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Angel Djambazki: The Anger is Waking Up

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Kalina Andronova’s interview with Angel Djambazki, Member of the European Parliament and Vice-President of VMRO (Bulgarian National Movement).

Angel Djambazki: The Anger is Waking Up

Photo: Antoaneta Kiselincheva


Originally appeared at A-specto, translated by Valentina Tzoneva exclusively for SouthFront

What is happening inside the European Union, why is it constantly slipping? As a MEP, you can describe the feeling best.

There is no direction. The political project itself has been smeared in the last few years by empty words; the politically-correct speeches are false and are used to hide the meaning, which actually means that they speak, but say nothing. The debates are not political and they should be. The European Parliament must not be called a Parliament at all. It should be called an Assembly of National Parliaments, as the idea of a European Parliament means that it works for a super-state. The project European Union has been a federal project with the idea that one day it will grow into the European United States, in a state above the states: a super-state. This is in conflict with my political views and positions. I think that there must be a European Union, but it must be a union of sovereign fatherlands, to be more of a free market, opportunities for movement of stock, people, capital etc., but without interfering in the internal affairs, in the homes of the people, in their culture.

I am leaving aside all that made us sick and tired – the regulations for the curves of the cucumbers and bananas and all such stupidities which irritates the people as they are absolute nonsense. But behind it, in fact, stands the lobbyism. We are not lying, are we – about the debate for the shape of an olive oil bottle – in fact, behind it is the heavy lobbyism of the manufacturers and the consumers. We do account, don’t we, what the economic reflection will be if you forced all the millions of pub-owners in the European Union to use the same bottle of olive oil; someone makes the bottles, someone holds the trade mark etc.

I think that the main reason is the lack of a clear political debate. Why is there such a lack? Because the so-called ‘systematic parties’ – European Peoples’ Party, Party of the Socialists and Democrats, Liberal Alliance are, in fact, one and the same. They do not debate amongst themselves. They are all, to the last one, federalists. And they govern the European Parliament and European Union on the grounds of an immoral deal. And when we tell them: let’s talk about the future, let’s talk about the construction, the foundation, the future 20 to 50 years, they say that we are populists and cut all talks.

When we have to direct the conversation to a national level, it makes me feel humiliated and insulted when the Bulgarian Prime Minister says that he would ask his boss. Because the Bulgarian Prime Minister has one and only one boss – which is the sovereign Bulgarian people, the taxpayer, the voter. When you say that you have a boss, it demonstrates that you have preserved the mentality of the humiliating behavior of a vassal dating from before ’89; only the capital city has changed – in the past, they picked up the red telephone from Moscow and now it is from Brussels.

The Master has changed.

The master has changed but the mentality remains. This is the difference between the Bulgarian political ‘class’ and I say it with a dose of hostility, in the bad sense of the word ‘class’, because this is really a group of people with whom I completely refuse to associate despite the fact that I am involved with politics; a group of people who think that they know more than their people.

Did you pay attention to the reaction after the referendum? The former Justice Minister, Christo Ivanov, who was a campaigner the referendum of the President wrote about the British referendum: ”This is an example which shows that to hold referendums on important questions is madness.” You see? Is it possible for people who want to be elected, to say that the people are stupid? Can they say that there should be no referendums because people are stupid and they cannot make decisions?

I will interrupt you here – the idea behind the comment from Christo Ivanov is that you cannot have referendums on all questions, because there are questions in need of experts’ opinions. This is the idea of the represented democracy. For example, you cannot ask the people to vote for nuclear energy. Who knows about the risks and the benefits? People are not experts.

I agree with you. When you talk about nuclear energy or the curve of the cucumber – this is a question of expertise, that’s right. It is stupid to hold a referendum about the curve of the cucumber. But here, we are talking about political questions. The future of the European Union is a political question.

Yes, it affects all the people in reality, however, do they have knowledge to make the right decision?

It is a question of a political position whether you or not you will be a part of a project, or you would not be a part of this project, or you would change this project. This is not a question of expertise; here you listen to the opinion of those who pay taxes. Because what does the European Union do? It spends tax-money. And these people tell you: ”Wait now. Let them pay the taxes and we’ll spend the money the way it suits us best.” What a hypocrisy?!

