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JUNE 2023

An Even More General Amnesty: Taliban Released Thousands Of Al-Qaeda, ISIS Terrorists From Prison

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An Even More General Amnesty: Taliban Released Thousands Of Al-Qaeda, ISIS Terrorists From Prison

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Thousands of inmates, including “former” ISIS and al-Qaeda fighters were released by Taliban from Pul-e-Charkhi prison in the outskirts of Kabul, Afghanistan.

Afghan government troops surrendered Bagram airbase to the Taliban early on August 15th.  The base houses Pul-e-Charki prison, which has around 5,000 prisoners.

It is the largest in Afghanistan and notorious for its poor conditions. A maximum-security cellblock held members of al Qaeda and Taliban, said reports.

Footage published by an independent Afghan news agency, which supports the Taliban, appears to show militants letting the inmates out.

Acting Afghan Interior Minister Abdul Sattar Mirzakwal said the country will now have a “peaceful transfer of power” to a transitional government led by the Taliban, the Associated Press reported.

This came before the Taliban announced a “general amnesty” for all government workers, who should return to work in the Taliban government-to-be.

This release of various terrorists was an even more “general amnesty”, as now all sorts of radicals are roaming around Afghanistan, doing who knows what.

Additionally, prior to the Taliban taking control of Afghanistan, US officials were concerned of an al-Qaeda resurgence on its soil.

In an interview in July after he took over as head of U.S. forces in Afghanistan, Marine Gen. Frank McKenzie said Al Qaeda is still a principal focus of the U.S. military in the region.

“What we’re here for is to prevent Al Qaeda and ISIS from being able to reconstitute in the ungoverned spaces, generally of eastern Afghanistan, and be able to plot attacks against our homeland,” McKenzie said in the capital, Kabul. “That threat is still here today.”

McKenzie said U.S. counterterrorism forces had made it impossible for Al Qaeda to regenerate and carry out its plans against the West.

“If that pressure comes off, I believe they’re going to regenerate,” he said. “And I think it’s only a matter of time before we see them assert themselves and begin to plan attacks against our homeland.”

With Al Qaeda in a rebuilding phase in Afghanistan, it is difficult for it to reorganize quickly, the senior U.S. officials said. And while the Al Qaeda ideology emphasizes attacks against the Western world, that is not the current strategy for its fighters in Afghanistan, the senior U.S. officials said.

“They’re emphasizing this idea that let’s get our local houses in order in order to consolidate our positions,” a senior U.S. official told NBC news. “And then we will think about global jihad, because that’s still on their minds.”


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Who’s to say those people are really Al Qaeda or ISIS? The only information about that is coming from USA and they are notorious liars and murderers. These could be simple folk who protested against American occupation so Amers just slap the label “terrorist” on them and put them in jail without charge forever.


Thats a good point,its probably bullshit,they are just normal Afghans probably.


Almost certainly.

Taliban are death on ISIS. They don’t take ISIS prisoners and vice versa.

Peppe il Sicario

George Herbert Walker Shrub, The Dick Cheney, Tony the Blair Witch, Wolfofshitz and a host of other seedy swamp creatures are the biggest terrorists on the planet…who are they kidding!!!!

Jim Allen

Cheney is actually Darth Vader.


If this were true, can you believe that the Amerikastanis wouldn’t have removed said al Qaeda and ISIS before leaving Bagram?

Jim Allen

No, that’s not believable, in the first place. US Government isn’t too concerned with it’s own people, it gives zero fuck’s about a handful of prisoner’s regardless of flavor.

Ibrahim Abdul-Khaliq

Assalaamu Wa Alaykum O Ummah of Muhammad (s.a.w.s.).

In the Name of Allaah the Most Great the Most Wise, the Infinite One nothing is above Him or beside Him in His reign of Might and power fully established on the throne of superiority and authority Answerable to none but all stand before Him answerable and His Majesty the All Mighty Allaah is not unjust in the least.

