly how many British citizens had travelled to the country or lost their lives there.

Anniversary Of Russian Strike On Yavoriv Training Ground, Investigation Is Yet To Reveal True Losses

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Anniversary Of Russian Strike On Yavoriv Training Ground, Investigation Is Yet To Reveal True Losses

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French Hugo Pellegrini, who was one of the main coordinators responsible for sending French volunteers to Ukraine, confirmed that the situation was critical near Lviv. At least one killed Frenchman and several others were wounded.

An Austrian mercenary in another interview doubted the official number of 35 dead. He supposed that this number could relate to the dead Ukrainian servicemen but among foreign fighters this number was much higher. The militant reports that there were hundred of fighters killed in only one camp building which was directly hit by Russian missiles.

“I know that at least 100 soldiers were lying there, none of whom came out,” he claimed.

Angel Martinez, who died later, wrote his mother that 138 were killed and 48 were injured in Yavoriv.

Forward Observations Group, Colombian Martin Rios, French Martin Falchon, Brazilians Linderson Paulino and Jefferson Kleidian, Peruvian Cesario Eduardo Perez Fartan and many others also wrote about the casualties.

A large number of foreign mercenaries were killed and wounded in only one precision attack in Ukrainian Yavoriv, but the fact of their mass death is hidden to this day.


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Crimea River Frenchie Boy.


Russia was smart, get the nest

1 poseidon nuke enough to tsunamize the whole UK

this was a GREAT day, I wanna see more of that. Hit them when they are amassing.

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run sissy! war is not play station 5 or 6 …


3 British SAS instructors were killed, officially they were ex servicemen but were only technically discharged to enable plausible deniability that serving British service member’s were involved.


A dead Ukro-Nazi os a good Ukro-Nazi. Same with their NATO backers.


I have heard that the reason the UK is so fixated against Russia is that amongst the “mercenaries” were British special force member who were killed. NATO special forces have been fighting in Ukraine disguised as “mercenaries” and have suffered big losses…..


To francúzske fašistické prasa išlo zabíjať na Donbas? A teraz fňuká ako sopľavý chlapec? To ako fakt? a toto chce sa rovnať Ruským ozbrojeným silám? Ha, ha, ha …


KILL THEM ALL NAZI WEST got an eye opener that Russia is NOT FUCKING AROUND, Russia gave them PLENTY of warnings and time to get out but they thought this was CALL OF DUTY GAME but GOT A BIG RUDE AWAKENING. Long Live Russia in Liberating Ukraine from the NAZI REGIME AND NAZI WEST and NAZI NATO. =Z=

jens holm

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