It is clear that the EU is slipping, but after all, why did the British leave the EU? And at the same time as Kevorkian (Translator’s note: a TV presenter) says the country-man, Plevnaliev (Translator’s note: the President of Bulgaria) is teaching Great Britain. This is hilarious…

That’s right. And I would like to ask something after you mentioned Plevneliev. This man has not answered the question whether has he ever been an active member of the young communist league and has he held a leading post. He does not want to answer this question. The young communists and the communists before ’89 swore that they will fight to death for their party. After 1989, all these people became Euro-Atlanticists.

This is the same fanatic brainless mentality of the square box.

That’s right. These people were ready to fight to death for communism until yesterday, and now they explain to you about the Euro-Atlanticism. What a hypocrisy! The very same hypocrites waving one banner yesterday, are putting up a new banner today. Who are the most blatant critics of Russia and the East? The people who studied in the Soviet Union, for whom the rumor and the evil tongues say that they have been educated in Soviet military academies, people, who were the so-called ‘sociologists’. They were all party propagandists. They graduated from the Higher Party School, they lectured in the Higher Party School.

This obviously is a personality complex…

… of the vassal.

As if cleansing through words, through the new propaganda.

No, this is adaptability, this is hypocrisy, this is the will to serve any power. I can assure you that if we did not have 1989, Plevneliev would have been speaking Russian in Moscow.

Well, tell us why the British left the European Union?

Now, I will first go back to the protesters and then to the British. The claims that some people are dumb, stupid, lame, old, deaf, uneducated, peasants, xenophobes and racists is extremely hypocritical, extremely unethical and pure discrimination; when you do not like the results of elections, you say that they are stupid. There is no bigger arrogance or bigger conceit. To call 17 million people these names… I have never seen more racism and xenophobia in history. Those who fight against racism and xenophobia are the xenophobes.

Labelling is an instrument, it places the matter into a sideway niche. People tend to not identify themselves with extremes and when they label the inconvenient man as an extreme, the rest get scared and enter the common mold where they are manipulated by the media. There they get the right tone… But tell us, why did the British vote in this way?

You are absolutely right about this. Why did the British vote this way? I went there, all the time I read all the theses. It was very interesting in our group, because it was an English group – in reality, a great part of the British in the Euro Parliament are in our group. The group was divided in two – to leave and to remain. I asked them and paid close attention, I read all their logical positions to remain and to leave. Both groups had a meaningful thesis.

Now, I will tell you what those who wanted to leave said. I divide the reasons into two groups. The first group is economical. The British are a very commercial nation. They simply said: the idiotic regulations of the socialist European Union, because they see Germany and France as socialist countries, are impeding.

Germany and France rearrange a lot; we should not speak about Sweden – the taxes go up to 80%. And this is rearranged. And they say: “enough now, you take from the people who work hard and give it to the drones, the migrants and all sorts of others who do nothing but come for social packages.”

The endless regulations impeded on the business, their firms in their common world in their former Empire. The biggest investor in Great Britain is India. They want to work with these markets. They say: here is something very interesting – the question of trade agreements. The British say: the inertia of the French will torpedo and fail the Transatlantic Agreement. And the British point of view is that they approve of this Agreement. I will put aside our position regarding such Agreement. But the fact is that the British feel that the Germans and the French will fail it. Another one of their reasons, they said: we shall not pay for your idiotism in Greece. We will not pay for your printing of money without value, we shall not pay for the heavy political corruption in which you are currently. We will not pay for the fact that you see what is happening to Greece for years, but hide it because the Greeks were buying your airplanes, the Greeks were working with your firms. In reality, the Greek money has been sucked out and been moved to Germany, France, Belgium. They have not been spent only for the ‘impudent’ Greeks.

The British have never differentiated from the EU when voting.

Voting goes by majority. This is one of the other notes. They do not want to participate in this payment and that’s why they are against the Euro and the Eurozone, because their financial center is the City. The creation of the European Central Bank and European regulations moves the financial center to Frankfurt on Main. They say: we want to protect our city, we don’t want our money to go to Frankfurt.

This is the old conflict – Great Britain or Europe? Great Britain has never been from the real Europe.

