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An In-Depth Look Behind the Scenes Of SouthFront Censorship

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An In-Depth Look Behind the Scenes Of SouthFront Censorship

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The situation surrounding the censorship of Southfront on Facebook has turned into a display of the stereotypical Big-tech super villain. Facebook has published a report justifying its actions, which is an egregious, textbook example of fake news. The report contains only disjointed accusations under the cover of meaningless words, and without a single example being presented. Special attention should be paid to the fact that in the full 29-page report, there are no mentions of SouthFront itself, besides the baseless accusations at its outset.

Furthermore, in order to label SouthFront as allegedly official Russian propaganda, Facebook first identifies another media site with a similar name, and then proceeds to emphasize the similarity of the brands. The name of this organization is “News Front”, which indeed shares the word “Front” in its name, yet the similarities end there. News Front is an official Russian organization that is located in Crimea and publicly pursues an acute pro-Russian patriotic informational agenda for a Russian speaking audience.

In the case of News Front, to assert that the site is engaged in pushing fake news or disinformation is also nonsense. There are no hidden “trolls” infecting the weak minds of the citizens of Russia or other countries of the post-Soviet space through devious attempts to manipulate and mold their innermost perception. This is a regular Russian patriotic media site with a declared pro-Russian bias. Having a declared and obvious bias is not a crime in a democratic world.

As for the wider, global, non-Russian-speaking audience, News Front has a minimal presence. So why it was necessary to censor this Russian organization? The answer is now obvious, as described above.

The comparison of the audience of southfront.org and news-front.info by Alexa:

An In-Depth Look Behind the Scenes Of SouthFront Censorship

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The comparison of the audience of southfront.org and news-front.info by SimilarWeb:

An In-Depth Look Behind the Scenes Of SouthFront Censorship

Click to see the full-size image

The catalyst that led to these actions concern mass complaints made by propaganda units created and funded by NATO, the EU and other Euro-Atlantic organizations. A majority of these propaganda units, like Euvsdisinfo, StopFake, or the Atlantic Council, have offices and representatives in Ukraine and Baltic states. They operate with the designated goal of utilizing both formal and informal tools to undermine the work of independent and non-mainstream media. To achieve their goals, the pro-NATO propagandists often exploit the so-called ‘Russian threat’ concept; however, this merely provides a cover for their aggressive actions to silence and discredit opposing opinions and sources of information they deem to be counter to their own interests.

The reason behind their activity is simple – they must justify their existence in reports to their sponsors. They are constantly and fiercely working to engineer ‘successful actions’ regardless of their validity. In order to continue securing funding to expose and defeat an imaginary enemy, they must create imaginary victories, irrespective of reality.

At the same time, the quality of the analysis and approaches of these propaganda units are of a surprisingly low quality. Their main ‘innovation’ is in bombarding the likes of YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and other global media platforms with thousands of complaints. In more simple terms, a glorified spam operation. The structure of these complaints is simple. They irately claim that some media organization or a media activist violates the policy of the social platform; for example: by spreading misinformation about the coronavirus pandemic, or by simply asserting that the offending party is creating fake news (in general without any explanation). Such complains may include one or several links to posts that allegedly violate the policies of the social platforms as evidence of wrongdoing. However, even this does not happen in most of the cases, or the evidence turns out to be nothing more than a link to a substantiated post that includes either opinion or factual information.

We, the international team of authors and experts working under the brand SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence, has evidenced this and regularly faces such hostile actions from pro-NATO propaganda organizations. Moreover, we have the impression that many employees of large social platforms have grown tired of the shameless actions of some of these pro-NATO propagandists.

From its very creation, SouthFront has stated that we provide the opportunity to express a multitude of opinions and views covering international issues on our platform. We make sure that these points of view do not go beyond rationality or violate any national or international laws. Southfront and our authors can make a multitude of assumptions, but when we make claims they are always based on facts and substantiated by identified sources. We specifically do not use the term ‘reliable sources’, since in this modern world of information warfare and media noise and obfuscation, each combatant has their own understanding of the world ‘reliable’. More often than not, the term ‘reliable sources’ is the first clue that no such sources exist.

Let’s take a closer look at accusations against SouthFront put forward by Euvsdisinfo, a propaganda unit of the EU East Stratcom Task Force. Since the start of 2020, SouthFront has released about 3,000 articles. Pro-NATO propagandists found a grand total of 3 (0.1% of the total) that they can use to back up their claim that SouthFront supposedly promotes some disinformation regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.


