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Ankara Asked U.S. To Restore Support For Idlib Militants – Report

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Ankara Asked U.S. To Restore Support For Idlib Militants – Report

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Turkey has asked the U.S. to restore its support for the remaining militants in Syria’s Greater Idlib, the Turkish-based pro-militant media outlet Syria TV reported on January 16, citing several sources.

One of the sources told the TV channel that Turkish officials informed leaders from Greater Idlib of their request during a meeting that was held in Turkey a day earlier. Ankara also promised to support the militants against the ongoing Syrian military attack on the region, according to the source.

“Turkish officials have informed faction leaders that Ankara has asked Washington for logistical support for the [Syrian] military factions, and has provided it with a list of what’s needed, but they are still awaiting a response from Washington,” the Turkey-based TV channel quoted the source as saying.

Another source told Syria TV that U.S. officials will be meeting factions’ leaders in Turkey on January 17 to discuss the situation in Greater Idlib. The source didn’t clarify if the meeting is related to Ankara’s request.

U.S. President Donald Trump suspended support for armed factions in Syria a few years ago. The decision was likely the result of the factions’ multiple military failures and their close ties with terrorist groups.

In the last 24 hours, Greater Idlib witnessed a new escalation with the Syrian Arab Arm (SAA) resuming its attack in the region’s southeastern part. The step came following a short ceasefire that was sabotaged by the region’s militants.

If confirmed, the Turkish request to the U.S. could further escalate the situation in Greater Idlib. Ankara appears to be determined to support the region’s militants, who are led by a terrorist group, al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS).

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Pave Way IV

Incompetent US couldn’t even regime-change Turkey. The only thing the US excels at is handing over my tax dollars to head-choppers. The only positive thing that might come out of this is the US agrees to start backing the jihadis in Idlib again. That would absolutely guarantee their eventual defeat and destruction.

Failure™ – made in America. Now featuring yummy rainbow sparkles!


Turkey and USA, brothers in evil and brothers in failure. But still don’t like each other, but since they both suck they need each other to support their evil expeditions.


I would think that in another 70 years scholars will look at the historical records of today regarding the Syrian Government v
US Terrorism , and that many will say, ‘ This must be a fake account of the war , it would not be possible to make this shit up and retain any credibility ‘ :)


I was surprised that the support had actually stopped….but I suppose the CIA was able to keep some terrorist aid coming regardless of Trump actions.

Romeo Pesiao

Logistical support from Ankara to Idlib were diverted to Libya. Ambitious Erdogan suffered shortaged of war equipment and fighters.


Isnt Turkey supposed to be the 2nd largest military power in NATO after the USA…?!
Why are they crying to uncle Sam…?

Wonder if its got anything to do with the fact that half their military is in jail and half their pilots are rental – Pakistani’s …


““Turkish officials told rebel factions that Russia and Assad’s government are pursuing a military solution in Idlib. Turkish FM Çavuşoğlu said rebel forces have to defend themselves.””

Russia is bringing enormous amounts of military equipment to Syria;
…as we observe the successful strategy of the Syrian Armed Forces, Russia and the other Syria allies liberating & protecting Syria’s real estate of 185,180 sq km (45,758,974.5 acres) expeditiously.


Turkey is undertaking construction projects in a couple of Syrian towns trying to move Turkey’s 500,000 refugees back to Syria. The question is – is Turkey’s construction projects in Syria approved by Assad, and are these construction projects on real estate that is owned by someone else ???

I send more prayers for their continued success.

Ivan Freely

I can’t see the US coming back to Turkey’s side after their S-400 purchase.

Free man

Why should they?
So that the weapons the US supply to the jihadists will be used by the jihadists to fight against the US later?
There are no good jihadists.