That’s right. If we have to be honest, Great Britain has never been as much a part of Europe as Germany and France have. If we have to speak figuratively, we can say that Great Britain was spiritually in Europe, but not in body. It does not want the Euro, a common currency, a European Central Bank, Schengen, Britain does not want someone else to control its borders, it does not want to ever hear about a European army, while those in Brussels, the bureaucrats in Brussels, want to make an European Army. Britain says: there is NATO, a North Atlantic Pact, a defense union, we can work with NATO. We do not want you to make duplicates, to make a second army.

But by having NATO, Europe is totally helpless. What does Europe do without its own armed forces and with hundreds of USA bases?

These are two different questions.

The question is in what Britain says that confirms the thesis: we are in solidarity with America.

That is so. Britain is one of the two states in the EU which possesses a strategic nuclear weapon; nuclear energy based in submarines, the “Tradent” missiles which, however, are located in their bases in Scotland. The command of the nuclear missiles in Great Britain is shared. This is very interesting. The decision is taken jointly by the Americans and the British; in other words, they cannot release the missiles without each other.

So it is absolutely logical for Britain to leave the EU? With all these arguments and even without them …

These are their arguments. From a British point of view, they have their own value and meaning. These were the economic and military arguments. Now here comes the political argument, which is also very powerful: immigration. Every year, over 300,000 people come to the island and settles down there. Great Britain is a country with the fastest growth in population. Their social system is really getting stuck. The local citizen does not have access to kindergarten, to his doctor, because there are 30 Pakistani in front of him. These are social services driving them crazy.

London is not an English city. Look at the mayor of London. Do you think that the objects of Richard, the Lion’s Heart, would have voted for this mayor? The vote there is simply ethnic and religious. And what did this mayor do? One of his first steps was to remove women from adverts on the busses and public places. As you already guess, in England these are not nude women, but women in dresses and swimming suits. And here comes the clash already.

What irritates them most is the absolute lack of conscientious politics regarding the migration. Do you know who is the biggest promoter of the British exit? Angela Merkel. She won the referendum with this policy. They were holding their heads; they were asking: are the Germans really saying ”you can all come”.

Wasn’t Great Britain most supportive of the wars of the USA, which are the reason for such migration? Britain must be absolutely supportive in its guilt…

Yes, but you must not mix the evaluating point of view, which we are doing as an analysis, and their political position. In reality, Great Britain participated in the Iraq war, an absolutely illegal war. Something that no one noticed in Bulgaria was the debate for “yes” or “against” the membership of Turkey in the EU. Do you remember the comment Cameron made out of the blue, saying that according to him, Turkey will not become a member of the EU before the year 3000. This was his attempt to regain part of the losing votes because most people said: ”You are crazy. Turkey is not a European country. We will not become a member of a dual federation, because Turkey in EU means a Turkish European Union.”

But the biggest supporter of Turkey in the EU is America, even now in these bad relations with Erdogan…

The States – yes, but we are talking about Great Britain now. It was also a considerable debate… When you line up all their motives, if you look from their perspective, you would see that not only are they not stupid, dumb or bumpkins, but they have assessed their interests very well.

They say the following: ”Your regulations prevent our firms from competing in Australia, New Zealand, India, Pakistan.” Someone explained that they will have no one to pick strawberries. This is a dumb thesis. One of the Tory leaders said: ”Don’t worry. We are an empire, we have candidates to pick strawberries, don’t you think about it.” Their motives are entirely political.

Do you know why their European brothers jumped? Because they are guilty. Because they lost the referendum. Did you notice how all were sure in their victory? They were so sure that Daniel Smilov published an article in advance, in which he stated his conclusion on the referendum. Can you imagine what political suicide it is of a political analyst to publish an article which is totally incorrect? And why are they guilty – because the mantra for a federation with no alternative died. England is already out.

How do you explain that fact that the USA, the best partner of Great Britain, appealed the British to remain in the EU?

Because it was the voice of the USA. The only ally of the USA at present in Europe is Merkel. They cannot rely on France, as France has got its own imperial history and it is always slightly negative to America. The only one jumping when you click, is the school teacher in Berlin. That’s why the States pressed so much, because their vision for the European Union is to be not so strong and not so independent.