An In-Depth Look Behind the Scenes Of SouthFront Censorship

EUvsdisinfo’s propaganda piece

The real title of the article is “COVID-19 – THE FIGHT FOR A CURE: ONE GIGANTIC WESTERN PHARMA RIP-OFF” (source)

This article is written by Peter Koenig and submitted via Global Research. Peter Koenig is an economist and geopolitical analyst. He is also a water resources and environmental specialist. He worked for over 30 years with the World Bank and the World Health Organization in many parts of the world, including in Palestine, in the fields of environment and water. He lectures at universities in the US, Europe and South America. He writes regularly for Global Research; ICH; RT; Sputnik; PressTV; The 21st Century; Greenville Post; Defend Democracy Press, TeleSUR; The Saker Blog, the New Eastern Outlook (NEO); and other internet sites. He is the author of “Implosion – An Economic Thriller about War, Environmental Destruction and Corporate Greed”, a fictional work based on historical fact and over 30 years of World Bank experience around the globe. He is also a co-author of The World Order and Revolution! – Essays from the Resistance. He is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization (Global Research). Global Research itself is run by a group of authors that have advanced academic degrees from respected academic institutions and teach in universities of the United State and Canada.

So, what kind of ‘fake news’ or ‘disinformation’ did Mr. Koenig push in the article? The article provides a critical look at and addresses the concerns regarding the goals of the global pharmaceutical industry, otherwise known as Big Pharma, in the larger context of the COVID-19 pandemic. Are these global corporations not commercial entities that seek to gain larger revenues and increased profits? Yes, clearly so. So, what is wrong with this logic? Furthermore, Mr. Koenig wrote his article based on official statistics and sources.

For example:

“The vaccine that might eventually be applied to COVID-19, may most likely no longer be valid for the next coronavirus outbreak – which, also according to Mr. Redfield, CDC, will most probably occur. A later virus may most certainly have mutated. It’s quite similar to the common flu virus. In fact, the annually reoccurring common flu virus contains a proportion of 10% to 15% (sometimes more) of coronaviruses.”

This is an obvious scientific fact – a specific vaccine acts against a particular strain of virus. Complex vaccines act against several strains, but the accumulated modern scientific knowledge has yet to invent a vaccine that can act against all the possible strains. The converse statement is a falsehood and is aimed at misleading the public.

A biased critic may label as conspiracy the author’s point of view towards the aggressive advertising of vaccines or the need for electronic IDs; however, this very same point of view has been voiced by various politicians or representatives of big business. Even the term ‘New World Order’ which appears twice in the subject text, was itself widely used by the mainstream political establishment, and even presidents of the United States like George H. W. Bush.

However, this did not stop paid propagandists from labeling the article the work of a conspiracy theorist and thus labelling it as disinformation. One could claim that the author asserted a notion of conspiracy, but there was zero disinformation, as the author’s hypothesis was based on scientist fact and common knowledge.


An In-Depth Look Behind the Scenes Of SouthFront Censorship

EUvsdisinfo’s propaganda piece


This article is written by a well-known international author, Dr. Leon Tressell. The main assertion of the article is that high dose vitamin C therapy apparently helps to deal with acute respiratory disease and viral pneumonia caused by SARS-CoV-2. The article clearly shows that the methods of treating the symptoms caused by SARS-CoV-2 share some commonality with the actions taken to treat the symptoms of respiratory disease and viral pneumonia caused by other viruses. There is no correlation between the effectiveness of a particular drug or method of treatment and its monetary cost. This fact is also universally recognized in the scientific community.

Mr. Tressell writes:

  • Clinical trials using high dose vitamin C therapy in China ignored by Western media
  • New York hospitals now using vitamin C therapy to treat coronavirus patients

Are these false statements? No. These points are demonstrably true.

