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Angela Merkel Says “Hard Evidence” Russia Targeted Her Emails

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While the US remains too obsessed by the COVID-19 crisis to blame Russia for meddling into its elections, Germany seems to be taking the lead in the field.

ZeroHedge (source):

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Wednesday, she has “hard evidence” that Russia is behind a 2015 hack attack of her emails.

“I can honestly say that it pains me. Every day I try to build a better relationship with Russia and on the other hand, there is such hard evidence that Russian forces are doing this,” she told the Bundestag (Germany’s lower house of parliament).

Der Spiegel magazine reported last week that Russia’s GRU military intelligence service led the operation back in 2015 to steal a treasure trove of Merkel’s emails.

Moscow has since denied previous allegations and said Merkel “will keep trying to improve ties with Russia, but the hacking attack doesn’t make it easier.”

For years, there have been concerns of spying not just between Russia and Germany, but rather between the US and Germany. We first pointed out, back in 2013, that the spy spat between both countries was uncovered, and German journalists urged people to stop using Google and Yahoo because of NSA eavesdropping.

By 2014, more revelations of the NSA’s spying tentacles were revealed via NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden’s release of secret documents. This clearly upset German officials who asked for an investigation into the matter.

Angela Merkel Says "Hard Evidence" Russia Targeted Her Emails

In 2017, we noted how the spy spat worsened, it turned out that Germany returned the favor and was spying on numerous officials in Washington and key US business targets.

As Merkel voiced her frustrations about Russian attacks, saying she has proof of the “outrageous” spying, the evidence remains to be seen in public view, nevertheless, how there is no mention of the spy spat between US and Germany.

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Peter Moy

Who told Kanzlerin Merkel to make this accusation against Russia? Could it be her pimps in Washington, DC like Elephant Boy Pompeo or the guy in the White House? She should be more concerned about the occupation of her country by the so-called partners in NATO.


In unrelated news ;)
“The Akademik Cherskiy vessel is close to the final location, the materials, needed for the completion of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline are there, and it is simply a matter of time”.


Very good news!


Wow, NATO state apparatchiks really have only one anti-Russian ‘hacking’ script to operate from. They seem to assume, or rather hope, that the western public has already forgotten the well publicized reality – that the US’ NSA systematically spied on Merkel and other ‘allied’ foreign leaderships.


Tommy Jensen

When US is spying against Merkel it is Russia who are doing it because Putin controle America and all Americans, and Putin got Trump elected.




Merkel, the worst German leader ever:
“Kanslerei, ze Americans stole our scheisse again, but luckily zey used Vault7 and left cyrillic traces in our zystem. ”
Merkelwurst “Great, now we can blame ze Russians again and keep our American friends happy zo zey can steal from us again!”

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