In reality, the collision between Russia and the USA is affecting only the EU badly. The States win and Russia wins too. The States win because they become the center, because they created the tension and surrounded Europe with crises. From Ukraine to the Atlantic Ocean, they surrounded Europe with war. Do you believe that Twitter will make a revolution in an Arab country, where the camel master with a machine gun tweets? We are not, after all, retarded.

And why is Russia winning – because the relatively monocratic regime of the Russian president mobilises itself when they have an enemy. The Russian history has demonstrated this on numerous occasions. If you leave the Russians to themselves, the regime collapses. They need a battle, they need a war. That’s why the situation in the Ukraine works for Russia, in its complete perverse meaning of what we say, but it is a fact. This is a frozen conflict in Ukraine – this country has been divided and it will be a war territory until it gets empty.

In any case, it is not good to have a huge conflict on your border…

It is not good for the Europeans as they lost in the years of peace. It is different for the Russians – the Russians live well in war times. The Americans also live well in war times. These are counties with an invasive character, they need an invasion, they need external expansion.

For Ukraine, I completely disagree. It is a part of Russia and the pain is strong…

To a certain degree yes, it is a part of Russia. The eastern part is, but the western part has never been Russian or pro-Russian. This part at present, is separated. Do you think that the two parts will ever get together in one country? I don’t think so. I think that they broke the connecting links, they are so tuned, that this country will never be complete again.

That’s right, but it did not happen by inertia…

It was provoked from both sides.

This is hysteria which is starting to show up here.

Don’t forget that for Ukraine, there were historical reasons for the hysteria. There was “death by starvation”, World War II. There are certain things that are not popular in the society and the public, but the politics of the Soviet leaders has been monstrous.

It is so, but the politics of the Hitlerists was monstrous, yet no one from France rattles sabers in Germany and shoots at them. Here we see a purposeful acceleration of the conflict.

No one shoots at the Germans because they were destroyed, because the spine of the German nation was broken. The Germans learn in their schools that they are guilty. Children who have been born in our times are told that they are guilty.

This conflict, regardless of what has been in the past, is kept alive. The brains of the Ukrainians are constantly invaded to make them think with hatred. Tell me now, wasn’t the European Union a convenient tool for the States…

You see that what the USA tried to do came back to them in the campaign of Trump. Why are they making him a cretin, a monster and a xenophobe? Because Trump is a self-developed type who rubbed the nose of that big family ruling the USA in the name of the people and corrupts in the exact same way. They rotate and rule a big country with huge resource potential and they have the opportunity to affect the whole world. Trump told them: ”stop doing this damage on behalf of the name of the Americans. That’s why they turn everyone against him. He is not stupid, he symbolises the American dream; a man who has built up everything with his own hands. And now he tells them that they are not needed and that they are arrogant, they have lost the sense of proportion. He wants to change this; he wants to bring the state to the people.

Do you think this will happen?

The time reminds me of the time when Kennedy was killed in 1963. After him, the American top had a war with Vietnam for another 10 years, which cost 60,000 lives of American soldiers and probably millions of Vietnamese. The fact is, in order to continue the war in Vietnam, this passed through the killing of Kennedy. Now the media is trying to kill Trump politically, they try to stop him, to make him look like an idiot. They did not manage to knock him down; the anger of the people is becoming more visible. Now will they say that the average American is stupid?

The question is, is there a thinking average American or is he a TV viewer who is super brainwashed?

He is there, as you see. There is a huge pressure from the media. The conservatives are wondering now should they trick Trump and choose someone else. They are afraid that if they choose someone else officially, Trump will come out and win against all of them. I am convinced that he can do it.

You see how they used the attack in the Orlando bar. You see the meaning of media manipulation. The man who did this horrendous crime, in fact, was a client of the bar. He turned out to be a man of that community, but in the beginning, they made him a racist, a homophobe etc. In reality, he has been a regular at the bar, he switched off and killed those who were drinking with him until the previous day. Whoops, ciao! This theme is gone already.

