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Ankara: An Act of Terrorism at a Meeting against Terrorism

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The Turkish government declared that everyone together are guilty of the act of terrorism – both the Islamic State, and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (RPK), and a number of left-wing organizations. So, if we believe in this, we should conclude that Kurds attacked themselves. This is a kind of nonsense that Kiev uses to cover the situation in Odessa in 2014: “They’ve burned themselves”.

Ankara: An Act of Terrorism at a Meeting against Terrorism

Image: http://topwar.ru/

Originally appeared at TopWar, translated by Carpatho-Russian exclusively for SouthFront

On October 10 at approximately 10:00 a.m., an anti-war and anti-terrorist demonstration began in Ankara. Thousands of people — trade union activists, leftists, pacifists, and Kurdish organizations — went to the event which had been coordinated in advance with the authorities. It was cheerful, and people sang songs and danced. And suddenly a sharp, loud sound broke into all this. Then afterwards – another one. Fire, smoke, panic. Blood on the pavement…

Two explosions thundered in the Turkish capital under a platform at the railway station. According to preliminary data, suicide bombers acted. As a result of the double act of terrorism, according to data provided, by midnight on October 11 there were already 95 killed and 246 wounded, of whom 48 are in intensive care. And the number of victims is constantly increasing — earlier about thirty dead, then later about 86. It is possible that some others may also not survive.

World leaders, as established by diplomatic norms, sent condolences to the President of Turkey Recep Tayip Erdogan. As for the Turkish authorities, they are trying, when speaking about those guilty, to “redirect the blame” and to mix everything in one heap. So, the head of government Ahmet Davutoglu declared that everyone together are guilty of the act of terrorism – both the Islamic State, and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (RPK), and a number of left-wing organizations.

To understand the absurdity of Davutoglu’s statement, it is necessary to look at videos of the demonstration gathering in Ankara. In it, in the first place red flags are clearly visible. In addition, many of the participants of the event were Kurds. The demonstration itself was directed specifically to peace with the Kurds, including with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party. So why would the Left or the Kurds blow up their own comrades?

Thus, the words of Davutoglu are similar to statements of the sub-President of Ukraine Peter Poroshenko and other “informed” people, that in the Donbass the “separatists” were shelling themselves…

Judging by the “signature” of the crime, neither the Communists,nor the RPK could have been involved in it. Neither one nor the other have been noted in acts of terrorism directed against simple citizens (and besides, they were coming out in opposition to war). Even when the Kurdistan Workers’ Party was engaged in armed struggle, its fighters could blow up themselves up at a post together with Turkish soldiers, and could enter direct conflict with the army and police, but they did not arrange mass murders among a peaceful crowd. And already more than 15 years ago the RPK renounced the armed struggle to which its leader Abdul Ocalan, arrested in 1999, had called it.

As to the notorious Islamic State, this quite fully corresponds to its style. The authorities of Turkey are allegedly fighting against this terrorist organization together with the USA. However, this struggle is conducted only in words, but let us assume it would be possible with great reserve to imagine that what happened was revenge for this fight.

However, attention is drawn to the fact that the act of terrorism was carried out specifically against those who are in opposition to the ruling Turkish regime. The demonstration was organized by Erdogan’s opponents.

Besides, the self-exploding of suicide bombers is not just a “proprietary method” of ISIS. The so-called “Syrian opposition “ has operated in exactly the same way — that is, other terrorist groups operating in the Middle Eastern country next to Turkey . But, unlike the Islamic State, these other groups are “for some reason” loved both in Ankara and its ally Washington. They call them the “moderate opposition” and render them all forms of asistance.

Erdogan’s regime has promoted terrorists from the very beginning of the Syrian opposition, when this public figure was still prime minister. The frontier regions with Syria have been almost completely turned into terrorist bases. They brought there enlisted fighters from all over the world, prepared them, trained them, gave them weapons, and directed them to fight against the Syrian state, people, and army.

Erdogan and his henchmen have never concealed that they have been assisting the “Syrian opposition”. In this regard, the position of the Turkish authorities in this issue has been even even more radical than Washington’s position.

It is not always possible to draw a thin line between “moderate” and “immoderate” terrorists, between ISIS and other groups such as the Syrian Free Army, Islamic Front, and Jebkhat an-Nusra. Yes, they have flags of different colors. The slogans are somewhat different. Moreover, variegated terrorists are even periodically at war with each other. At the same time, very many fighters switched from the “moderate” groups to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (later this name was shortened to the Islamic State, however the former name often remains). Switched together with the weaponry which had been given out with the assistance of the Turkish authorities. Switched after being trained in Turkey. Switched after being sent from the Turkish territory with the assistance of the Erdogan regime.

Whatever kind of fighter against the Islamic State Erdogan tried to present himself as, he took a hand all the same in its creation. Together with his “big brother”, Barack Obama.

And those terrorists who did not switch to the radical Islamists are no less dangerous. One must remember, for example, the bandit who on October 1, 2014 left a mined car near the entrance to one of the schools of Syrian Homs and, tied with an explosive belt, went to other school and then activated both explosive devices. More than 30 children perished and more than 100 people suffered. And so, this was a “moderate” terrorist (using the classification of Washington and the same Ankara).

All these criminals, murderers, and sadists were supported actively by Erdogan, Davutoglu, and other representatives of the Turkish regime. And so actively that they turned a considerable part of the territory of their own country into a dangerous place where a great number of suspicious characters with arms in their hands ran things. Turkey did all this with one purpose — to try to overthrow the lawful leadership of neighboring Syria.

If a gun hangs on a stage, it can fire at any moment. If in a country there are a great number of terrorists of all colors, they can commit any crime. Including those both bloody and terrible, as this double act of terrorism in the thick of the people. People coming out in opposition to war…

Another version cannot be dismissed, however — this monstrous crime could be a provocation of the Turkish authorities themselves. Parliamentary elections are coming in the country on November 1. Erdogan is afraid that the Party of Justice and Development headed by him will lose seats. And after what happened, it is possible to “kill two hares”. First, present himself as “the defender of the nation”. And secondly, under the pretext of the fight against terrorism, to strengthen repressions against the opposition. After all, it is no accident that Prime Minister Davutoglu immediately accused of the crime so many forces that are inimical to each other. It is possible now to oppress everyone at once, with that which, however, Erdogan’s regime was engaged in during its stay in power, thereby putting the blame on the “undemocratic character” in neighboring Syria.

Video on event:

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