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JULY 2022

Angry Syrian Protestors Storm Two Turkish Border Crossings North Of Idlib (Videos)

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Hundreds of angry Syrian protestors stormed early on August 30 two Turkish border crossing north of Idlib, calling on Ankara to put an end to the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) advance in the northern Syrian governorate.

Enab Baladi, a pro-opposition news outlet, said that the protestors stormed the border crossings of Bab al-Hawa and Atimah.

“Hundreds of demonstrators from several areas in Idlib stormed the Bab al-Hawa and Atma border crossings and reached the Turkish side, prompting the Turkish police to open fire and use tear gas to prevent the demonstrators from entering Turkish territory,” the outlet reporter said.

Opposition sources released videos showing the protestors rioting and clashing with the Turkish Police, especially in Bab al-Hawa, where several vehicles were reportedly destroyed.

According to the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), at least one protestor was injured by the Turkish Police fire.

The situation in the two crossing is expected to calm down in the upcoming few hours as the Ministry of Defense of Russia has already announced a new one-sided ceasefire agreement in Greater Idlib.


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Such a violent ottoman regime, bombing poor protestors and hospitals and also kids with chemical gas, we need Russian intervention with 104 cruise missiles!

Pepe Little Sudiar

russia bomb antisyrian “moderate” proxy soldiers from izrael turkei saudi arabyia USA, eu, etc..


Fleeing head-choppers and their family’s?



Zionism = EVIL

More like vermin, but the problem is that as long as Syria remains occupied by the Zionists, Americunts and Turkeys this growing terrorism will never end, as these Wahhabi headchopping scum are useful tools for Zionist expansionism.


Tommy Jensen

They were promised a life in Europe by Turkey and US after fighting in Syria and they want it now, and not when Russia and SAA stand on their doorstep in Idlib.

Merkel, May and Macron must open up the gates, and Tusk must quarrel with other EU countries to take their part of ISIS sleeping cells.


Nice that Turkey and US promised them a place in our countrys. As a German, i can say aside from a 5-10% left extremists, no one here wants them. Our violent crime rates went through the roof, rapes and gangrapes too, with whole parts of citys lost where police only dares to go in SWAT style. Take them Tommy! Here even the most refugee friendly people are sobered up by reality. And this writes a former Antifa supporter. Those muslim extremists you sponsored and help to grow are the facism of the 21th century. So make some room and spend your money so your freedom figther can finally join their sponsors.


Yet if the hegemon would not have destroyed their countries, they would have stayed at home.

Icarus Tanović

They are not Muslims at all, they are Wahhabis that makes those horrid problems and crimes moreover.


Ah yes my friend, but you see “all of NATO” was part of that “Coalition of the Willing”, our governments also made war on Syria. Sanctions, even medical supplies are verbotten. So its not just Turkey and the US who have supported these Wahhabi jihadists, but Angel Merkel, etc., etc.. Even Canada took in a group of White Helmets that were rescued by Israel when Daara, the jihadi stronghold fell to the SAA. As a German by heritage, I can only wonder how it is taking Germans so long to wake up. The war ended seventy years ago, why are American troops still occupying the Fatherland.


Luckly we have AFD now winning, maybe they will throw those islamic incivilized barbarians out of Europe again.


you dream !


Raghead mercenaries aren’t getting paid enough, all leaving for the French riviera

Zionism = EVIL

Indeed, but this was expected as the headchoppers were coming under increasing pressure from the successful and well executed SAA offensive and then these Wahhabi scum put pressure via their master ErDOGan for a vacillating Putin to end the offensive. Now they will be resupplied and rearmed by CIA and MOSSAD to bring more misery on the Syrian people.

Zionism = EVIL

More like rent a crowd.

Ishyrion Av

Turkish and Saudi financed boys run away from SAA advance and Russian air force non-discriminatory bombing campaign: one bomb for every 10 head-choppers. The end is near…


For the very first time a well organised demonstration by the white helmets. Imagine they had to offer more than a kilo of rice to the families on this occasion. So, this is their remodeled modus operandi to stop SAA.

Rhodium 10

As everybody know…RATS use to be the first to leave danger zone…

cristi cristikosk

yeah, together in victory together in defeat lol https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/928fcaeba4f37ccc43a38e18895a21341ddb6f58736d8ee63b155abf974578c4.jpg


So this was the perfect opportunity to NOT do any ceasefires! And instead hit the terrorist scum even harder! But alas… more ceasefire is what we get.