I think that a riot against the elite in the whole world is taking place, and let’s say in the Western world. If we considered that we in Europe, the United States, Canada and Australia are the Western world – not in geography, but spiritually and politically, then there is a riot of the ordinary people, the tax-payers against the fact that some arrogant, unelected elites are trying to tell them that they are stupid and they can rule on their behalf. This is what is happening in Western Europe. See what is happening in the whole of the European Union. Poland – the Brussels’ clerks are trying to beat them over their heads for fighting for their national state and for fighting the ‘grant’ supporters and the Soros-supporters.

By the way, in Poland the left and the right Soros-oids are one and the same. Here, we have the ‘right’ and the Soros-oids. But when you look at our ‘rights’, they are actually not ‘rights’ because in the behavior of the ultra-rights, the protesters, there is nothing ‘right’. You cannot destroy the traditional family, and insist that you are ‘right’. You cannot demonstrate against the family values, and say that you are ‘right’. ‘Right’ is one who says that the family is of a man, a woman with three children and more. The left in this political regard is the one who says that he can have 30 genders and so on.

What ‘right’ is in the attempt to support the ultra-libertarian positions in the economy, which destroy your local production? What ‘right’ is there in the fact that you are not supporting the small and middle businesses and to speak on behalf of the big international corporations, exporting money from here? This is not right, but extreme left in the economy. Not the left in the meaning of the doctrine, but left in its economic meaning. I listened to Soros in the European Union, he spoke about the migration.

His views are too socialist, they have changed…

Yes, that’s right. Now, he will support other political projects. You will see how those who are protesters now all of a sudden will reveal their left faces.

The question is about riding a wave which you can feel in advance… And make cells for directing and controlling public opinion and from there, social movements. This is also manipulation, because it is riding the natural anger.

These people have always followed the societal energy and they work on channeling it, to containing it. It is not by chance that there are talks the BSP (Bulgarian Socialist Party) is not left. They are trying to position it as Russophille. Now I will tell you something very important about the visit of the rockers. Yes, there is hysteria from the side of the pseudo-right, this is a fact without argument. But it is a fact without arguments, when you say that you are a Bulgarian nationalist and you wave a foreign banner. I am talking about those who support them. For me, it is equally humiliating and equally traitorous, to wave an American or Russian banner and state that you are a Bulgarian nationalist.

Those waving the Russian banner are in pain because of the breaking of the Slavic connections and due to the fact that we are close to a giant rich in resources and markets, but to the opposite indoctrinated from outside we say: ”We don’t want these markets simply because they are Russian.” This is a weak decision. Both countries can be good for each other.

The politics of Russia towards Bulgaria has always been completely wrong. We have the undisputed fact about the liberation from the Ottoman yoke. We owe them respect for the political act of our liberation. From there on began the unification. Russia is against; England supports it because Russia is against it. Russia withdrew its officers and left the Bulgarian state at a risk. After that, the Russian emperor gave the Greeks and the Serbs an opportunity to occupy Macedonia and to take it from us. The politics of Russia towards Bulgaria is wrong. Do you know the place of Bulgaria in the Russian politics? In the Asian department. Their top looks at us condescendingly, arrogantly. They do not sit and talk to us with respect.

The same happens with any other empire… At present, the American Embassy orders the Ministers in Bulgaria. Is this respectful? The question is what can a Bulgarian statesman do for the well-being of Bulgaria between these two powers. You know very well that Churchill had been planning to plant potatoes here as well as in Berlin. And he decided not to ruin Germany completely after Russia left its troops in Eastern Europe…

Germany was not ruined. They simply broke its spine.

A while ago, you spoke about the European armed forces. Having tens of American bases in Germany, what in your opinion, is the possibility for Merkel to say what she is not required to say by those holding power over her?

Then the question for the Europeans is the following: there is no logic in the doubling of the armed forces.

The Americans will not allow the dissolvement of NATO.

Did you hear what Trump said. Those who want protection, should pay or should protect themselves on their own. We are not going to carry the responsibility for the whole world. What does it tell you?

One thing is to speak as a presidential candidate and another is presidential talk. We have seen this with Obama.

By the way, Obama does not make wars. The wars are made by Hillary Clinton. Keep in mind that in the politics of the Americans, there is an ultra-conservative group for which it does not matter whether they are called democrats or republicans. Hillary Clinton expresses the most hawkish kind of politics. She will be the most dangerous president of America. She will continue with invasion all over and with the wars. In my mind, if she became the president, the world will become a very insecure place.

