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Ankara Could Let Russia Use Turkey’s Incirlik Airbase to Fight ISIS

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Ankara Could Let Russia Use Turkey's Incirlik Airbase to Fight ISIS

Ankara could let Moscow to use Turkey’s Incirlik airbase to engage ISIS targets in Syria, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu has said during his interview with TRT channel.

“Ankara has opened the Incirlik airbase to all those wishing to join the active fight,” he said. “Why not cooperate with Russia in the same manner? Turkey is ready for such cooperation. Terrorism is our common enemy. Joint efforts are important to avoid negative incidents.”

The Icirlik airbase currently hosts the US, German, British, Qatar and Saudi air forces while Russia uses Khmeimim airbase in Syria’s Latakia province.

We remember, Turkish Foreign Minister met with his Russian counterpart in Russia’s city of Sochi on July 1. The talks put an end to more than six months of political discord errupted after the Turkish Air Force downed the Russian warplane near the Syrian-Turkish border.

Cavusoglu’s statemend highlights the real situation in Turkey, impacted by a civil war with the Kurdish population and the growing terror threat. A wide range of various terrorist groups, including ISIS, have been using Turkey as a hub for weapon supplies and the base for training of new members.

The complicated situation inside the country likely pushes Erdogan’s regime to normalize relations with Russia.

Turkey: 209 People Killed, 862 Injured in Terror Attacks in First Half of 2016

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Now that seems like real Turkish move… it’s being very clear now… Trukey is using “friendship with Russia” to distract and thus stop US from supporting the Kurds. They never had any intention to fight terrorism like Russia or USA have.

Ted Zah

Another turkish bazaar They just want to threaten US for their help to the Kurds


The turkeys now betraying their NATO partners, like children throwing their toys around because things aren’t going their way. They are throwing a tandrum because in the new Syria federation there will be a big strong kurdish state that they will not be able to touch.

There aerial attacks and interborder crap they are doing now? They can forget about that in the future once the syrian civil war is over. The kurds will be untouchable within the internationally supported new Syria, whatever form it takes.

But the kurdish insurgency in Turkey will continue just fine ehehehe

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