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American Special Forces, SAS Captured by ISIS at al Bukamal, Syria – Report


SouthFront can neither confirm nor deny this report.

American Special Forces, SAS Captured by ISIS at al Bukamal, Syria - Report

Written by Gordon Duff; Originally appeared at VT

80 “New Syrian Army” Killed in ISIS Ambush, Americans captured while a military coverup of major proportions is underway

Two news stories today, least of which is the downing of a Syrian SU 22 by the al Islam Army, a Saudi Arabian paid force armed with American Stinger type missiles and Russian SAM 7s.  Another Syrian jet was downed in Idlib ten days ago.  The second story is an American disaster, one being kept secret, a botched operation at the Iraqi/Syrian border that represents the kind of intelligence failure easily predicted when allies like Israel, Turkey, Jordan and Saudi Arabia, who all took part in the planning, are deeply invested in an American failure.  We begin.

A combined US, British airborne special operation in remote Eastern Syria, at the confluence of the Euphrates River and the border with Iraq, went very wrong and will not be reported.  American and British “technicians” were captured along with Jordanian advisors and 20 survivors of the US trained New Syrian Army which was virtually wiped out during the botched operation.

A unit of the US trained New Syrian Army was wiped out on an attack on an ISIS controlled agricultural airstrip at al Bukamal, a short distance from the Iraqi border and the city of al Qa’im.

Our sources at the scene describe the operation which began with a two day long 200 plus mile convoy that moved up from the CIA training center at the Syrian-Jordanian border north to attack ISIS. They were joined by American and British special operations advisors, US Army Special Forces and British SAS, who parachuted in just before the attack.

The attack, at dawn June 30, began with the New Syrian Army seizing the small airport at Bukamal, an agricultural airstrip converted to an ISIS underground command center.  This was followed by an American bombing attack across a number of “targets” in the area.  Then the Americans dropped leaflets advising locals to leave the area.  ISIS did not leave, not hardly, they were waiting.

Before the New Syrian Army and their American, British and Jordanian advisors could consolidate, up to 400 ISIS fighters came out of tunnels that stretch all the way across the border to al Qa’im in Iraq and quickly mopped up the entire group taking as many prisoners as possible.

Along with the prisoners, ISIS seized the entire convoy of vehicles along with radios and weapons.  A deep suspicion is now being accepted at the Pentagon, that ISIS has been trained by US and British advisors, rumored to be with L3 Corporation, Dyncorp and others, over not weeks but years, under the guise of putting together a special operations combined force to protect the Gulf States.  American trainers were paid $350k per year to train a force seen only twice, once during the Benghazi attack and now, as the core cadres of ISIS.

There should be no surprise at the things ISIS accomplishes, considering their best were trained to US Army Special Forces standards with tens of millions spent.  As to who was politically behind this is another story.  None of the funding was American, not officially anyway.  VT knows those who worked on the project and we were not told but had so much money thrown at us that we couldn’t easily refuse.

Since the first outing for ISIS was the Benghazi attack, with clear overtones of a combined CIA op in coordination, and our sources here are impeccable, with traitorous right wing pro-Israeli American billionaires, we can now clearly see the treasonous role the CIA is playing in Syria and Iraq and better understand the current “waffling” of Erdogan and his strong desire to get as far away from this as he can.

There is a total information crackdown on this debacle, a major American failure and a huge failure for President Obama.  Everyone with information about this has been taken into custody or silenced, this is that serious.



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  • dan

    These international crimes in Syria going for so long is typical and consistence what the underanimal human race nature. If would be any just, moral and ethical force in the universe, it would destroyed them long time ago. Unlucky for some conscious ones it doesn’t egzest.

  • ive said this before: anything off of veterans today is bullshit. but hype trumps truth.

    • chris chuba

      The operation does have the feel of an ambush. Either someone leaked the details or ISIS just anticipated the attack. As I recall, the attempt to close the border between Iraq and Syria was being announced at least days before the attack, so I would not discount ISIS guessing correctly. U.S. operations in Syria are led via P.R. releases, which is totally moronic.