For me, the EU as a formation at the moment, is a tool for stripping the sovereignty of all its member-states.

What must take place now is a dialogue about the future of the EU. EU must be more of an economic union and a union of sovereign countries. The European Commission has not been elected; it is a deal between the left, the right, the Germans and the French. I think that EU must transfer the sovereignty, the decision-making of the Union to the sovereignly-chosen ministers, presidents, MPs because they are those who go to the polls. They respond to their electorate (with all the relativity in our country regretfully, unlike in the other states). The British did something very valuable – they shook the foundations of the sleeping Brussels bureaucracy. And now, like it or not, the dialogue for politics will have to start.

Do you think they will start it? It looks like they are digging themselves in.

They have no choice. England is out already. They said what they think. England will start negotiating its terms. The political act has taken place. This was an important political step. I am not saying that it is a victory for us, Bulgarians. I am neither happy about it nor am I gloating. I simply value what happened and I am pleased that finally in the EU a real political collision took place. It was not a starting point for the debate; it was a straight kick in the mouth. It was a strong kick.

What is your comment on the Dutch referendum for the Ukraine? Was it anti-European or anti-Ukrainian?

It happened that on the day of the Dutch referendum, I was in Holland; we were in the Hague for a parliamentary meeting. The result of the referendum came – it was for rejecting the visa liberation for Ukraine, Georgia and others. Both the federalists and the liberals jumped in the hall: ”are you not ashamed, you are against Ukraine, you stop the development of Europe.” All the hypocrites started to boil. The Prime Minister, Rutted, who was campaigning for and led the anti-referendum policy came out: ”Dear guests, this is the will of the people of the Netherlands. I campaigned against it, but this is their will. For each Dutch statesman, it is unacceptable and unthinkable not to consider it. So, please, be so kind and do not comment on the will of the Dutch people.”

This comes from a man who is a part of these circles, but who has the national responsibility and pride to say: ”This is what the Dutch people said.” By the way, the Dutch referendum and the British referendum are the reasons for which the hypocritical liberals are trying to remove the referendums. They start to see how the moods of the people are putting pressure from below. What I want to say is – don’t see the EU as an American adjunct. The European Union is a good project; the question is how it is managed.

I understand this, I am not supporting the collapse of the EU, but it is impossible for the EU to be an instrument tormenting all the European governments and not allow them to breathe, to hold them accountable for taking Russian reactors and not American ones.

If we have to honest in this conversation, we had a meeting with the Americans, with Westinghouse. They came and said: ”Guys, sort it out with these European regulations, because you will lose your nuclear energy. We are ready to cooperate with the Russians, to build the contour, to build a new reactor. Simply, give us some clarity; tell us what to do because you will use your nuclear power.” They said: ”Make a decision about what you are going to do, after all.” This is crazy. This today, that tomorrow. Here, now we aren’t even building an American reactor; neither a Russian nor an American one. This is idiotic. Decide what you are going to do, choose the best. The questions is that our idiots are hesitating between corruption interests. I will tell you why they did not built either a Russian or an American reactor – because they stuffed the photo-voltaic cells and blades to kill the blades of power over the reactor. We have more blades, more solar batteries than one reactor. Now they a walk around and check who the owners are. You will see interesting faces from the whole political spectre. And what does it tell you? That’s why we have neither Russian nor American reactors. It turned out that these photo-voltaic cells had been working 25 hours per day and seven days per week. Here, we don’t have winter; this is Sahara and the sun shines directly above. And we pay for all of it. This is a dirty deal and a good topic for conversation.

Actually, this is the answer why the mice – the local politicians – are looking for bosses; because they have always signed deals in the shadow of a bigger deal; they do whatever they want to. They empty, destroy or collapse the state.

I am against blaming the Americans for the fact that things are not working. Before, they blamed the Russians. It is normal for everyone to look after his interest, but the Bulgarian statesman is the one who should be able to balance, to demonstrate diplomacy and if loses in one place, to win at another.

