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America’s Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

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America’s Post Traumatic Stress Disorder


Written by Daniel Newby exclusively for SouthFront

US soldiers “touring” the ongoing, disastrous invasions of Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria, face a less-than-ideal homecoming.  They are investing more in America’s political policies than does the average citizen, and for their blood, sweat, and tears, many will see, hear, smell, and feel things no decent person should ever have to endure.

Most will return home confused and justifiably angry.  In response, psychological practitioners in white gowns and suits will peer over their sterile charts and declare that they suffer from “Post Traumatic Stress Disorder” (PTSD). With this diagnosis, they will magically be transformed into “disordered” war veterans.

Hordes of psychiatrists, counselors, and even other veterans, will take this pronouncement as the green flag to encourage them to apply for various subsidies, including mind-numbing medication, individual and group therapy, and disability pension.  Unfortunately, none of these bureaucratic remedies will adequately assist soldiers in confronting the root causes of their mental and emotional distress.

“Disordered” soldiers are assumed to be abnormal as compared to those who did not experience the stresses of combat.  In other words, non-soldiers are more “ordered” because they were not exposed to the death, gore, and loss and pain associated with that environment.

These are convenient theories for those who profit from dishing out labels and expensive “treatments”.  They are inaccurate, however.  While the stresses of combat are uncommon for most Americans, there are other experiences, closer to home, that are as damaging to the psyche and spirit.

Explosions May Vary

Consider an event that might trigger the “PTSD” label for a soldier in Iraq: A roadside bomb detonates, leaving several comrades and native children dead or screaming in shock and agony. How would you cope with the emotions of that moment? How could you console yourself or others impacted? When you returned home, while removing yourself from the sights, sounds, and smells that accompanied the tragedy, how could you erase the memory of it?  And should you?

Contrast this with something I, and many other political activists, have encountered here in the “real world.” We get a call in the middle of the night from parents who just had their children seized without legitimate cause by “Child Protective Services” (CPS). We listen to their desperate cries, and do what little we can to comfort and focus them.

We withhold the fact that children in the foster care system are more likely to be raped and otherwise abused than are children in the general public. We rarely reveal that one of the first places their children will go is to a pseudo-private psychiatric facility, where they are often diagnosed with disorders so that the facility — and CPS — can receive tens-of-thousands of dollars in additional perverse federal incentives. Or that their children might thereafter be drugged out of their minds to make them more “compliant” for their government kidnapping.

Like soldiers in the Middle East, we can’t easily walk away from this explosion of human misery. Over the next months and even years, we may attempt to help these parents fight against a merciless system that is hopelessly stacked against them.

During the course of our involvement, we might explain to them that they have fewer rights than an already-convicted felon.  We may encounter vile bureaucrats who lie without shame, trick parents into signing away their rights, and coerce children into submission.  We may witness “judges” who, devoid of ethics or decency, preside as the ruthless dictators over jury-less, and often secret, “juvenile courts”.  We may watch children sob in agony as they are permanently torn from their innocent parents.

Source: As an example, consider the “family-friendly” State of Utah in “Utah Legislature Declares War on Your Family!” published by Accountability Utah in 2003. Nearly every state has erected similar barriers against innocent parents.

Trauma is Guaranteed

Traumatic stress?  You damn well better believe it.  And this example represents one despicable assault of many being perpetrated throughout America — on a vast battlefield of carnage and suffering.

Those of us who wrestle with these home-grown terrors have no refuge or escape. We get no special kudos, support groups, subsidies, or parades.  We know the victims, and can knock on their door to relive their torment and emptiness all over again.

Yes, our soldiers are being horribly abused.  They are being sent to the slaughterhouse by a society in complete decay. The “leaders” who give them their orders, the corporations that profit by providing their equipment, the pastors and chaplains who tell them Jesus is proud, and the masses that enable such corrupt individuals and organizations, are sick and degenerate.

America’s Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Like many of us political activists, soldiers are being thrust into an environment that fortunately strips them of their blissful ignorance. They are beginning to realize that their neighbors are in a state of stupor; not inclined to fight, or in any meaningful way resist, the nefarious people and systems above them.

With time, it will become exponentially more difficult for soldiers to slap an “I Voted” sticker on their chests and disregard the calamities happening in their own backyards. They, like us, are being forced to taste some of the blackest fruits of our collective failure.