      I don’t get why Israel is constantly dragged into these conspiracy theories. It very unnecessarily muddies the waters. Israel is an adjacent country to Syria, as is Jordan, Iraq, and Turkey and every single one of these countries is involved in Syria’s war to one degree or another. I’d say that Israel’s role, while unhelpful in my view, is minor compared to either Turkey or Saudi Arabia.

      • Pave Way IV

        ISIS guessing? There was nothing to guess. The U.S. leafleted al Bukamal last month and then again the day before the attack warning civilians. ISIS knew the NSyA was moving towards them from al Tanf for a week – it was on the internet. ISIS had the town on an 8-to-8 curfew for weeks and cut al Bukamal’s internet a couple of days before the operation. In fact, ISIS had set IEDs on the west approaching roads a few days before the assault, fully anticipating it. About the only thing that the NSyA didn’t do is publish the operational timeline and livestream their positions to ISIS during the attack. This had to be the most anticipated attack ever and the U.S./NSyA knew damn well that ISIS was expecting them. Doesn’t that strike you as the least bit odd? Why would they do that?

        I agree that Israel has little reason to be involved in this operation at all. In fact, the political fallout wouldn’t be worth the risk, unless they were trying to free some unlucky Israeli that was taken prisoner and being held there.

        Longer-range, however, Israel has an intense interest in seeing an alternate and useable route for the Mosel-to-Haifa oil pipeline. Kurds have been willing oil sellers to Israel through Turkey. If the FSA/NSyA/U.S. stooges are able to secure the southeastern and eastern Syrian border areas, then the pipeline could run through ‘friendly’ territory from Mosul to Sinjar and on to Syrian Kurdistan, south along the Khabur and Euphrates to cross at al Bukamal and proceed down the southeast border to al Tanf and into Jordan. From there to the Golan and across to Haifa. Israel has been dying to have multiple, secure sources of oil and has been interested in Kurdistan for decades. There is as much interest in this Kurdish corridor Israeli oil pipeline north-to-south as there is in the Qatari gas pipeline through the same corridor south-to-north and up to Turkey.

      • TheLulzWarrior

        Don´t expect the Obamabots to believe that the US government, purged military are incompetent and compromised.

      • Tara Lee

        The Kurds alerted the Islamic state which is Jewish defense contractors for Dynocorp and they killed USA Navy Seals. So angry. Any USA military as pissed as me? Its time to rise against the real ISIS.

  • Pave Way IV

    Nothing about this operation makes sense. They supposedly attacked at three points – the old Hamdan Military Area/Airstrip, the southwest side of the city and the Syrian/Iraqi border crossing about 3km south at al Qaim. Some of the forces simply convoyed there with supply trucks and technicals, and some either came by helicopter or parachuted in.

    The NSyA and their CIA backers have a long-term plan of taking over the entire southeastern and eastern border of Syria, but they couldn’t have possibly done it with an operation like this. This could have been something like a probe to determine ISIS military capability there. That would explain the almost complete lack of U.S. airstrikes (there were only a few). It could also have been some kind of extraction if the U.S. was trying to get someone out of a prison ISIS was using at Hamdan or kidnap some ISIS bigshot, but one would have expected a lot more air support if either was the case.

    I don’t know what to think of the VT report because it doesn’t make sense unless there was a very high value target somewhere around there. ISIS controls everything on either side of the Euphrates from downstream thirty miles into Iraq upstream to beyond Deir EzZor. Al Bukamal was nothing that some ragtag force of a hundred or so were going to seize and hold, at least not without a massive and constant U.S. air support commitment.

    • TheLulzWarrior

      The Hussein Administration has no other intentions than to put more fuel on the fire, they don´t give a darn about losses anymore than they did in Benghazi.

  • VGA

    I stopped reading past the first couple of paragraphs. Please don’t republish conspiracy theories like these, they are a waste of time.

    I will be much more skeptical of your reporting from now on.

