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JUNE 2021

Ammo Depot Explosion Kills Dozens In Syria’s Northern Idlib (Photos)

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In the earlier hours of August 12, a large ammo depot exploded in the town of Sarmada in the northern Idlib countryside, according to Syrian opposition sources. The Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham(HTS)-linked news agency Iba’a revealed that the ammo depot, which was hidden inside a civilian building and was owned by a local arms dealer named “Abu Yazan al-Homsi.”

Ammo Depot Explosion Kills Dozens In Syria's Northern Idlib (Photos)

Click to see full size image

Ammo Depot Explosion Kills Dozens In Syria's Northern Idlib (Photos)

Click to see full size image

Ammo Depot Explosion Kills Dozens In Syria's Northern Idlib (Photos)

Click to see full size image

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported that 39 civilians, including 12 children and 9 women, were killed as result of the ammo depot explosion.

The cause of the explosion is yet to be known. However, local observers believe that the explosion could be the result of a sabotage operation by an armed group or even other arms dealers.

Last month, a similar explosion destroyed a large ammo depot of the al-Qaeda-affiliated Turkistan Islamic Party (TIP) in the town of Eshtabraq in the northwestern Idlib countryside. Back then, several opposition activists accused foreign intelligence services of being responsible for the incident.

The explosion exposes the lawlessness in the northern governorate of Idlib, which is controlled by HTS and several Turkish-backed armed groups.

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Tudor Miron

Hiding ammo depot in civilian residential building – what also can be expected from wahhabi rats?

John Whitehot

it’s directly derived from what would be called “doctrine” in military terms.

These scumbags have received their orders from their zionist employers, which are to make the most damage to the civilian population and infrastructure so to have ways to blame the legitimate government and their allies; both over the western MsM and the islamic fundamentalist networks – the latter to attract more cannon fodder due to resentment and disgust towards Syria/Russia etc (“those infidels kill civilians all the time, we must get into this jihad because they are the enemy of everything good and just”).

Jens Holm

Other explosions from others has shown exact the same result. Thats no Whabi things.

Gaza even send rockets from areas like that – every time. Too many Syrians in gaza, they say. If not we have to burry all vertical. Friends with head up and enemies with gead down or burned.

But that of course already is auto-selfdetonated in Your memory.

When no civilians die, its named as an Akroplis Ottomani.


Syrian nation suffered a lot. Many innocent Syrians lost their lives. Many wounded and traumatised families left with unforgettable thoughts. Now it will take time to rebuild their home Syria once again.

I offer my condolences, thoughts and prayers to the all victims and their families. During this difficult time, our thoughts are also with the courageous women and men that heroically working hard day and night and protecting their home land Syria from foreign attackers that is obvious US, NATO and Israel.

God give wise to all those Syrians that takes advice and weapons from US, NATO and Israel and on that they fight against their own nation. These Syrian people should end their agreements with US, NATO and Israel for the benefits of their own Home land and nation. All Syrian nation from Jawlan Heights to Hasaka across the board come together united once again and defend their country from foreign elements and powers and focus on reconstruction of their own country, institutions, economic development and their children education.


Nice keep them coming but I don’t want dead kids though.

Bill Wilson

Big money was being made by selling arms and munitions to the rebels and extremists in Syria. Most of the dealers got out of the business when the various factions’ sources of internal and outside funding dry up. Some tried to hang on by selling cheaper Iranian weapons and munitions that were avoided earlier due to being poorly manufactured. ISIS refused to buy them since the weapons wouldn’t hold up long, bullets would misfire. large rounds were often duds and were unstable in storage. I bet this dealer had a basement full of that junk where one round set off the rest.

Cedric Hunter

Sounds like a commando sweep and clear. The loss of life is truly regrettable. Hopefully it won’t happen like this again.

leon mc pilibin

The Oscar winning White HelMUTT terrorists are swarming all over the rubble trying to look for a way to blame the SAA,BUT they must have been asleep or terrorising civilians to have slipped up on this golden opportunity,because the truth came out too fast.,lol

Concrete Mike

How in the fuck do these jihadis have almost brand new large Volvo excavator? We,don’t support terrorist My ass!!!!


They buy things in the CIA Amazon shop. They can even have plumber trucks registered in the US.

Concrete Mike

Hahaha thats funny.
Theres is a big difference between a im guessing 50 ton machine by the size of the bucket and an old f250.

The parts and service networks that comme with these machines is telling…it probably even takes d.e.f. if its new enough….them things do t belong in a warzone…

Jabbar Abbo

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