We are each paying a heavy price for every stupid vote, tolerated lie, and abysmal policy decision.  We are realizing that these grotesque politicians despise the ideals they claim to believe in public settings.  And few of us — military soldier or activist soldier — will enjoy those Souza fluff-parades of flag waving and apple pie the way we used to.

And why should we?  Our future is in too serious a jeopardy to ignore.  Those of us who recognize our precarious state, and try to improve our world, are traumatized and stressed, but we are not “disordered.”  That term is earned by those who pretend that our disintegrating society is actually ordered and serene.

Join Us

Soldiers, you don’t have to retreat into an emotionless cocoon of denial. Join us in facing reality.  We need you, and you need us.  Let’s take the journey toward independence and empowerment together.  We do not require experts and pills to deaden our mental faculties or make a mockery of our hard-earned experience.  Nor should we act “normal” like the comatose masses around us.

We can support each other by rejecting the neutered passivity and detestable subservience so commonplace today.  We can resist by pursuing a clear and uncompromising path toward justice and accountability.  We can deal boldly with those who manipulate and abuse others.

When enough of us are ready to exert our strengths together, we can create something superior to the intolerable cesspool that keeps us up at night.  Then those most responsible for today’s injustices will get a taste of the same fear and terror they have so callously dished out.

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Tens of thousands of U$ soldiers are committing suicides every year because of the so-called “PTSDs”.
You wonder how these U$ and Western transgendered fags, who were messed up by lightly armed cavemen terrorists in Afghanistan could handle a real hot war with Russia where hundreds or thousands could die on every single day!

kurdi aram

Many many more Us-Americans military personal will be slaughtered in the coming months in Syria.
Dozen of us soldiers have been already killed in south-syria on 18.May, 23.May

Spanker Dane


Spanker Dane

If it stays conventional, it would be a very short and very violent war. And, frankly, unless the battleground is right along Russia’s border, Russia would lose badly.


Why do you even write this crap?
Do you ever research anything before writing?
Look up 2015 edition of Russian military doctrine – particularly ‘global strikes’ – if NATO aggressively crosses Russia’s western-most boundaries it all goes thermo-nuclear.

Al Ge

Regardless of Nukes, Russian does not have a large enough military to beat the US or even EU. Russia is one country, the EU collectively dwarfs it in terms of numbers, hardware, population and economics, same with the US.


Russians have other options, including asymmetrical warfare,
e.i. asymmetrical warfare and other options that would surprise U$ and its allies. In any case, U$ and Western transgender soldiers lack the tenacious and the ferocious, the economical and self-sacrificing warrior spirit that Russian soldier is known for.

Solomon Krupacek

this assymertical shit was already the communist rethoric. and completely failed.


Reread your own comment and what it actually indicates – it takes the whole of NATO to counter balance Russia – one country. That is actually a signifier of a powerful and significant country.
But regardless, if NATO seriously attacks Russia, the Russian doctrine is retaliatory strikes – doctrine means this is the strategic policy in situ and if it all kicks off all the training will have been based on enacting this policy.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Then when 30 United European nations went into Russia in 1941 on the side of the White Russians to liberate the Russians from Marxism, then why were they all defeated by Communism?
Truth is, Europeans cannot defeat the Taliban, they are not going to defeat the Russians.
The Zionist never want the European to win anyway, they want to exterminate the indigenous-Europeans, they want Russia to nuke them.
That is the whole point of the buildups and them pushing for war.
The only reason the war has not happened yet is because of the internet.
Russians and Americans can communicate to each other and it is obvious to both sides we do not want to fight each other.
Only our Politicians who have put on skull caps and gone to the wall in Israel, they are the only ones trying to start these insane wars.


Concrete Mike

Lol Russia has always absolutly crushed every european army that tried, and they Will absolutly Crush any euro army again and again. Study thé eastern front of WW2 maybe you Will understand

Solomon Krupacek

the time has changed

Brad Isherwood

NATO are total combat ineffective.
They could never advance into Russia via mechanized. …as the NATO logistics
Would not be there for them.
Europe/Eastern Europe’s Roads and train stations would become jammed with fleeing people.
Russian tactical would be destroying power stations, arsenals,fuel depots,Airbases.
It would be absolute Chaos.
Europeans would not know how the conflict was going…except for the obvious chaos
And noise of war occuring all around,
….more Chaos.
US can’t do deep strike on Russia and win conventional…
Russia’s airpower and radar have depth to negate deep strike.
NATO attrition ratio vs Russia would be 4 – 1 or worse.
After the front line NATO mechanized and Airpower are decimated. .
Leaves only the shock of Epic Fail.
Can go nuclear now …or not…..Insanity is unpredictable.