This is the problem. Our village dodgers do the following: they want to be friends with Russia, to drink their vodka with Russia, to get money from Junker and for Obama to protect them. You cannot drink vodka and have gas, take money from that one, and for the security and defense to come from Obama and for you to click your fingers and tell everyone whatever he wants to hear, because regretfully, our power man tell everyone what he likes and what he wants to hear. When they go to the Kremlin, they say one thing, when they go to Washington they say another. When they are in Brussels, they are the biggest Europeans.

When they have to make a real decision, then it becomes clear who they are.

When they have to make a real decision, they act as the leader and the teacher had taught them – they go low, low, low and wait for the storm to pass. We must be objective and we must not say these are good and those are bad. It is natural for the one and the other to look for realisation of their politics. Here is our question: how to be a dignified member of the EU? How many times have you heard Bulgaria to pose a question of importance for Europe, to veto some questions… ?

Only Plevneliev goes around in Europe giving interviews…

Plevneliev does not represent the executive power, as you can see from the behavior of the Prime Minister. He is simply waiting for the end of his mandate, which he got to protect the position of the prime minister.

The Russian and the Bulgarian interests are different, no arguments about it. The Bulgarian and American are also different. You know very well the attitude of the Americans – what is good for America is good for the world. Is this true?

Of course it is not. This hegemony irritates me, that’s why I like Trump. This arrogance irritates me. Look for example, I cannot physically stand Hillary Clinton, because she is the expression of this politics.

I think that the States need isolationism, but they will not take up such a strategy.

A lot of serious and worrisome processes are going on in the United States and they have not surfaced yet because no one has noticed. First, there is a big isolation of the negro population. Generation after generation they no longer work. You cannot say anything to a negro – he jumps up immediately, he takes you to court for racism. They become more impudent and arrogant.

Apart from that, the official language in the States is Spanish. Draw a parallel between the Roman Empire and the USA. The nationality of the middle and low command of the American army is changing; before they were only WASP (white Anglo-Saxon protestants). Up to the level of captain, you cannot see a white man- only blacks and Latinos. Those who are mercenaries in the army are black and Latinos. This changes the content and the spirit of this army.

Note when the collapse of the Roman Empire began – when they started hiring federates. What is the American army doing now – hiring negroes and Spaniards. It is not by chance that Trump’s appeals against migration are heard. Economic and political processes are boiling and they will drastically change America. At one stage they will have to seriously look at themselves.

Do you expect Trump to win?

Yes, I do.

What impressed you in Austria?

The Austrian post won the election. But, the court annulled the vote saying that serious breaches took place, there were false papers. In other words, the big victory of all those united against the nationalistic presidential candidate, is cancelled. There will be new elections. Here is another hit on the status quo. And it proved that the liberals forfeit the elections – those who speak about fair elections, democracy, they rig the elections in order to take a way a legal victory, perhaps of a right candidate, some called him ultra-right, fascist etc. So they are not shy to rig the elections and relax afterwards.

Every year there is a document signed by all the ambassadors in support of the gay parades. Is it so important?

For me it is absolutely unacceptable. This is one of the things which extremely irritates me; the attempt to force a society to like someone for his/her personal decisions. In all the reports for all the countries – Georgia, Ukraine there is always a chapter ‘Rights of LGBT’ and the gay parade is a measure for democracy.

Is there heavy corruption in Bulgaria? Yes, there is. Is there mismanagement of European funds? Of course, there is. Are there people influencing the justice system? Of course, there are. Is there corruption in Ukraine? Unbelievable! However, they look at the gay-parade as if it is the measure for democracy in Ukraine. This is the misunderstood tolerance, a false multiculturalism. This is all that collapsed – the attempt to force mandatory respect to someone who has made a personal choice.

These ambassadors of leading countries never sign a similar document for another reason. It happens that we see assaults, earthquakes…

This is the compulsory line of their political behavior and without argument, it is one of the factors weakening the Western civilization. The mandatory gay parade demonstrates the rotting of this civilization because it forces something, because it makes some people consider it. You can see how they fell in the trap of their own propaganda after the Orlando case. Let them come out and explain why the visitor of this bar, who is from the same society, has shot them dead. What is he: a -phille or a -phobe? A -phille who has undone his -phobe and committed a monstrous crime.

As the presidential elections are coming, what are your ideas at VMRO?