Foreign mercenaries can not be “jihadists” according the Quran.
One does not accept salary as compensation for defending Muslims or some Muslim country in “Holy War”.
Participating is reward in itself in Jihad.
One does not accept help from “non believers ” to them, in Jihad as well.
So it was NEVER Jihad but criminal mercenary “dogs of war” enterprise wrapped up in false “jihad”.
Killing of local Muslims and endless crimes against local population by paid foreigners is not jihad.

Free man

Assad said that Trump is the most transparent U.S. president.
Trump has stopped helping jihadists (you call them differentiy) and Trump wants to get out of Syria.
Ultimately, Trump also agrees that only Russian forces should remain in Syria. Everyone else has to go out. So I don’t see the US helping the jihadists again.
Russia is Syria’s only hope.


Yeah I “call them differently” since it is important.
I don’t know why some Muslims still call that”jihad” when it is not…
Those foreign paid mercenaries in Syria are terrorists….end of story!
I think that you are making things up about Trump.
He is not just nice guy you try to paint here.

” Trump also agrees that only Russian forces should remain in Syria.”
I do not believe single word of that.
Even if true (which is probably not) Trump is like whirlwind and changes opinion all the time and can NOT be trusted ever!

Free man

Trump is not nice but he is very transparent.
I think Russia and the US have a lot of common interests in Syria (and a lot of conflicting ones). One common is that only Russian forces will remain in Syria at the end of the war.


There is no such thing as “transparent” person that is often changing his opinion and
that sometime surprises even his “advisers” by those changes.
I doubt that even Trump sometimes knows what his decision will be.
He is Master in flip flopping and only “transparent” in the fact that he can’t be reliable in anything to anybody.
I agree on Russia in Syria.


Turkey, showing its real colors. WoW !, and still many do not see them.


It is normal that one of the most stupid here calls other people stupid…
Everybody knew “Turk true colors” from the start, except you and few geniuses like you.


Some people thinks that insulting other people is the way to win an argument. Well, better to study and to prepare for an intelligent discussion.


… looks like a Solemaini style strike is headed for Russian and Syrian forces soon. Don’t be surprised if Assad or his top brass gets blown up unexpectedly. Russia needs to put its nuclear forces on full alert and it needs do this very publicly. Russia’s people need to back this posture. It needs to be convincing.


I agree. Russia needs to be more forceful not only in regards to the US but also in regards to Turkey. This country needs to be put in its place both in Syria and Libya. Russia should wonder why the treacherous Erdogan supports a side which is opposite to Russian interests in both places. Once the S-400 is in place in Turkey, Russia should refuse to continue training Turkish crews unless Turkey starts behaving. I know this is not going to happen because it goes against the agreement between both countries, and Russia does not act against international law.


I forgot Israel, the other demon. If Israel even contemplates killing Assad, Putin should be clear that he will wipe out the whole Israeli leadership.


Sadly, that looks like a very empty threat. Russians don’t want to risk nuclear war, but the irony is, their failure to prepare for one only ensures ever more brazen attacks by the US and Israel. Russia is destined to eventually lose in Syria as long as they refuse to confront US and Isreali aggression. They couldn’t even stand up to Turkey.

Russia better get serious, dead serious, as in nuclear serious, and they had better do it soon.


Who cares what “Russians” want!
Just tell them what to do…or even better tell Assad to give them order.
Alarmist’s like you (specially from U.S.) seeing Russia “finished” ,”dead”, “bankrupted”,”destroyed” and what not for decades already!
Yet Russia is still there and growing stronger while your US is growing only weaker year in year out.

Assad must stay

i agree, putin was once very smart and outmaneuvered everyone, but now i feel he has gone very soft or something i hate it


My, my, Paul Craig Roberts, is this your new platform now?

Free man

“Russia needs to put its nuclear forces on full alert and it needs do this very publicly” – Sure thing, the Russians really want to die for you. Is there another country you want to commit suicide for you? Maybe the US and China too?


I can’t believe that I agree with you in something!?!
Is that you or you are being hacked?

