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America’s Decline in Life Expectancy Accelerated in 2020

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America's Decline in Life Expectancy Accelerated in 2020

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Written by Eric Zuesse

The United States has experienced decreasing life-expectancy ever since 2014 (when it peaked at 78.9 years), but in the latest year that the World Bank reports, 2020 (which was the first year of the covid-19 pandemic), this decline greatly accelerated, by plunging 1.51 years (1.8 years for men, and 1.2 years for women), to 77.28 years (74.5 for men, 80.2 for women).

Liechtenstein was the worst-performing nation in 2020, declining 2.35 years.

Kazakhstan was the second-worst, declining 1.81 years.

Russia was the third-worst, declining 1.75 years.

Serbia was the fourth-worst, declining 1.71 years.

America, at -1.51 years, was the fifth-worst in the entire world.

Spain and Bulgaria were almost as bad as America, and were tied as being the sixth and seventh worst, by declining 1.50 years.

Lithuania was the eighth worst, by declining 1.35 years.

Poland was the ninth-worst, declining 1.30 years.

Romania was the tenth-worst, declining 1.25 years.

Belgium was the eleventh-worst, declining 1.20 years.

Italy was the twelfth-worst, declining 1.15 years.

Slovenia was the thirteenth-worst, declining 1.00 years.

Luxembourg was the fourteenth-worst, declining 0.90 years.

Switzerland was the fifteenth-worst, declining 0.80 years.

Oman was the 16th-worst, declining 0.72 years.

Netherlands, Sweden, Portugal, and Austria were tied as being seventeenth through twentieth-worst, declining 0.70 years.

Only 39 of the 194 tabulated countries experienced a decline. All 155 other countries experienced either no change (3), or else they increased life-expectancies (152). However, amongst all countries, there was a decline of 0.02 years, because the declining countries were declining more than the increasing countries were increasing.

The very fact that life-expectancies declined, at all, is extraordinary. For example, the site ourworldindata.org says that, between the years 1800 and 2012, life-expectancies increased in all countries. And according to the U.N., which has tracked nations’ life-expectancies in five-year intervals ever since 1950, up until 2020, global life-expectancies increased from 46.96 years during the five-year period 1950-1955, to 72.28 years during the five-year period 2015-2020; and, so, life-expectancies were clearly soaring throughout that 1950-2020 period. But, it might now be over.

Here were the countries that, in the World Bank’s calculations, performed the best on boosting longevities overall:

1: Seychelles +3.19 years

2: Syria: +0.95 years

3&4 tied: Mozambique and Eswatini +0.53 years

5: Lesotho +0.50 years

6: Malawi +0.43 years

7&8 tied: Burkina Faso and Central African Republic +0.40 years

9: Mali +0.39 years

10: Djibouti +0.38 years

11&12 tied: Niger and Sierra Leone +0.37 years

12&13&14&15 tied: Ethiopia, Eritrea, Tanzania, and Guinea +0.36 years

16&17 tied: New Zealand and Madagascar +0.35 years

18&19&20 tied: Bhutan, Rwanda, and Laos +0.30

Obviously, therefore, all of the 154 countries that were neither in the best 20 nor the worst 20 were little changed, somewhere between +0.30 and -0.70. The outliers were clearly outside the global norm of -0.02 years.

What might be more surprising than that these figures indicate life-expectancies were declining (slightly) in 2020, is that Patrick Heuveline, at the California Center for Population Research, headlined in Population and Development Review, on 12 March 2022, “Global and National Declines in Life Expectancy: An End-of-2021 Assessment”, and he reported that

The global life expectancy appears to have declined by 0.92 years between 2019 and 2020 [which is considerably more decline than the World Bank calculations, of -0.02 years] and by another 0.72 years between 2020 and 2021, but the decline seems to have ended during the last quarter of 2021. Uncertainty about its exact size aside, this represents the first decline in global life expectancy since 1950, the first year for which a global estimate is available from the United Nations. Annual declines in life expectancy … appear to have exceeded two years at some point before the end of 2021 in at least 50 countries. Since 1950, annual declines of that magnitude had been observed only on rare occasions, such as Cambodia in the 1970s, Rwanda in the 1990s, and possibly some sub-Saharan African nations at the peak of the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) pandemic.

Furthermore, he pointed out

the possibly vast extent to which COVID-19 deaths might have been misdiagnosed or unreported in many parts of the world. Estimates of excess deaths in Central and South America suggest drastically larger reductions in life expectancy than when based on reported COVID-19 deaths, reaching 10.91 years in Peru, 7.91 years in Ecuador, 5.54 years in Mexico, 2.42 years in Brazil, and 2.26 years in Guatemala.

