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An Information-Propaganda Center of NATO Opened In Latvia

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An Information-Propaganda Center of NATO Opened In Latvia

This article originally appeared at Topwar.ru, translated from Russian by Anonymous Info Agency exclusively for SouthFront

On August 20, in Riga a special opening ceremony for the “Center for Strategic Communications” of NATO took place. The opening was actually a formality, because the center itself has been operating near the border of Russia for nearly one year. The stated purpose of staff of the center is coordinating NATO forces and providing training information for the operations of the alliance. The opening ceremony was attended by tUS Senator and well-known Russophobe John McCain.

During the briefing, McCain said that the work of the new center will “apply not only to Ukraine and Eastern Europe, but also to the United States.” McCain quoted by Latvian press:

“It is necessary to be clear that Russia’s information campaign is going to be intensified. I believe that the work of the center will help NATO countries to achieve the truth. The center will help spread the truth throughout the world.”

Meanwhile, NATO Deputy Secretary General Appathurai announced that the work of the center is not directed against Russia. He was quoted by TASS:

“I do not believe that anyone can say this is a way to act against Russia.”

According the words of Appathurai, the main task of the center is to improve the image of the alliance, including in social networks. [SF: Say “HI” to NATO bots in Facebook]

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