Ishyrion Av

Like I said earlier, ceasefire is needed by SAA too. In offensive you need to secure your gains, to cover your back, to secure logistic lines and replenish supply. Of course insurgents do the same, this is unavoidable. But nobody can keep up a high peace of effort with limited resources. Let’s think at SAA like humans as well. Even if many times they do look like heroes.


And like you said earlier, you said bullshit to someone frame this mess into something good. If you can read, you could have read days ago, even here on SF, that this ceasefire was requested by Erdogan at his last meeting with Putin, and Putin granted this request. So you can say what you will, THIS was what decided it. And if you still dont mention this, and continue your spinning and framing, you sure look like someone who is making this for propaganda purposes.


Do you imagine saying this type of …..things to Russia army and people during the WWII ?, it is just meaningless, right ? the same here in the war with terrorists. Putin once more is pleasing Erdogan due to the Su-57’s buying. Of course, Russia will declare tomorrow that this has nothing to do with that.


Putin once again please Turkey (NATO member) due to Turkey buying of Su-57. Bad and very bad news for Syria people.


What if you want the terrorists dead from airstrikes on the battlefield, and not fleeing to safety in Turkey, to regroup and attack in another country -Russia ?? Ceasefires might just lure them back to the front lines.

Smith Ricky

Backlash incoming.

Zionism = EVIL

It will make Pakistan look like a picnic. They also harbored CIA’s darling Wahhabis and destabilized their shithole and now the Turkeys will face a mega backlash along with Europe which actively promoted CIA recruitment of headchoppers or turned a blind eye. These violent angry deadenders will lash out at their paymasters.

Tony B.

Why does Southfront quote that lying sack of crap in London?

Saso Mange


You can call me Al

“Hundreds of angry Syrian protestors stormed early on August 30 two Turkish border crossing north of Idlib, calling on Ankara to put an end to the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) advance in the northern Syrian governorate.”……

Let us take it on face value, so Dear Russia, just bomb the fuck out of it.

Saso Mange

There are two parts of this video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8prwbWLa7f0

And that is who is there in Idlib, the same people who killed post office workers because they ”work for the state”.

Assad is morally above his opposition and that’s why some tactics he will never use, even against these people. We want free and united Syria, respected Syria. Not rogue blood thirsty maniac country like Israel. Paint a line man, it’s not often that we do not agree but you support quite cruel tactics where i do not. SAA had no problem to win conventionally albeit they would lose less people if they were cruel like terrorists.

You can call me Al

The video made me sick. This coup was planned for years before, bastards – but Assad has the last laugh.



Saso Mange

Thanks for links, haven’t came across those.

Lazy Gamer

Any decent syrian would have fought or fled or accepted reconciliation. Those who did not do any of those, enjoyed being with the headchopping business since we dont see them protesting against it. Hard to distinguish syrians from foreigners if they all speak Arabic


Free Syrian Army flags everywhere – this tells you all you need to know, this was an organised protest from the wahhabi invaders in Idlibstan. Suddenly they want out!!! LOL! Did you notice the white (Ahrar al-Sham?) flag of wahhabi inspired islamic state? This is how much they love Idlib, their dream home stolen from Syrian people. And now they want out! Or someone to help them. But today even the Turks shoot at them, oh the misery of it all.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The dam is bursting now so it’s time for a big showdown, no one else is offering to help Erdogan, so if he’s going to do anything at all he’ll have to do it himself, and he’ll have to do it soon before the refugee flood arrives. No one seems too concerned about a Turkish military intervention but we’re just hours away from it possibly happening, if Erdogan wants to try to stop the refugee exodus before it gets any worse he has to intervene yesterday, but it’s already today, so that means he’s at the brink of entering the conflict right now. If the SAA don’t abide to the new ceasefire the refugees will really start moving, and to stop them moving towards Turkey, Erdogan first has to stop the SAA moving towards the refugees, and he has only one option available to do that.


Turkey has been the point of intervention from the beginning of this war against Syria, most of the hundreds of thousands of jihadist entered Syria from Turkey. Turkey is not innocent, those jihadists are not happy with Erdogan. Erdogan has troops in Syria with the assigned objective, as observers. If Erdogan wants to stop the refugee exodus he should stop them at the border as is his legal right. Those refugees are trained jihadists and not Syrian, Syria must eliminate them in order to reclaim all of Syria.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

You need to read Turkish news to understand what the Turks really think about a new influx of refugees from Syria, it would destroy them. Read the current news, he can’t stop them at the border, he has to fire warning shots to keep them out now, and when the real flood arrives he’ll be swamped. Most of the rebels/terrorists fighting in Syria are Syrian, there may be a huge numbers of foreign fighters in their ranks, but they don’t even make up half the enemy.