So: the data on which the officially reported covid-deaths were reported were extremely untrustworthy in some countries, especially countries south of the U.S. border. Countries there might have performed far worse at restraining covid-19 than was being publicly reported at the time.

Furthermore: these covid-19 data need to be interpreted with an understanding that nations with the highest median (or “average”) age had the highest death-rates from covid, and therefore the worst 2020 performances on longevity-change. Almost all of the “best-performing” nations on longevity-change were therefore ones with the lowest median age. For example, Niger has the lowest median age, 15.4 years old, and the 11th and 12th best 2020 longevity-change performance. And the worst-performing nation on 2020 longevity-change performance was Liechtenstein, where the media age is 43.2 years, which is the world’s 17th-highest median age. (#1 on that — median age — is Monaco, at 53.1 years, and Japan is #2 there, at 47.3 years; U.S. is #58 at 38.1 years, and yet had the world’s 5th-worst longevity-change performance. Seychelles is #71 at 35.4 years, but had the world’s best longevity-change performance. Syria is the 65th-lowest median-age country at 24.3 years, and yet performed the world’s second-best longevity-change in 2020, of +0.95 years. So, everything can be properly evaluated only within its relevant context.)


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Does Russia have a plan or solution to increase its population?

The Objective

A lot of Ukrainian women are coming in with Chechen warriors four wives. Many strong Russian kids soon to rub NATO faggots ass into the ground. Seriously, Russian Muslim population has a growth rate of 3.4%, Slavs 1.49% or declining. But Muslims have proven to be very nationalistic Russians. The Russian DOD has even issued a multi-cultural version of the famous wartime song Katyusha.



Many aren’t white. The problem with Russia is it will be taken over by Asians and like America also opposes true ethnic nationalism in Europe:


Joe Bloggs

False. Chechens are much whiter than the average mutt. (American)

jens holm

Thats right. According to DNA they are as most of Caucasus mainly Indoeuropeans(fx like Iran) and also partly Europeans.

The socalled white in USA very much is about the given north european culture and versions ofEnglish as dominant for practical matters and not color.

Those were the mainly invasive making state by state by different groups of whites.

After that it has changed a lot by taking parts from Spain, slavery and emmigration form almost all parts of the world.

The contrasts are visible. After some years of low contrasts not so visible in dayli life, they have not accompliced enough homogenisations.

By that we get white supremasy and “a black thing”. Some still hate asians expecting them to remain as china grills and laundruý matts.


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Last edited 9 months ago by Anglia

Asians? Do you know how many russians have slanted eyes? Russia is Asia. There is nothing to take over. They have always been invaded, always have kicked the asses of their invaders and always have assimilated them into their culture.

Mongols became russians. Varyags became russians. Muslims have become russians. Even jews from Russia don’t tolerate Israel’s friendship with the muricans. And we are talking about the jews, the eternal roamers.

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Last edited 9 months ago by Work AT Home

Russia is indeed multiracial, however to say that all Russians are mongrels is a broad overgeneralization to say the least. Many are very white, particularly in the northwest of the country. I understand your generalizations are more so the result of war propaganda, either way there remain many mongrels in Russia that are accurately defined as Eurasians. If you want to get into nitty gritty details, many in southern Europe have non-white admixture. This can be gleaned from their phenotype, there are some people in eastern Europe with non-white admixture too other than Russia.

Last edited 9 months ago by Jack
jens holm

The next USA president will be from Ku Klux Klan as well.

jens holm

Much as You get Your information are below Your belt.

Why dont you look up? They are DNA tested long time ago.

Are You a colorblind painter, You are excused.


I’m sure you have many fantasies of blotting out the white race through race mixing with cute blonds. By that point you are no different than any of the Turks, Arabs and Nigerians flowing into Europe.

jens holm

For me and most of us its not about color. Its ablut the treat for a declining livingstandard. I ahve no reasons to pay to people which dont produce as we do and sabotage what we have accompliced.

By that any muslim doing that are well come to stay make a life or for that matter come from the outside if we have vacant jobs.

I will say 50% of the muslims are very wellcome. Unfortunatly we cant see who is who. I have the same kind of hesitation from people from Eastern Europe. They have no tradtions for sober parlamentarisme. So many see the man as brighter then women and themself as leaders for the families.

The difference to us is in culture. We have replaced the family system with a big more sober public taxpayed system.