Propaganda is a powerful tool can be an exaggeration of the truth or a lie whatever it’s cause the purpose of it is to program you away from the truth that is. the Taliban gave Amnesty to all Afghan’s if you like a second chance as for terrorist didn’t Pres Assad once say in reply to the cruel Tony Blair that one freedom fighter is another’s terrorist and another’s terrorists is someone else’s freedom fighter, Who care’s what the west labels terrorist or freedom fighter they created ISIS Israeli Secret Intelligence Service original British given Name to the now Named Israeli Mossad ( Majuj ) Ibrahim Al Baghdadi or Simon Eliot because that’s who they are terrorists on Palestinian Territory. Al-Qaida is a data base of CIA Assets that fought against the soviets in Afghanistan Bin Laden was one of them. Remember 911 was an inside job not a Taliban Job but a Collaboration Between the puppet Masters of the Corona (Crown) Cult Corporation and the Mossad (Majuj).

We will see who is who on Al-Qiyamat this world is a test, and the best in conduct are the successful ones, United we stand divided we fall, fighting against each other is Harram both parties will end up in Hell fire wishing they had followed Muhammad (s.a.w.s.) instead of following there own evil inclinations or that of others, I tell you the truth, those who side with the enemies of the Muslims and all that is Islaam are apostates from Al-Din Al-Islaam because there are treacherous dirty traitors. We all need to be in Takwa of Allaah at this very moment in time and remember we are all of the Ummah of Muhammad (s.a.w.s.) no mater if we are Sunni, Shia or Sufi, or what ever we call ourselves be it Taliban or Twelvers or Dervish, push all that aside and we are left seeing Insha Allaah that we are indeed Muslims and our way of life is Islaam according to that prescribed for us by Allaah in the sure without doubt Quran, Allaah will not accept any other way of life from us on Al-Qiyamat.

Following the Islaamic code not blindly as fools do but as Muhammad (s.a.w.s.) did do, so we do also, and we also have further power to our reflection with the great examples of those who followed Muhammad (s.a.w.s.) who where his closest confidents and became Caliphs of the Muslims after Muhammad (s.a.w.s.) up to Hassan (r.a) one of the righteous progeny of Muhammad (s.a.w.s.) in fact that was his (s.a.w.s.) grandson murdered later by those of the treacherous Umayyad dynasty, Am I a Shia no am I a Sufi no I am a Sunni no am a Talib no am I a Twelver no, I am a Muslim and my way of life is Islaam am I Al Imam Al Mubin no but the Mahdi (a.s.) will definitely be, but He (a.s.) isn’t here yet though I believe he (a.s.) soon will be, and I’m waiting so please wait with me my Brothers and sisters in Islaam and until then unite without fighting each other, argue all you like but don’t fight each other come together on the many points you agree on and many things we all do, you we will see who is right and who who wrong when the Mahdi (a.s.) will tell us who is right and wrong on points we believed to be true and what we believe but is false.

Our enemies have battered us Muslims from the time Of Hassan (a.s.) many Muslim leaders of Yesterday never knew what we know today about the cruel ones and what they have done to keep the status Quo, and concentrated with the policy of divide, rule and conquer of Muslim empires through the age and continue on the what they believe is a successful trend through the likes of the Vatican especially and Free masonry and Zionism specifically many world leaders are apart of this scheme of Iblis who promote what we know is Harram by necessity and actively promote banning what we know by necessity as Halaal.

But meanwhile who is our enemies but ourselves for not trusting in Allaah not following what we know we should be as prescribed by Allaah in the Quran, Instead we follow nearly ever Tom, Dick and Harry expecting Allaah to bless us for that, come on wake up from your dreaming and get Islaamically real with yourselves firstly by obeying Allaah and His Messenger (s.a.w.s.) and give things time with yourselves and others without rushing in where Angels would fear to tread. Unite the work is ours and the victory belongs to Allaah. Ameen.

Jim Allen

Well stated.


Willkomen to europe

Jim Allen

US Government, including it’s military lie. Going far out of it’s way to avoid everything factual, and true. There’s a slim, to zero chance US isn’t lying about this, and Slim just left town….

Alberto Bohon.

Mr Tahir says senior Taliban leadership in talks with Panjshiri religious and military leaders for peaceful handover of Panjshir province to the Taliban.

Tommy Jensen

Not only peaceful but with freedom.

Tommy Jensen

Taliban is placed in Kabul after design, instructions and deals with the Washington mafia.

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