    • Dagwood Bumstead

      Or at least, label them as OpEd or speculation.

    • Gryphonne

      By far the biggest problem with this website is that there’s some quality articles intermingled with this conspiracy crap. Unfortunately, the latter is well on the rise. I can’t remember them saying _anything_ good about the West anymore.

      • Dennis R

        Can you share at least ONE link (I’ve read this site too so I could share laughs with those who were actually ON SITE at some of these places where some stories are reported….Ukraine stories as just one piece of about three dozen total BS stories.)

        I’m an author myself, doing an ebook, and it’s taken six years at least…..fact checking is everything. PLEASE show me an article that doesn’t scream how ridiculous this site has ALWAYS been….Like I said….Only been good for a chuckle.
        Like the old “the U.S created ISIS!!! WE HAVE PROOF!!” (an oldie but goodie..just like the Sasquatch sightings people who get angry when even challenged lol)…It was when AQI affiliates in ’05 broke off in the Western half of Ramadi, Fallujah, Tikrit, and parts of Mosul and called themselves the Islamic State…..not Daesh or ISIL. But they existed LONG, LONG before the U.S started broadcasting them as even a mediocre threat to our security. SOMEONE GIVE ME SOMETHING HERE LOL I mean, otherwise, this is just another sub-site to one of the many faaaaar left (or right?) orgs in parts of the world that have NEVER liked us….and never will, and will lie even more than we do just to make that so.

    • TheLulzWarrior

      Muh consperacee teories!

      Obama would never lie to the Murican pepole!

      • VGA

        If there were some US or british personnel captured, they couldn’t keep a lid on it. Also, ISIS would release some f’ed up videos on the internet.

        So excuse me for not believing this article with no proof …

    • John Whitehot

      although I don’t believe that the article is very accurate, one sure thing is that there is a deep struggle between the Obama administration and the CIA – with the latter arming and training jihadists without the government being able to control this. That intelligence services are very often funded and maneuvered in their operations by private individuals is a given fact – we’ve seen this since the end of ww2 in every mayor western country. Hence, the situation described could be not real (If ISIS had US prisoners they would had flooded the internet with vids and pics), potentially it could actually happen. The CIA is deeplyu nsatisfied with the government decision not to bomb Assad since the false flag chemical attacks in 2013, attacks in which there’s a very high probability that CIA agents played a role, together with turkish ones. Don’t ever forget that the CIA was smuggling heroin out of A-stan in the 80ies to finance the antisoviet jihadists, flooding the streets of US cities with the drug in complete awareness of the thousands of US deaths it would cause.

      • VGA

        Although I won’t argue against the CIA doing shady deals, it has not much to do with my complaint.

        I want to be informed about the situation on the ground and not be fed obvious lies about how some western commandos got captured etc etc …

        • Dennis R

          I have a “friend” recently returned here to SC to do instructing for MARSOC and his last “outing” (deployment) was to where you’d imagine I’m sure….and don’t believe a word this site says. In fact, RT television did the most hilarious piece to make us look this one particular way and it just backfired….They spoke of these poor ODA (or MARSOC Raiders) fellas’ helmets and gear as if they were CIA spacemen with the infamous “black ops division!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” lol….jk. It’s just so ridiculous and that’s why I read this here and there…we all need a good laugh.

          CIA being “shady” you say?? Did you think they should be transparent and omniscient and always informative of their itinerary for the U.S public (let alone the world??) lol….come on brother

    • Dennis R

      And so you WERE NOT skeptical before this? You believed a site like this without question when reading stories of giant tin foil men-in-black/black ops cover up etc stories?? I mean seriously…WHAT???….WAS THIS A CREDIBLE SITE EVEN IN THE SLIGHTEST? AND I AM BEING GENEROUS WITH THE TERM….I MEAN, JUST READ THE ENTIRE STORY, FORGET THE FIRST PARAGRAPH….COVER UPS? REALLY? YOU THINK DOZENS OF UK/US FAMILIES GETTING PHONE CALLS ABOUT LOVED ONES BEING CAPTURED WOULDN’T GET REPORTED OR (IF THERE WAS A GAG ORDER) AT LEAST ONE STINKIN’ LEAK…SOMEWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????