Real Anti-Racist Action

That is what the Zionist want silly goose. They want the Europeans to suffer more and more after every single war. The Zionist pull the strings of NATO, and the whole strategy is to send Central-Europe into a war they loose, just as they lost the First World War and the Second.
Zionist want all the power stations bombed so a new ISIS can rise among the chaos and further depopulate the indigenous tribal peoples.
Zionist want Russia to nuke Central Europe.
Zionist have been pushing hard for over 100 years to erase the indigenous population and to replace them with fellow Shemites from the middle east such as Arabs. Arabs and Jews are the same family with the same father Abraham. They are all descended from Shem.
Ethnic-Europeans are ethnic-Japethites.


Brad Isherwood

Ya….With Jews you lose.
The Chabad Lubavitch side are absolutely Insane, …
Guess what. …Putin’s got lots of them around him….same for Trump.
They have weaseled into the Thinktanks which support the MIC.
Like a moth to the flame. ..they push chaos with Zionist Banker money and lobby/media
Driving it.
The great danger is the Masonic end game of reveal Lucifer after wars exhaust all
Humanity, …is mirror to the Lubavitch and return of Moshiach after near obliteration.
So…..Both are death cults,….like We all need more of that after ISUS and Headchopper Saudi.

Europe taking in so many dysfunctional Muslims is a suicide.
Part of Europe is complete metro sexual.
Possibly Hungary which refuses the insanity may become some revival leader.
Am disappointed with Putin….NATO rolled right up to Russia’s Borders on his watch past 8 + years.
Too many Oligarch Jews and Jew Bankers near Putin to not be concerned.


Oh fuck you Russian gangster bitch. Those Afghani’s fucked your vodka drinking fag boys too. You all ran out there with your tails between your legs and soldiers with PTSD as well.

Stupid ignorant cunt.


Russians don’t have the so-called “PSTDs” that is killing U$ transgendered fags in their thousands every year! Go to hell M.F.

Solomon Krupacek

thaey had, too

the communist censorship blocked all information, but be sure, there was.

Real Anti-Racist Action

You said ‘Tens of thousands’ more like dozens commit suicide every year. And if they had not joined the military for free money and free university, they would still be committing suicide every year.
Most people who have PTSD in the US have never been in the service.
They get PTSD as teens from the Gang Violence committed such as MS-13.
In fact many join the military to get away from the gang violence on the streets. War in Iraq is safer then war on the multi-racial streets of American these days.
I am posting an interesting article below about how Asians are aggressively targeted in the US daily.



You are right. There is an unimaginable violence and crimes in America. 36000 people are dead last year in gun violence in America. There are more people in prison in America than anywhere else in the world, even more than China!

Miguel Redondo

Days ago we spoke about that US doesn´t fight wars to win them , instead the goal is to waste money of the taxpayer. (not all is “divide et impera”).


Here an example , FOREST-CAMO for the Afghan-Army !



Justin Ryan

Never ending wars yes!
Cold war
War on Terror
However, losing in Syria will likely mean the US must exit Iraq also!
Israel will be more vulnerable!
Imagine being friend with Russia and instead of fighting wars, put the same funding (and therefore the same profits) towards space exploration!

The human race makes me sick, instead of reaching for the stars, we put all our intelligence and industrial capacity towards death and destruction!

We need to literally walk into the MIC and tare it apart!

Gelson Garcia de Carvalho

Absurd comparison. A social civilian activist tries to do the right thing, frustrating as that may be. If you sign on with the Armies of Mordor, you choose to serve evil–nobody made that choice for you. Yes many folks in the US have it tough, and I feel for them. Nothing compared to the agony of people on the receiving end of what your orcs dish out though.

This all sounds so well-meaning, but in the end it still seems to be all about the good ole USA–which is of course the mentality behind the problem. I don’t literally believe in the soul, but if these veterans figure out they need to reclaim their humanity if their life is to have any meaning, they need to look for it where it was lost: in the victim countries. They need to ask *those* people for forgiveness and volunteer in *their* hospitals.

Sam Robinson

Thank you for your sacrifices and you helping others to explain this subject better, Daniel.
Godspeed and Genshai

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