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Ankara Won’t Leave Libya’: LNA Warns Following Turkish Frigate Visit To GNA Port

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A Turkish Navy frigate has paid a visit to a Libyan port controlled by the Government of National Accord (GNA), the Libyan National Army (LNA) announced on January 13.

In a press briefing, Maj. Gen. Ahmed al-Mesmari, a spokesman for the LNA, said the frigate visited the port of Khoms, 105 km to the east of the GNA-held capital Tripoli, on January 4. The vessel left on the same day.

Last week, military observers shared on Twitter rsatellite images showing the Turkish vessel, a G-class frigate, inside Khoms port on January 4.

During his press briefing, Maj. Gen. al-Mesmari also warned that Turkey is working to solidify its control over al-Watiya Air Base in western Libya.

“Ankara will not leave Libya, neither through negotiations nor mediation,” the LNA spokesman warned.

Satellite images from last December revealed that two aprons, each with marks for six aircraft, were painted on the eastern and western parts of the air base. Turkey also deployed dozens of vehicles in the air base.

Last year, a number of reports revealed that Turkey is planning to establish two permanent bases for its troops in Libya, with one of them being al-Watiya Air Base.

Turkey’s military buildup in Libya may soon lead to a new confrontation. The LNA with a direct help from Egypt and the UAE appears to be determined to stop Ankara from entrenching itself in the country. The army’s backers, mainly Egypt and the UAE, share the same stand.


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Fog of War

” The LNA with a direct help from Egypt and the UAE ”
Laughable. The mighty Egyptian army is having trouble with some goat herders in the Sinai, they would get bloodied if they tried going against the Turks.


Number of army troops deployed in Sinai is 25,000 troops facing 12,000 terrorists .
~5,000 terrorists were killed during the insurgency for ~2,000 Conscripts .
Also we share common culture , History with Turks so fighting won’t be beneficial to either country .

Proud Hindu

Arabs losing to mighty turks lol.


You’ve sounded more like a Turk than a Hindu all along.
Now we know.

Icarus Tanović

Stupid punk thinks that he’s done with NK, so once again,stupid dirtbag turned his attention to Lybia.
We should have done something i Idlib while human garbage was in the midst of his War crimes in NK.
Now, while his attention is on Lybia once again we should do them scumbags in Idlib.

Mustafa Mehmet

anus the Superman don’t just say do it.. you clueless scumbag

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