Indeed, the author states that the “mainstream media, and the scientific and political establishments are completely under the spell of big pharma”; however, in the same article he explains this point of view in detail. This remark is based on his personal point of view (protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution) as well as those of scientists quoted in the text. For example:

Dr. Andrew W. Saul, Editor in chief of the Orthomolecular Medicine News Service

Dr. Richard Cheng, an American-Chinese doctor currently based in Shanghai

Dr. Andrew G. Weber, a pulmonologist and critical-care specialist affiliated with two Northwell Health facilities on Long Island

Thus, there is no reason to say that Tressell distributes fake news. In the worst case, the author writes about a valid hypothesis and only once does he make a personal judgment regarding the motives and aims of big pharma. Is this false news or disinformation? Of course it is not. Is some conspiracy theory present here? If one claims “yes”, then that person will have to accept that most of the political establishment of the United States, which also uses the terms the New World Order and Big Pharma are also conspiracy theorists. Surely one statement of the article’s author pales in comparison to the thousands of statements of politicians and top businessmen espousing similar views. How popular does a dissenting view have to become before it is no longer considered a conspiracy theory?


An In-Depth Look Behind the Scenes Of SouthFront Censorship

EUvsdisinfo’s propaganda piece

The real title of the article is “WHILE THE WORLD IS IN DISARRAY, COVID-19 IS BREAKING UP RUSSIA” (source)

The article was likely used by the Euvsdisinfo authors either out of a lack of humor, ignorance, or sheer stupidity. This article is a critical review of the political and administrative situation in Russia amid the COVID-19 pandemic in the first part of April 2020. The article provides a critical look at the actions of the Russian government (in particular the Moscow authorities) and points out that, while the COVID-19 pandemic presents a significant public health challenge, the threat of the pandemic may be estimated inaccurately, resulting in the government making poor decisions in dealing with it. The developments in Russia in the second half of 2020 confirmed this analysis. Meanwhile, the article itself regularly refers to scientific and state sources of data and criticizes political and administrative actions of the Russian government. It also looks critically at actions of Moscow mayor Sergey Sobaynin, which at the time went contrary to the Russian legislative system.

Euvsdisinfo labeled the article as conspiracy theory and disinformation. This decision raises some eyebrows. Does NATO really support the actions of the Moscow authorities? If this is the case, perhaps President Putin should consider taking a closer look at the mayor of the Russian capital. Another explanation is that nobody in Euvsdisinfo actually read the article. The aforementioned article regularly refers to publicly available facts and quotes numerous substantiated sources, while providing a critical point of view of the author towards the administrative and political situation in Russia.

The aforementioned articles are all that pro-NATO propaganda organizations have been able to highlight to accuse SouthFront of spreading disinformation. Three articles out of approximately 3,000 published since the start of the year. The attention of such propagandists to SouthFront comes amid the termination of our YouTube channels. These arbitrary and unjustified actions lead us to believe that there is almost no objectivity in the modern world. So, if somebody wants to claim that white is black, he will continue to do so as long as it serves the interests of his sponsors. Nonetheless, in the case of YouTube, the situation is even more surprising. SouthFront released no videos that could be labeled as ‘COVID-19 disinformation’ even theoretically. There were only 3 video infographics on the topic on our YouTube channel. They presented facts and data and did not even feature narration. SouthFront’s YouTube channel had zero active strikes to over 1,900 uploaded videos up until the point of termination.

In this situation, it will be especially interesting to witness how YouTube will react to the developing scandal.


Please, help us by sharing this message with the global audience. Also, please inform your family, friends, and your social circles about southfront.org as an independent platform covering crucial developments in the Middle East and around the world.

As always, but especially during this uncertain and economically challenging time, your donations are especially important in keeping SouthFront alive.

Support SouthFront


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The scientific method and judicial process aren’t devoid of discernment, but they’re pretty cut and dry in most cases. Something is either true or it’s not. When you’re dealing with organizations passing judgement that deviate from the scientific method and judicial process in their editorial procedures. It’s a clear indication that you’re dealing with a scam operation run by scammers. As is being done in this censorship issue.

Jews and Zionists don’t have a monopoly on scamming. But it is codified into their Talmudic ideology. And they have an extremely long history of it and routinely practice it as part of their modus operandi. The NATO Zionist power structure is almost exclusively Jews and Zionists. And is disproportionally Jewish. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to put two and two together to realize that Judaism and it’s adherents and supporters are a core cause of many of our planets problems. Like the Jew world order’s forever war hegemony project. And that our planet would be better off outlawing Judaism and dejudifying the planet so that it is Jew free.

Alex Jones is a Zionist forever war shill talking out of both sides of his mouth. But if you look at the source material that he references and the current state of events. Some of the conclusions that he and his guests draw make sense. And the master plan that he points to is extreme and alarming. How the whole virus scam plays out will determine who is winning and will determine the future of our civilization.