  • PhDsayshuh

    well. . .guess I won’t be checking out this stupid website anymore. I stopped wearing my tin foil hat a long time ago. . .

    • dick smith

      like anyone cares? Go back to your CNNNNNs and don’t forget the popcorn

      • Gryphonne

        You are an easily manipulated drone. Do you not like thinking for yourself? Are you such a fanboy that you let others do the thinking for you and if someone disagrees with your masters you defend them? Talk about brainwashing. This is why I’m glad you’re just a random internet potato without any power in politics. Don’t bother replying, not going to read it anyway.

        • TheLulzWarrior

          “You are an easily manipulated drone.”

          The sad thing is that you wrote this unironically.

  • enemies R among us

    I call B.S. on this

    • Peter Fastwolf


      • Gryphonne

        Using caps will not increase your perceived intelligence or credibility. Instead, it makes you look like an uneducated drone.

  • Peter Fastwolf


  • enemies R among us

    Gordon Duff, the senior editor and chairman of the board at VT, is a prolific proponent anti-Israel conspiracy theories.VT is not who they appear. They are a branch of PRESS TV the well known Iranian propaganda media!

    • I see what you are saying

    • TheLulzWarrior

      Muh consperacee teorees!

      But Clinton News Network is 100% truthful, right?

  • Dagwood Bumstead

    This is an OpEd piece NOT journalism. You lost me here: “A deep suspicion is now being accepted at the Pentagon, that ISIS has been trained by US and British advisors, rumored to be with L3 Corporation, Dyncorp and others, over not weeks but years, under the guise of putting together a special operations combined force to protect the Gulf States. American trainers were paid $350k per year to train a force seen only twice, once during the Benghazi attack and now, as the core cadres of ISIS.”

    @SouthFront I support you, but this isn’t one of your better pieces. Was the editor off today?

  • Peter Fastwolf


  • SAS are terrorist. Does everyone remember when SAS were arrested by Iraqi police some years ago planting car bombs against people to frame other groups and attempt to sow sectarian rife between Shia and Sunni?
    Yea, kill the SAS. Hang them. Give them the cage in the water treatment or the petrol. Bye bye terrorist guys and gals. SAS are the dogs of satans Mi6.

    • Nexusfast123

      More bigotry. You should get some advice about your predilection to hate.

      • Hello

      • TheLulzWarrior

        Haate! Haaaaate!

        We have another MSM zombie.

        • Nexusfast123

          Being anti genocide is not MSM. This idiots bigoted and nasty comments are no different to the so called extremists he, it, whatever, dislikes. The genocide of any people should be condemned. Up yours.

      • John Whitehot

        to hate? good luck staying protected by the MI6 people. Also trusting the intelligence organization of UK and US is not bigot at all lmao.

    • Gunfighter 2412

      Its not easy to outgun a soldier with Electronic sights mounted on his weapon with the pray and spray philosophy of arab scum.

  • Nexusfast123

    Will soon know if ISIS start parading the so called ‘special forces’. Won’t be much of a cover up (if it happened at all) if ISIS start releasing videos.

  • Conspiracy Artist

    bad intel ?
    – didnt see the tunnel digging earth disposals
    – the supplies going in there for long time

    – use some suckers as weapon mules
    – then start training the ones you want to work with (ISIS)
    – while being desguised as hostages
    – ( remember the turkish consulate hostage crisis in Mosul ?)

  • Mark Emarc

    LOL listen to all the Americans who cant believe this.. Face facts..Your president hates u

  • Tim Hadfield

    america can be proud …?

  • John

    Anything is possible here. I will just wait it out and see what happens. If true, this one will hurt.

  • Carol Davidek-Waller

    Perhaps it was deliberate? Captured US ‘advisers’, possibly beheaded=ground troops.

  • Dennis R