By that the Young ones decide much more themself and are not hostaged by their parants and granparents. It also cover the ones having no family much better. By that we also has divorse as a normal thing and we dont see LGBTs as harming any. We see so many (men) harming them.

So thats what they have to learn.


After having studied muslim ideology, and also Jewish ideology, I’d say none of them should be allowed in Europe. These ideologies are strongly exclusive to any other group, except that they are approaching each other, which is imho natural. But anyone who is not a member of the club/tribe, is considered to be very inferiour or no human being at all, with all the negative consequences (eg. they may be enslaved or killed with impunity). They also both sponsore an idea that, in the Islamic context, is called “taqiyya”, ie, lie to you as much as they see fit for gaining the upper hand over you for their ideology (islam) or group (jews). There is an article somewhere that describes what happens at which percentage of muslims in a society, but this can be summarized as “Lebanon”. I don’t want any of that in Europe, and I also don’t want them to have the opportunity to take revenge for “Al Andalus” or Vienna.


Everyone wants the blonds. What do Moslem women think when their men leave them to go to Europe for blonds? Must be humiliating. Or maybe relief.


From what I read, “relief” seems to be more likely.


They should be predominately Slavic. By that I mean east European. That means white. https://odysee.com/@martinezperspective:2/ukraine-rant:3

Last edited 9 months ago by Jack

You downvote me for saying Russia will be overtaken by Asians, then disagree when I say Russia should be predominately white and in favor of ethno nationalism for Europeans.


Last edited 9 months ago by Jack
jens holm

He has old you why. To me russians are no real europeans as they are now.

Whatever they are, they are too far out. They have been like that from 1917 or even before that. No real european behave like them.

jens holm

Oh yes. They invest by dead people in Ukriane. So far at least 30.000 Russians has died, but more Ukras has(the Ukras has civilians).

But the expensive chance is there. If they get Ukriane they get increase in up to 44 millions. Thats a onetimer. But if they just need repair they will take Dagestan better or something.

The Russian soldiers are very loyal to the Putin program raping anything they see. Even rabbit wholes are checked out.

Last edited 9 months ago by jens holm

Not 30,000. Closer to 20.


jens holm There’s no evidence whatsoever that Russia has lost over 30,000 troops, if Russia actually was performing that poorly in the war then the US media would never let us hear the end of it but they haven’t reported on anything like this so that alone easily destroys your argument. What we’re seeing in Ukraine is a peacetime army from Russia, not a full scale blitzkrieg type invasion, also how does Russia have so many casualties according to you if Ukraine is having virtually no success in recorded counter attacks? Everything you say on here is just fucking irrational.

Bozo the Clown

holm is a retard, nothing he writes, make any sense.

Hank from troll farm




1. America is not the only problem. 2. Russia and China are plenty corrupt themselves. 3. You have no understanding of duality or the involvement of any third parties. You only see everything on the spectrum of two opposing extremes.

Last edited 9 months ago by Jack
Bozo the Clown

The wise know that every country or even entities have corrupted individuals. The danger is when your whole system is deeply corrupted from the inside out, like in the US. The US is tethering on the edge of the abyss. It does not need much of a push to send to the botom of the hole, it dug for itself.


Point of interest. Reports in independent Western media outlets. Mexican President Slams Immoral Nato Proxy war in Ukraine. ‘Zero hedge’

Retired Troll

US is an evil cesspool, its people are dying from lack of healthcare and poverty and its is fanning wars and tensions all over the world. It is spending $1.5 billion a month to arm Ukraine, while 150 million Americans have been relegated to poverty and homelessness. America spends more than rest of the world combined on weapons and wars, while its hapless brainwashed unwashed masses can’t even have access of basic health, while tiny Cuba “sanctioned” for 60 years has a world class health care system. There is something fundamentally wrong with the psychotic American mindset. US is destined for the trash heap of history as the Jews have ruined it with hate, wars, racism and sheer hubris.

The dog house American taxpayer has spent over $2.5 trillion on the Zionist cancer in Palestine since 1948, while spending peanuts on its own people’s health, education or welfare. The Jews in Ukraine are now siphoning off billions from the deadbeat US taxpayers while Americans starve and have $10 a gallon gasoline, no food, even access to tampons or baby formula. US is the classic banana republic. The sooner it goes down the tubes the better for humanity.


You’re forgetting about modern America’s spiritual twin (Russia). They are on board with the Kalergi Plan.

Russia is Nigeria with Snow https://thuletide.wordpress.com/2022/06/12/russia-is-nigeria-with-snow/

Last edited 9 months ago by Jack

the statistics are from 2004! Fat good that is!