Will it result in a Soviet style collapse of NATO members? That can be used to end the Zionist forever war and move ahead with a SCO lead eradication of war and poverty on our planet. Or is it ushering in a post human era omnicide? I don’t have the answers to these questions. But there is evidence supporting both possible outcomes. The game is meant for playing. And it’s game on. The saying that all that it takes for evil to conquer is for good people to do nothing. Has a lot of meaning in the current circumstances.


This non JewTube video can be viewed at the link below. The picture is just a screenshot. You have to click on the link under the headline to be taken to the site to view the video.

– Humanity Is Under Its Greatest Attack Globalists tell humanity it’s obsolete and non-essential –

https://www.newswars.com/humanity-is-under-its-greatest-attack/ https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5db935ebfec044a776cbf600dae525437a11d96237f9ce2075aaa19ae7d1bc13.png


Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates are making billions off this hoax.


Don’t even bother trying to reason with neo-liberal big-tech and MSM, the very fact they banned you just shows they have a clear agenda. There is no due-process possible with these sort of entities, they simply want to ban any narratives that run contrary to their own, and any weak excuse will do.

It’s exactly the same kind of technocracy that runs the EU and many other globalist entities i.e. we’re always right, anyone who disagrees is spreading fake-news.

I suggest you start using BitChute soon too, as YouTube will probably ban you soon as well.


– EXCLUSIVE! Trump To Expose Coronavirus Hoax! –




The problem that I have with Alex Jones is that he complains constantly about Chinese foreign government intrusion in the US. And completely ignores Jew and Israeli intrusion in the US which dwarfs Chinese involvement. Which has led us into endless middle east wars. And that his globalists with their evil plans are almost exclusively Jews and Zionists.


– Bill Gates Announces World Government Will Forcibly Inoculate Entire Planet –


Zionism = EVIL



What is fueling the scam is the death reporting procedure. Upwards of 99% of the “coronavirus deaths” are comorbidity deaths. So at most the virus was only a cofactor. Not necessarily the primary or only causal factor. And to make matters worse it isn’t even mandatory in the US for the deceased to even have been tested. Which makes the untested deaths highly questionable when the virus symptoms are identical to other leading causes of death. And it’s widely reported that simply having tested positive is sufficient for the virus to be included in death statistics. Even if it wasn’t a causal factor of death. There is a huge credibility deficit for the virus death statistics.

3 of the 4 countries with the most reported deaths, the US, Italy and Spain, have had public officials state that everyone who dies with the virus is counted as a virus death. 90% of the deaths are coming out of NATO countries that comprise 10% of the planets population. This is a clear indication of widespread systemic fraud in NATO countries that is being exploited to crash their own and the global economy into an unprecedented global depression. Because NATO countries account for over 50% of global gdp. So when they crash their own economies, they crash the global economy.


Sweden, Armenia, Belarus and almost ex-Soviet states did not panic or go into destructive lockdowns and the world did not end. Sweden has the highest herd immunity and its economy is booming. This an an Anglo scaremongering industry to curtail basic human rights. At least some segments of US society are questioning his hoax insanity.


The first acid test will be how bad things are in November if the Washington state governor gets reelected.

cechas vodobenikov

Gorer described the censorship in US media and schools in the 1940’s and 60’s as “ludicrous”—today 78% of US university students believe that “threatening ideas” should be censored….a nation of insecure children must be protected from thinking—this regards the peculiar amerikan fear that their brains —dirty and sexually repressed, may be “washed”

Zionism = EVIL

The real threat to the Jew cunts and Bilderber MSM is that Southfront and other Zionist free media are getting a bigger share of global audience, even in the brainwashed and largely braindead Zionist controlled Anglosphere which is literally going down the shitter, sheeple are looking for interesting objective alternate media. These Americunt evil arseholes simply can not stand the TRUTH or objective journalism so like little isolated brats try to shut down the TRUTH, well that ain’t going to work as it is the basic responsibility of every decent human being to promote objective media like Southfront, so let Mark Zuckerberg fuck himself on dry dock. Just make sure you guys keep on passing SF link to all your friends, family or anyone with a functioning brain.


Dial it back on the whole jew hating thing and you might actually have some real world friends. It’s ok to question things but your blind hate is exactly that blind, and it’s the classic sign of a weak personality.

