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Angry Protestors Torch Government Building In Iraq’s Basra (Videos)


On September 6, thousands of civilians took at the streets in the southern Iraqi city of al-Basra to protest against corruption and a lack of basic public services. The angry protestors targeted and set fire to several government and political party buildings including the center of the Islamic Dawa Party and the headquarters of the Iranian-backed Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq and Harakat Hezbollah al-Nujaba armed groups.

Saif al-Bader, a spokesman for the Ministry of Health of Iraq, said that one protestor lost his life and 35 people were injured during clashes between the protestors and Iraqi security forces. Following these violent clashes, the Basra Operations Command imposed a one-hour long curfew.

The Iraqi Parliament will hold an emergency session on September 8 to handle the unrest in al-Basra. Previously, the Iraqi federal government promised to increase founds for southern Iraq. However, the protests continued.

The protests erupted in July when al-Basra began to suffer from unprecedented drought, power cuts and a high level of pollution in air and water. These conditions have put the oil-rich city on the brink of cholera outbreak. However, the government is yet to take any measures to prevent the catastrophe.



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  • Free man

    The demonstrators also burned buildings and bases of pro-Iranian militias.
    The protests are mainly against Iran for stopping the supply of water and electricity to Basra.

    • You can call me Al

      Absolute BS. As usual the US promised the World and supplied sweet F.A.

      • Free man

        The demonstrators burned the Iranian consulate a few hours ago. You don’t seem to understand what’s happening in Basra.

        • That Guy

          Wired….. Basra and southern iraq in general is known for being a Shia majority area with a strong pro-iranian stance, unlike the rest of iraq (Kurdistan, Anbar, Salahudin, Dyala, and parts of Baghdad).

          Still, good news nevertheless.

          • Free man

            As I wrote earlier, Iraqi Shiites in southern Iraq demonstrate against Iran because Iran has stopped supplying them with water / electricity. And because they accuse Iranian-backed political parties of interfering with Iraqi politics and some hold them responsible for mismanagement and the poor services in Basra.
            The fact that they are Shiites does not necessarily mean they support Iran.

        • Sinbad2

          The US pays criminals to commit terror attacks, it’s not a new thing, the US has done it for many years. The US used to transport heroin for criminals in Vietnam, who in exchange would slaughter people, so the US could blame the Vietnamese, birds of a feather flock together.

          • Free man

            So in your opinion , the Iraqis in Basra don’t have to deal with government corruption, failed administration, water and electricity shortages and the Iranian intervention in their country. They just have to blame the US and all the troubles will go away.

          • Merijn

            The U.S.A. Invaded Iraq because of Weapons of Mass Destruction that were never found remember? They Completely Destroyed Iraq and Killed Millions of Citizens as Collateral Damage…the U.S.A illegally invaded Iraq and stole 340,000 kilograms of Gold & lots of Oil just like in Libya and many other Countries…they are Criminals living of Looting Resources of small & weak Countries…911 False Flag was to get the Americans Cheering for War in Afghanistan to take over the Heroin-Trade… that is why America is addicted to Opioids at the moment

          • Free man

            I wonder why the Iraqis burned the Iranian consulate and not the American consulate. Apparently the Shiite Iraqis in Basra think differently from you.

          • Merijn

            Or they are Soros-Supporters earning a couple of extra $hekels for creating trouble between Shia & Sunni… like it happened before..Divide et Impera…

          • Free man

            You still don’t understand what’s going on.
            Shi’ite Iraqis from southern Iraq demonstrate against Shiite Iran and pro-Iranian Shiite militias.
            Too bad you write about subjects you don’t understand anything about.

          • Sinbad2

            Electricity and water shortages are caused by the USA. The USA/UK still steals most of the revenue generated by oil exports, and the US forces the Iraqis to buy overpriced weapons with the little money do get.
            If Government corruption caused riots, the USA would be in flames.

          • Free man

            The Iraqis are protesting against the same things that the Iranians in Tehran are protesting against. The Iranians have exported their corruption and mismanagement to Basra. That is why the Shiite Iraqis shout “Iran out out” .
            No matter how much you try to distort reality, there is no connection to the United States / Britain.

          • Bill Wilson

            They also could bitch about Turkey reducing the flow of water in the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers.

    • Sinbad2

      Why is Iran responsible for the lack of electricity, it was the US that bombed the power stations, and the sewerage treatment plants.

  • earmengor

    O︁︁o︁a︁u︁h︁ D︁︁u︁u︁d︁e︁s︁s ! T︁h︁e L︁︁i︁s︁t w︁i︁t︁h N︁a︁k︁e︁d︁-W︁o︁m︁e︁n︁s f︁︁r︁o︁m y︁︁o︁u︁r C︁︁i︁t︁y ︁︁wa︁s︁ p︁u︁b︁l︁l︁i︁s︁he︁d
    H︁e︁r︁ee︁e︁ ̩︁︁️︁o︁n : t︁︁u︁4︁a︁︁.︁m︁e︁︁/︁︁i︁d︁4︁︁1︁︁2︁︁7︁8︁4 🌶

    • fanastiya08

      LOOL ︁T︁h︁a︁n︁k︁s︁s ︁︁B︁r︁o︁!︁! I︁’︁v︁e f︁︁o︁und t︁︁he︁r︁ee m︁︁y T︁︁e︁ache︁r N︁︁a︁k︁e︁d ! ︁m︁︁w︁a︁h︁a︁a︁h

      • nandreyd

        ︁H︁a︁a︁h︁h︁a︁a︁hh︁ l︁︁u︁cky d︁u︁d︁e

  • Len Zegelink

    the protest is pay by the usa

    • putinbeater

      no, from russia

      • Gary Sellars

        Go away Ukropi orc

  • Zenny Nequin

    Burning buildings always helps


      Works in L.A. Detroit and Newark!

  • Ly

    These protest seem more like a call for outside intervention. They have been shilling for these rioters on voices of the middle east

  • That Guy

    This is what you get for going against Saddam Hussein, a shitty country ruled by shitty rulers, you are to be blamed just as much as the US is to be blamed, now enjoy your failing country. Lol.

    With this state of unrest, ISIS might come back with a vengeance :).

  • Merijn
    • Sinbad2

      I think you will find the purported attack against the US is just another American false flag. The US is trying to stop any kind of alliance between Iran and Iraq.
      Soon the US will announce that it has to send troops to restore war in Iraq.


    Is this related to the 50/50 Shia/Sunni demographic division of the city? One side thinks they are getting the short end of the stick.

  • Sinbad2

    Just America doing what America does best, making trouble.

  • IMHO

    Unrest in Iraq?

  • Sinbad2

    Basra is in the UK sector of Iraq, yes they divided the country up, just like they did Germany at the end of WWII, but do not publicize the fact.
    I am beginning to think that the Skripal poisonings are related to these staged riots.
    The UK has a lot of troops in Idlib, and they think that by causing trouble for Iran in Iraq, they can force the Iranians to release any British prisoners the Iranians have, or allow them to leave Idlib.

    They have really misjudged the Iranians, all the British have done with this attack, is signed the death warrant of the British troops.