Free man

I being hacked (-;

klove and light

i was Right alöllllllll along……… u Donkeys and Monkeys and Zionist Putin believers………

Russia and USA are two sides of the same coin.. and both have the same masters…… british zionism

all nations that RECOGNIZE the illegal satanic Entity named Israel are part of the british Zionist Agenda.A one world Government with Jerusalem as it´s capital under satanic jewish Leadership.that includes USA, uk, Russia,china etc……

Xoli Xoli

Putin work according to Satanyahu and Trump game plan.He obstruct Russian arm forces operation.Putin even advise Assad to invite Syrian oil theft Trump.Russian wannabe will keep on defending Putin.Instead of analyzing and give credit were its needed.If Putin is right give credit if Putin is wrong mention it and give appropriate advise.

Rafik Chauhan

slave will always will be a slave

Willing Conscience (The Truths

LOL, this is great news for Syria, NOT BAD AT ALL, this means Erdogan isn’t doing what I thought he was, which was holding Putin over a barrel, LOL LOL LOL, I’m so F–k-n glad I was wrong.
Why would Erdogan have to turn to the US to save him, there’s only one reason, it’s because Putin won’t, LOL LOL LOL, I was wrong and I can’t be happier I was.
The US was killing some of these terrorists in Idlib with airstrikes not too long ago, and now they’ve just announced their ramping up operations against Isis in Iraq, so I don’t think they’ll be too interested in helping Erdogan prolong the lifespan of his pet terrorists, Trump has more important things to do.
The UN has only given Turkey 6 months to sort out this mess, their aid to Idlib expires completely then and it’s already been reduced now, so Erdogan’s becoming desperate, without the UN aid he can’t afford to maintain Idlib and he needs help from someone.
He begged the EU to help and they thumbed their noses at him, then he begged NATO for help and they did the same thing, then he tried blackmailing them and that backfired badly, then Putin nearly came to his rescue with this latest ceasefire, and as we can all see that’s working out marvelously, and the UN as I just said have recently informed him he’s about to lose their help too, so who else does he have to turn to but Trump.
Trump could get a hell of a lot out of Erdogan now, so what would Erdogan do for Trump to enlist his aid in this desperate hour, just about anything perhaps. So maybe Putin’s made a big mistake by not fully enforcing this ceasefire that Erdogan so desperately needs, and in revenge Erdogan could switch back to the US/NATO side and leave Putin in the lurch, but then again maybe everyone’s just going to sit back and watch Erdogan go down the gurgler, since he’s sh-t on every single one of them at one time or another.


Unlike some Russia hating RETARDS on this forum Turks show incredible capacity of the deduction!
They have realized that after every cease fire Idlib gets smaller and smaller.
So now they are starting slowly to get panic about whole situation development.
They have (FINALLY) understood that there is something fundamentally wrong with their tactics.
Since they always end up losers doesn’t matter how much they cheat!

Mehmet Aslanak

“Ankara appears to be determined to support the region’s militants, who are led by a terrorist group, al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS).” —> HTS is the naughty boy & often skirmish with the other groups like SNA. Author should not define them as a “led by a terrorist group” They are not the leading group, but a minority often expelled from the areas of other groups. In fact HTS is the primary reason of the fall of the safe zone, giving SAA a reason to hit everybody back in the Idlib province. Kurdish Kommunist Party guerilla fake news consider HTS & ISIS are still supported by Erdogan. In fact Turkey stopped supporting them when US stopped in 2014.

AM Hants

Slight problem, neither Turkey or the US were invited to invade Syria.

So the Turkish mercenaries ask their pay masters, the US for help and how does that work with the Turkish Government, Iranian and Russian peace plans?


For me, it is a sign of how bad the situation is for the head choppers at this point. They are done.

Assad must stay

heres hoping he gets a flat out “NO!”

Xoli Xoli

Iraq,Lebanon and Iran plus free riders wants USA out of Middle East. But the same man(Erdogan)who were instigating Iranians to retaliate against USA are calling USA support to help terrorists.

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