Peter Jennings

The world needs someone with deep pockets and a honest heart to fund an alternative to youtube and which is used purely for whistleblowing and for content youtube and others are clearly unworthy to air.

The alternative needs to be free to access with URL’s available, and/or a decent player. The site wouldn’t have to be too big to handle as whistleblowers and truth tellers are a rare breed.

We can then leave youtube to continue to fleece their patrons with shallow teenage clickbait and soft porn and never have to visit the site again. Wishful thinking perhaps?

Do we really want management freaks at youtube, twatter, farcebook, dictating to our children and grandchildren what information they can access and what they cannot? Giving narcissistic sociopaths free reign to practice their social engineering on unsuspecting children is a recipe for disaster and civil war. Not everyone remains a child all their life.

The internet isn’t exclusively for advertisers and online dept stores either. We get the democracy we deserve. So it is with public services.


These Jew social media sites are propaganda outlets designed for social engineering funded by Jew money. They’re a rigged game. The way to dilute their malevolence is to make the technology affordable, accessible and user friendly to a wider cadre of content providers like Disqus and SF are doing. They’re very close to it right now. For instance if GIF expands their video time length to a longer duration. Or Disqus provides an inhouse or outsourced video content provider that can be embedded in comments and viewed independent of the comment platform. It would provide a peer or superior alternative to the Jew platforms. That the censored and others could utilize.

SF and Disqus already have a very advanced technology platform here. Which is one of the reasons that SF is being banned by the Jew platforms. They should develop this further. And improved video capabilities is one of the ways to do it.


There are literally a hundred other video sharing sites already. Go looking for them. Start with Vimeo if you like.

Peter Jennings

Vimeo? really? They along with youtube censor their content when they are told to. So they are no better than youtube.

Believe me, i have looked.

David Lucas

Minds dot com is a good site for expressing free speech. their biggest challenge is in having more people use their platform. most people are use to YouTube and FaceBook so they continue to do so. but most people who use those platforms are just normal people doing normal things without being a threat to the power elite. people who are concerned with the abuse of power by the US and NATO and so forth are small in number compared to the amount of ‘normal’ people who are just doing normal wholesome things. thus, the elite seem to be able to manipulate the world via simple normal people. but the more that caring truth workers use a site like Minds dot com, the more valuable it can become. unfortunately, i do not think things will change in a big way until the U$ dollar finally collapses. i think it will take that kind of an earthquake to get the attention of all of those ‘normal’ people. i think this is because most ‘normal’ people are not willing to criticize their government because their self image is attached to the idea that their government is ‘good’. this is why manipulative propaganda works so well. the Nazis figured out that people will question a small lie but not a big preposterous lie. thus, 9/11 lives on because ‘normal’ are not willing to accept the truth about it. a psychologist has studied these kind of people and found that for these people to slow down enough to be able to actually look at the truth about how those buildings came down so that it finally dawns on them that ‘their’ government was in on it… that this causes them to get physically sick because it undermines their whole sense of reality. i really honor how much SouthFront just keeps going forward in telling the truth as best as they can in spite of being scammed.


Washington State has a population of 7.5 million people. 1,455,908 have filed for unemployment. And the criminally insane governor, who is up for reelection in November, has just extended the lockdown for another month. His democratic colleague in neighboring Oregon has extended the lockdown for 2 months. They’re going to kill a lot more people from the economic collapse than ever died from the virus.

In Washington 20,000 people have died this year from normal causes. 800 of them purportedly from the virus, 50 from the virus in Oregon.



– Number of new unemployment benefit claims in Washington: ‘Truly staggering’ –



Censorship is the last refuge of liars. Southfront needs to hold firm and continue on its very noble and enlightening mission. MSN is basically fake news and Facebook is just a tool of western disinformation and mass surveillance.


“COVID-19 could shutter most American small businesses.

That’s according to a new survey from the Society for Human Resource Management which found that 52% expect to be out of business within six months.”

– Gloom grips US small businesses, with 52% predicting failure –


Traiano Welcome

Brilliant analysis by SF. Glad to see the basic application of logic and empirical reason in action somewhere on the Internet.

Cheryl Brandon

https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c4599149f70a9023a5f649f6334fc5467dfa4416f3c225a7b43d72666a6ffcb8.jpg https://youtu.be/9HJBiIR2YFA


Why not boycott Facebook ?

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