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JUNE 2021

Angela Merkel Pledges to Use All Her Strength to Prevent Fragmentation of the EU

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Angela Merkel Pledges to Use All Her Strength to Prevent Fragmentation of the EU

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said that she will “fight with all her strength to prevent fragmentation of the European Union” in the wake of Britain’s decision to leave the bloc.

Yesterday, few hours before the flight to Brussels for meeting with other European leaders, Angela Merkel spoke to the Bundestag. She said that Brexit decision should be respected and expressed the hope that the EU will continue to maintain close relations with the UK.

The Chancellor also was optimistic about the future of the bloc. She noted that Europe has got through many crises and challenges in the past and emphasized that the European Union is “strong enough to survive the Brexit” and “to move forward”.

Angela Merkel said that Europeans can be proud of their democratic values and their economic and social model. But to keep this model, they should make doubts about Europe to disappear, “start anew and work together”.

“We must, along with the 27 member states, decide how to react to British proposals for this separation,” she said.

The Chancellor also added that if the UK wants to remain in the common market, it must accept all rules, including freedom of movement of persons that was criticized during the campaign by supporters of Brexit.

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More blackmail from the demented clown. If she wants useless immigrants to clog up Europe she and Germany should pay for them all and put with their crimes, etc.

Merkel, who idol Stalin would be so proud of her. Breaking the backs of indigenous Europeans with racial replacement. Reminds of of Stalin’s great purges, and then replacing population groups with different groups. Same game, same name, same Zio-Marxism, same evil. EU is Zio-Marxist..

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