We are now working on how to get together behind one candidate everyone who considers themselves a Bulgarian nationalist. This is our idea. We do not intend and wish to support someone simply for participating in the match. We believe that the time has come for a united candidate for Bulgarian nationalism to go to the elections. I am convinced that a united candidate for Bulgarian nationalism will go to the ballot and there everything is possible.

Which are the patriotic formations you include in the united front?

The first conversation is with the Patriotic Front. I think we have achieved the conversation. The second one is with Ataka, of course, for which I hope that we’ll reach mutual agreement, if it is possible as there are plenty of personal disagreements.

How do you see the intent of ABV for a dialogue with the Patriotic Front?

I am sceptical about the heavy leftist tendency of ABV, left in a historical context, not even left but Russo-phile. I see that at present ABV and BSP are getting closer, although it is not clear what will happen, but there they will follow left, meaning a socio-nostalgic line…

Well, BSP has never been a patriotic formation.

That’s right. Their dialogue includes the DPC. This is absolutely unacceptable for us; where there is a DPC and others with names hard to pronounce and who are hiding in the Turkish Embassy – it is absurd… So where a dialogue with DPC is on-going, we have no place.

All the personalities and formations of protesters explain that patriotism is something from the past; against the background of the global interaction it is conservative to speak about it.

It is visible that they are out of date in this case. I think their whole political platform is a mistake of the social development. The will to have a borderless society, to collapse the family unit to a degree of every-day egotism which lacks any values and must only benefit, drink, eat and satisfy its primitive animal needs, is a mistake of the social development.

History has shown unambiguously – patriotism, national and family value, protection and continuation of the clan – is a rightful human instinct, a conscious reflex. Patriotism is encoded in every man; it is the immune system of the nation. It is encoded in every society. The nation is a historically-complete phenomenon, which cannot collapse in the way that these people are attempting to. Their fashion will pass, disappear and will be forgotten. Societies disappear, have disappeared when they forget about these alphabetical truths.

If you look at what Vazov had written during the Balkan wars, it is like he is describing the events of today. The youth is too idle and runs away to foreign lands. However, he wrote – when the bugle blew, they all came back and made a miracle in the Balkan wars. I am confident that the free-fall is going on for 20 years; 20 years of destruction and ruins. I see it in the eyes of the people. The wrath is waking up and it cannot go on the same way – these hollow talks, the jabber, the singing of those who change costumes of left and right, but they are still the same.

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Have you ever seen the pension liability of the European governments, to the Brussels public servants? It is over a trillion dollars and growing fast. Over 10,000 of them are paid more than the British Prime Minister. This thing is heavy lead in the saddlebags of everyone in Europe. They just write their own ticket. No one controls them. I cannot believe the Europeans could be so staggeringly incompetent as to allow this to happen.


The abbreviation (VMRO)IMRO references the Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization, a historic Slavic, revolutionary political organization in the Macedonia and Thrace regions, fighting for liberation in Ottoman Turkish Empire, have nothing with https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bulgars semi-nomadic warrior tribes of Turkic extraction. Although former president Todor Zhivkov(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Todor_Zhivkov) In May 1989, exiled 300,000 Bulgars of pure Turkish origin to Turkey within three months, still they are more then 50% of Turkish Tatar origin https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/2/26/CarlSaxET1877.jpg (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bulgarian_Turks), Current government of Bulgaristan relesed of SSSR grip, is under heavy influence of Turkish drug mafia and sultan Erdogan’s idea to restore Ottoman Empire, over sovereign countries like Greece,Macedonia, Serbia.


The problem is not that all the parties of the Comission are “federalists” (they are not exactly that anyhow) but that they are CAPITALISTS, three brands of the same company. But what can we expect from the speaker of a far-right party that even denies that one of the main reasons for the success of British “leave” was raw xenophobia and that xenophobic attacks have become sadly a common sight since the “leave” victory? Even for those who are against this EU, like myself, the far right way against it should be exposed as nothing but extremely dangerous demagogy that only plays into the hands of the same masters of Europe, just as Hitler just replaced the Weimar Coalition with something even much worse.

Jonathan Murray

The far right are ALWAYS proxy forces for liberal capitalism. Thats the game that greedy liberal capitalists have been playing for 2 centuries or more. They literally don’t care. What they hate is for wealth and power to be democratised.

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