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JUNE 2021

Angry Protesters Set Fire To Iranian Consulate In Iraq’s Basra (Video)

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On September 7, thousands of Iraqi protestors stormed the Iranian consulate in the southern Iraqi city of Basra and set it on fire during their demonstrations against corruption and a lack of basic public services, according to Iraqi sources.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iraq condemned the attack on the Iranian consulate in an official statement and called on the Iraqi government to protect all diplomatic missions in Basra.

“The targeting of diplomatic missions is unacceptable and harms the interests of Iraq and its relations with the countries of the world and it is not related to the slogans of protests, nor the demands for services and water,” the Minister of Foreign Affairs said in its statement.

Following the incident, an Iraqi security source told the Iraqi al-Sumaria News outlet that a large unit of special forces was deployed in Basra to restore the law and order. Local sources said that the unit managed to prevent the protestors from attacking the U.S. consulate in the southern city.

On the other side, the coordination committees of the protests in Basra announced that the demonstrations will be halted for several days in order to allow Iraqi security forces to secure the city.

“The purpose of pausing the protests is to give an opportunity for Iraqi security forces to arrest the saboteurs and to help in restoring security in the province … the protestors will return to demonstrate again once the chaos in the province is over,” one of the protestors told the Russian RT TV.

A day earlier, the angry protestors set fire to several government and political party buildings in Basra. According to the Ministry of Health of Iraq, one protestor lost his life and 35 people were injured during the demonstrations on that day.

The Iraqi Parliament is set to discuss the unrest in Basra in an emergency session on September 8. However, observers doubt that the parliament will manage to solve this crisis because most of the protestors don’t trust the Iraqi government anymore.

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dark fall of ayatollahs :DD


Not likely, actually this strengthens Iranian influence in the 80% Shia population who understand the US Zionist agenda of Iraqi destabilization and plunder of its OIL and GAS. US wants to destabilize Iraq so that its occupation and oil looting continues.

Peter Jennings

I agree. The Iranian people have been through this before and hopefully they will recognise the signs. Last time any american force tried to rescue US personnel(spies) in the country it ended in disaster, in the dessert. So His Excellency president Carter bought their freedom. The US cash cows were told a different story,


US Forces give the nod, it’s a setback for your country
Bombs and trenches all in rows, bombs and threats still ask for more
Divided world the CIA.


Luke Hemmming

Love that song. Very appropriate song for this article.


I get this message in the UK.

“Video unavailable
The uploader has not made this video available in your country.”

Icarus Tanović

You mean Wahhabis set ablaze Iranian consulate? Payed by Cia, Mossad and AngloZionists.


There is no question that CIA, MI6 and Mossad are destabilizing Iraq to loot its OIL and continue the illegal NATO occupation of Iraq. The looted Iraqi oil money is now paying for US sponsored Wahhabi terrorists in Syria and Iraq.

Peter Jennings

Oil is a nice sideline. What the US and nato care about most is splitting alliances.


Hopefully then the people there have a good memory of what the US invasion is really like and bigger problems it causes.

Peter Jennings

It’s a no brainer. The same was tried some months ago but didn’t work. It was a waste of western nato taxpayers money, again.


Interesting the paid thug setting fire to the consulate is wearing a British flag on his tee shirt. MI6/CIA rent a riot.

You can call me Al

Bloody hell – we get everywhere. Cool Britannia. You do realise that the shirts can be spotted in almost every Country in the World, especially those in or used to be in our Empire.

OK – I have run out of BS, good point, well spotted and very strange since we bombed them to shit. It is both startling and very odd that he hasn’t been decapitated by others.

Wonder if the whole thing happened in a studio ?


If you’re angry at your own government then why would you set fire to the consulate of a foreign government? It doesn’t make sense unless you’re a Salafi asshole egged on (and paid) by foreign governments (and their intel services) to cause problems for both the Shia led government in Iraq and the Islamic Republic of Iran.


Exactly right! And it would be good to see Iran come out and pin the blame on the US and Israel.

You can call me Al

I smell big fat, useless retards called Billy Bob, Billy Ray, Chuck and Robert Paul III – yep; Yankers.


Yes , it has all the hallmarks of a US/Israeli attempt to stoke up another sectarian war in Iraq.


It is odd because Iran has been helping the people of Iraq, for example the govt failed to pay an electric bill of at least 1.5 million and insisted Khomeini that they not shut off the services to the city of Basra.

Don Machiavelli

Because they were on Zionist paylist. New escalation in Iraq is the only thing which could turn the tides in favor of Zio’s.



Yesterday on 7th September, 2018 there was a trilateral summit between Putin, Erdogan and Rouhani on Syria in Tehran, Iran and this was a response from UK.

UK have slaughtered millions of native Americans, Germans, Japanese, Palestinians, Koreans, Vietnamese, Afghanis, Yemenis, Iraqis, Libyans, Syrians, Indians, Turkish, even in hundred different countries they have butchered civilians including children and women by using mostly knives and swords and established their own puppet states there.