Correct RT -its real life not some devious western philosophical argument that has George Soros,s Plan that deviously avoids his own heritage -Israel being “converted ” vis-a-vis black Jews being ostracised and deported back to Africa which has happened. Russia via Mr.Putin is staunchly Russian Orthodox -although the Pope would like to change that. No Woke-no PC etc while the west obeys GS.


That’s because it’s run by Jews. Like Ukraine. And since the days of Moses, Jews wreck the nation of gentiles and then move on to the next gentile nation to wreck (as they did to Egypt).

jens holm

No offence. Its the taxpayers which finance by heir own money. Thats non of your business.

jens holm

Why dont you read the whole article?

I see no slamming as well. None does. You lie and bias. Propaganda.

The President has told it makes more sense to invest in Middle America. By that You forget its about own USA money by Biden and Co.

The Mexi president should stay home and solve all the crimeganging in Mexico.

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hunter bidé lab pork !

yeah everybody needs more 10 bosters….!!!! and now 22 for the monkeys in the anus of the parazites who went to epstein pedo nazi jew island !!!!

hunter bidé lab pork !

maybe they need 1000 bosters to dye before the PARZITES like The queen of nazis 120 years old !!! kissinger 999 years old !!! Soros 331 years old f the world !! Klaus the nazi pig 892 years old planing f the world !!!


Yet child porn remains legal in Russia.

There are a total of 44 countries in Europe.

Ukraine ranks #38 on the scale of eunuch/sodomite acceptance.


“The myth of gay/lgbt loving Ukraine.

The following will be a sharing of links as a refutation towards the pro Russian narrative that “Ukraine loves lgbt”

The very first Ukrainian president to introduce a gay pride parade to Ukraine that were sponsored by the government was none other then Victor Yanokovich back in 2012, but was canceled since the rights leader got beaten:


The same story later appeared in the BBC titled “Ukraine takes aim against gay propaganda”:


“Sodomite parades are unacceptable in Kyiv!” A brief nationalist blog directed towards Yanokovich for giving LGBT a safe space in Kiev in the first place: https://ukrainiancrusade.blogspot.com/2015/06/sodomite-parades-are-unacceptable-in.html?m=1

In 2015, even with Yanokovich gone… the Ukrainian parliament votes against a law that would allow the gays visa free travel across the EU:


The same thing would happen again in 2017, Ukraine’s parliament blocks a law that would allow gays visa free travel across the EU…

“Ukraine’s parliament has scuppered the country’s chances of visa-free travel to most EU nations by blocking legislation that would have banned discrimination against gay people in the workplace.”:


From 2019…“The Rivne City Council in western Ukraine has banned the holding of equality marches.

The local lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community had plans to hold an event on January 1 in the regional capital located 327 kilometers west of Kyiv.”:


Numbers done from PEW Research in 2019 perfectly show that more then 50% of Ukraine’s population are against homosexuality, sitting at 69%, close to where Russia is at 74%

The percentage of people in both Ukraine and Russia who would accept homosexuality sits at a low of 14%.


Send this to any kremlin simp who keeps insisting (even without evidence) that Ukraine is somehow a sodomite country when in reality its not.

Slava Ukraini! 🇺🇦”

Last edited 9 months ago by Jack
jens holm

Anal icing?

cosmic dwarf

In other words: laid-back Western baby boomers who thought they would live forever are getting to the point where medical technology can’t help them anymore – and it so terrifies them that they want to lock everyone up in their homes because of a cold. Too bad they taught their (few) children that the important thing is to travel the world and enjoy life, and that family is for suckers. They’re going to their rewards at just the right time to see the beginning of the end for the West, which their follies were pivotal in bringing about.


Russia has a low birthrate too.


bullshit all this!! to deceive people, this is another institution for fooling!!! Each of us in our DNA has information about our life, the number of breaths (life is not calculated by time, because it does not exist), and not a breath more, a breath less!! when your time comes, only then will you leave this planet!! Zion morons have thought of it!!!

jens holm

Its a typical highly biased simpleton.

Those many numbers are not compared with the life expectensy level.

And we see why. Here Russia now is equal or better then USA.

But in livingage USA is number 11 and Russia number 58.

And no: USA also did not collapse by the dollar 3 times last week because they have more debt the Russia.


PCR kit fakedemic tools: lockdowns, mRNA jabs, forced ventilation, reducing access to health care services, general bad health of the majority of old uman animals were the reasons for excess deaths, NOT the usual cold/flu/pneumonia

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