Turkish were not too worried about allowing the US, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Israel, to train and arm and pay jihadists in Turkey. Then they were not too worried and sent them on into Syria. Turkey was not too worried about buying stolen Syrian and Iraqi oil from ISIS, and then selling it to Israel at ten dollars a barrel. Oh you say that now they are worried ! Well its about time ! As I said above, they are not happy with Erdogan. And your story about over 50 % of the jihadists are Syrian might fly on CNN, but not here.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Pre Trump things were different, Obama was just a terrorist himself, but Trump isn’t, so things are different now.

“And your story about over 50 % of the jihadists are Syrian might fly on CNN, but not here”.

How about reading official Syrian government reports about the ethnic makeup of the terrorists fighting in Syria, they’re the only source I believe, I suggest you see what official Syrian government estimates are for foreign fighters before you make your assertions. Official Syrian government estimates don’t say more than half the terrorists in Syria now are foreign fighters they say way less than half are, way way less, so where do you get your numbers from?


Show me ONE link to any “official Syrian government reports about the ethnic makeup of the terrorists fighting in Syria”,…. “They say less than half are”.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

There are no links to official government reports, just read the Syrian government news outlet SANA regularly, that’s the official Syrian Government news outlet and always publishes official speeches and interviews by Assad and other government ministers and military officials. I read quite a lot of them, and I’ve never once read or heard any of the official Syrian government estimates that say even close to half the fighters in Idlib now are foreigners, not once. But I do know Assad thinks there are just over 100,000 rebels/terrorists in Idlib, Hama, Latakia, and Aleppo, but nearly every other estimate by any other independent group puts the number way lower. But if Assad’s right about the 100,000+ figure that would mean there are probably about 30,000 foreign fighters at max now, but as I said that figure is way too high according to just about every other independent analysis. Other estimates vary but give numbers as low as 7,000, to as many as 20,000+ foreign fighters. The only terrorist group in Syria that fits the bill you’re describing is Isis, in both Syria and Iraq, they were the only group that had as many foreign fighters as you say HTS and Al Nusra have. My estimate/guess is about 10 to 15,000 max foreign fighters in Idlib now, and my estimate/guess for total numbers of all rebels/terrorists is about 70 to 80,00, so less than a quarter are foreigners I’d bet. But the Turks also have another force in eastern Aleppo consisting of about 25,000+ troops, but not many of them would be foreign fighters, only the odd one or two. How many news sources have you read that tell you more than half the fighters in Idlib now are foreigners, I haven’t read even one, perhaps you could provide me a link so I can have a read too, though with google that may be hard, I just tried to find something to link to you but after half an hour I just gave up, perhaps you’ll have better luck finding the article or articles you’ve read that give estimates for foreign fighters at more than 50%, good luck.


“Official Syrian government reports about the ethnic make up of the terrorists fighting in Syria, they are the only source I believe”. That is your previous statement, and now you say, ” There are no links to official government reports”, read SANA. SANA, is not an official report, even if it is government owned. BBC, is not an official report, even if it is government owned. CBC, is not an official report, even if it is government owned. CNN, is not an official report, even if it is CIA owned. Here is an official US government report, from the US State Dept, dated, 2 June, 2016 their estimates that, ” in excess of 40,000 foreign fighters have gone to the conflict from over 100 countries”. Foreign Jihadists in Syria: Tracking Recruitment Networks – The Washington Institute for Near East Policy

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Well if you can’t believe the official statements the official Syrian Government provides to the official Syrian government news site, who the hell can you believe Ronald, ‘a Washington Institute Policy analysis’, oh sorry about that, I see you already do, that’s the article you actually linked, and it’s your prerogative to believe whoever you want. I’ll add your original response to my comment too,

“Turkey has been the point of intervention from the beginning of this war against Syria, most of the hundreds of thousands of jihadist entered Syria from Turkey”.