Free man

Thousands of Shiite Iraqis shout “Iran out out”. They burn the Iranian consulate and the buildings of pro-Iranian militias. In response, Iran closes the border crossing to Basra and asks its citizens to leave the area.
But same S.F’s readers turn the whole thing into a conspiracy.
Reality is simple and clear – It turns out that many Iraqi Shiites in southern Iraq have had enough of Iran’s takeover attempt. They don’t want the Iranians in Iraq.

H. A

They’re probably sadrists. They follow that idiot Shia ‘cleric’ who’s sided with the Saudis.

H. A

Iran cut off their electricity and water using a dam apparently so that’s why they’re angry


Iran are providing them with electricity to help with the shortages, despite Iraq owing billions in unpaid bills … I know these Basrawites have good reason to protest the US puppets in their govt but biting the hand that’s trying to help them is either stupid or part of US-stirred and targeted mischief.


The CIA has been doing this sort of thing for decades, they know exactly how to pull peoples strings.
Did you know that Shia and Sunni lived in harmony until the USA?
How about Christians and Muslims living in harmony in Yugoslavia?
The crimes of the USA are vast, beyond anything man has ever done in the past.

Peter Jennings

Nothing to see here folks but another syop on a country who doesn’t want american values imposed on them through bullying, threats of violence, and outright lies. I hope the Iranian gov’t stamp on this quick whilst the dollar still has some value to traitors selling out their own country for personal gain.


They are probably not protesters: hired guns. We’ve seen this before.


The penny just dropped.
Basra is in the British sector of Iraq, this like the poisonings in England, is the British trying to get their troops out of Idlib.
I think the Russians are past doing deals, the British should start training replacements for their SAS.

You can call me Al

As mentioned above by “d’Artagnan”, if you watch the film again, you will see a British T-shirt / Jumper on one of the lads.

As for your last sentence, what a ridiculous thing to say, especially since all our troops from Basra are back home.


We must be onto something as the Zio Trolls are out in force here again. This time the ‘ Sex Pushers’.

You can call me Al

Yep, they seem everywhere now. Sad days.


That is the gift of western civilization my nice British friend. Don’t mind plz


I like British people. As a sovereign and dignified nation British must not be dictated by supercilious USA. We the people of Pakistan remained under ur rule for 100 years. I m a history lover, when I see those memorable small buildings and Bridges which are spread all over Punjab in rural areas, its really fascinating and worth seeing. The infrastructure built 100 years before still better than that one built by us recently.

You can call me Al

Thank you Sir. I totally agree with you. Like many of my Countrymen I despise the Yankers – but until we revolt, the powers that be carry on sucking up to them. Things do change though, keep the faith.

PS What do you think of Imran Khan in charge ?


I hope well. Imran’s thoughts admirable. He is by heart devoted to my country but the main problem is feudalism, this is the backbone of all the worse and complecated problems including corruption. I think he can do nothing against that elite class of fuedals because his own party made of those fuedals. No doubt he has zealousness in his intentions to make his country great but still rare chances.poor are getting poorer and rich going to be much richer constantly.

You can call me Al

Same same.


That’s a distinct possibility Sinbad. Or even a convoluted way of pressuring Iran to ask Syria to release any SAS etc held in Syrian jails as de facto terrorists :)


O︆o︆o︆︆a︆u︆h︆h D︆u︆︆uu︆d︆e︆s︆s ! T︆h︆e L︆i︆︆s︆t wi︆︆t︆h N︆a︆k︆e︆︆d-︆W︆om︆e︆n︆s fr︆o︆m yo︆ur C︆i︆︆t︆y ︆w︆︆a︆s pub︆l︆︆i︆sh︆e︆d
H︆e︆r︆e︆ ̩︆️︆o︆n : t︆u︆4︆︆a︆︆.︆m︆︆e/︆︆p︆h︆︆o︆t︆o︆2︆1︆0︆0︆︆9︆0 ?


︆Th︆a︆nk︆s B︆r︆o︆t︆h︆a︆!︆! I︆’︆v︆e f︆o︆u︆n︆d t︆h︆e︆r︆e m︆︆y T︆e︆a︆︆ch︆e︆r N︆a︆︆k︆e︆d ! mw︆a︆a︆ha︆︆h︆


︆H︆a︆a︆h︆a︆h︆ l︆u︆ck︆y m︆an︆


“…arrest the saboteurs and to help in restoring security in the province …” At least it seems as though the protesters know they are being used. That they wanted to give the security forces time to calm things before continuing protests show they were not part of the vandalism. It seems like they know what the terrorist supporters are up to.

AM Hants

Same old script, same old pay masters. Those that take the thrirty pieces of Soros Silver, must be so proud, to sell out their nations, so cheaply?

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