You do know president Assad’s continually estimated 100,000 rebel fighters since nearly the very beginning of the conflict, from about 2012/13 to the current date, so just picking 2016 seems irrelevant. But as it so happens I’d also roughly agree with that report from the enemy, maybe over the last 8 years 40,000 fighters have gone to Syria to fight, probably a lot more, maybe 60 or even 70,000 or more, but not as you stated “hundreds of thousands”, but nearly half of those fighters were fighting for Isis, and they flooded across from Iraq, not Turkey. And how many do you think are still alive now, 90% of them. 80% or maybe perhaps like me you’d go as low as 60% left out of the 40,000 to 70,000 or more, afterall the war’s being going on for 8 years now, and Isis has either lost or has most of its fighters sitting in SAA and SDF jails right now, and Assad’s reclaimed a lot of territory from the FSA,HTS and Isis too, so how many of those estimated 40,000 or 70,000 foreign fighters, not “hundreds of thousands”, that came to Syria to fight, are actually left alive and are fighting now, and how many of them are actually in Idlib itself ready to fight the SAA. And nearly half [and probably a hell of a lot more] of the foreign fighters left in Syria aren’t even in Idlib at all, they’re in Isis sleeper cells scattered all over Syria, so I’ll say again, there’s probably as few as 15,000, maybe even less foreign fighters in Idlib right now, the other 5 to 10,000 [if that], are scattered around the rest of Syria in Isis cells. Btw the Kurds have just announced they now have nearly 1,000 foreign Isis fighters in their jails, I’ll say again 1,000, where are all the rest of the nearly 50 to 70,000 Isis fighters in Syria, the SDF’s only been releasing some Syrian born Isis fighters and keeping all the foreigners in jail, so a lot of them must have either been killed in action or got away, because they’re not in SDF jails, 1,000 out of an estimated 50 to 70,000. So that either means even Isis was made up from mostly Syrian citizens, or at the very least it means most of the foreign Isis fighters have either already been killed, got away, or are hiding in Syria somewhere, but only 1,000 foreign born Isis fighters in SDF jails speaks volumes to me about just how many foreign fighters are left in Syria.

This comment is also irrelevant,

“Generally reports of up to 80 % foreign jihadists, and 20 % Syrian”.

Jihadist being the key word, you do realise that most of the combatants in Syria apart from those in Isis weren’t actually Jihadists don’t you, they were rebels, and quite a lot of them actually defected from the SAA itself, of the estimated 80 to 100,000 SAA defectors, probably half just went home and the other half joined different rebel or terrorist groups and Isis, but they were actually Syrian citizens and SAA soldiers before the conflict, and most of the rest who joined the rebel and terrorist groups were also just Syrian tinkers tailors and candlestick makers, not raving mad jihadists, only some were. So some Syrians may be Jihadists but most are just rebels fighting a civil war, with perhaps no more religious inclination than either you or I have. And not all foreign fighters are Jihadists either, a lot of non religious Muslims fight for things other than religion, fighting for principles also draws in a few foreign fighters, though they would be few in number. So the assertion “Generally reports of up to 80 % foreign jihadists, and 20 % Syrian” is meaningless, it’s left out a bit of info at the end that should have made it relevant, do they mean all fighters in Syria, both foreign and local are Jihadists, or do they actually mean 80% of jihadists fighting in Syria are foreigners and only 20% of them are actually Syrian, if they also added that the Jihadists were only a percentage of the total number of fighters fighting in Syria I couldn’t argue, that may be correct, but the quote you gave didn’t specify what it was referring to.

I do agree there’s still a lot of foreigners in Syria either fighting in Idlib now, or in Isis’s case waiting for an opportunity to fight, but not in the numbers you believe, and especially not in Idlib, 15,000 foreign fighters in Idlib is still too high an estimate I think, but that’s the most I’ll agree too. Those foreigners are always at the front lines and first into battle, so the attrition rate for that group would’ve been the highest of all. So I can’t help but to underestimate now, 4 months of 24/7 Russian and SAAF bombing along with 24/7 SAA artillery strikes has got to have taken its toll on the foreign fighters numbers in Idlib by now.


Well I will start with the one item we seem to agree upon, that being there are maybe five to ten thousand foreign jihadis left in Idlib. “This comment is also irrelevant”. That comment is my understanding of the war against Syria after studying it for four years. Your following three paragraphs convince me that your are such a patriot that you actually believe what you wrote, or your a dis-information man working for the CIA or one of their orgs., because that is their line to the T. Where were you during the US election, you never read the Benghazi emails, did you get sucker into “the Russian did it”, instead of reading them. Good Luck.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

“Well I will start with the one item we seem to agree upon, that being there are maybe five to ten thousand foreign jihadis left in Idlib”.

But there are nearly 80,000 fighters in Idlib now and you said this,

“And your story about over 50 % of the jihadists are Syrian might fly on CNN, but not here”.

and this,

“Generally reports of up to 80 % foreign jihadists, and 20 % Syrian”.

You do realize you couldn’t possibly agree with me about there being less than 15,000 foreign Jihadists in Idlib if you also believed the 2 quotes you gave me, you’re contradicting yourself.

and this,

“hundreds of thousands of jihadist entered Syria from Turkey”.

Hundreds of thousands haven’t entered from anywhere, a total of between 50 to 70,000 at the very most entered Syria, and nearly half of them came via Iraq not Turkey, remember Isis, you know the biggest baddest Jihadist group out of all of them.

“or your a dis-information man working for the CIA or one of their orgs”.

I didn’t post these 2 statements one which you copied and pasted from an enemy website, you did, whos working for the CIA Ronald.

“And your story about over 50 % of the jihadists are Syrian might fly on CNN, but not here”. “Generally reports of up to 80 % foreign jihadists, and 20 % Syrian”. “hundreds of thousands of jihadist entered Syria from Turkey”.

Your gibberish is what I call disinformation Ronald, because you’re the one quoting US propaganda and then calling me a CIA troll, you’re the one who linked me a Washington Institute article to contradict what I told you the Official Syrian Government News site said. I get my information from SANA and you get yours from the washington Institute, http://disq.us/url?url=Policyhttps%3A%2F%2Fwww.washingtoninstitute.org%2Fpolicy-analysis%2Fview%2Fforeign-jihadists-in-syria-https%3A%2F%2Fwww.washingtoninstitute.org%2Fpolicy-analysis%2Fview%2Fforeign-jihadists-in-syria-tracking-recruitment-networkstracking-recruitment-networks%3A6vNCOG1ewVQMOwjPbxcsSoKaPUU&cuid=3606370

You’re the CIA troll and you don’t even know it.


Where did you get “there are 80,000 fighters in Idlib”, are you counting the Kurds and the SAA . “Generally there are 80 % foreign jihadists and 20 % Syrian”,

you must be confusing a % ( percentage) with an amount or number.

Hundreds of thousands of jihadists have entered Syria from Turkey. What you think these guys come and stay, Syrians stay, its their country, but jihadists and mercenaries come for 6 months or a year maybe two, and move on, and some die, they were replaced by fresh crews. This war has been going on now for seven years. The guys that were there in 2014 are not still there, except for maybe a couple of officers. That link to the US State Dept was an example of an official government statement. TV broadcasts are not “official government statements”. Read the book by J. Assange WikiLeaks Files(2015), using official written US government statements, he revealed how this war was manufactured by the CIA and State Dept.

If you read the Benghazi emails of Hillary, in the form of official statements it was revealed how the arms and Al Qaeda operatives were brought in from Libya and instructed to shoot both students and SAA soldiers. This is not a civil war, rather a manufactured “revolution”,

These are not “moderate rebels”, they are paid mercenaries and jihadist. Paid by the US State Dept and the CIA via traitors like John McCain.

You can take my remarks personally, or you can read from what I have given and learn, its your choice.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

And you say you’ve studied the war for four years, and yet you’re asking why I say there’s 80,000 fighters ready to fight in Idlib, go do some more studying. HTS, between 10 to 15,000 fighters, Al Nusra front alliance, another up to 20,000, Then we have the Turkish backed NFL 25 to 30,000, The Turkish backed FSA, another 10,000, And another 10,000 from other unaffiliated groups, …….. Assad has nearly 200,000 SAA, nearly 100,000 in his Syrian militia forces, he also had about 15 to 20,000 Hezbollah and regular Iranian troops until just recently. Would you like to dispute some more of my numbers, please feel free to do so. And yes I do think most of the Jihadists have stayed on, at least up until now they have, but soon that will change and they’ll start leaving, but the same Uighurs and Chechens who came to Syria just after the Russian’s intervened, are all still there even now, and that’s because they have nowhere else better to go, this was supposed to be their new home.


First Turkey created Is, then they supported jihad and fanatic resistance against Syria, then they promised Turkish citizens ship to everybody who fought Syria and the Kurds and now they must deliver: they cheat again and betray rhose they promised heaven. Never ever trust a Turk, certainly not a religios Turk and never ever inan Erdogan.

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