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American Flag Lowered Over US Consulate In Chengdu As Chinese Agents Take It Over

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Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

In what Beijing has called a “legitimate and necessary response” to last Friday’s federal agent raid and forced closure of China’s consulate in Houston slammed as “unreasonable actions”  the American consulate in Chengdu, capital of southwestern China’s Sichuan province, has officially been shuttered as of Monday morning.

“At 10am on July 27, according to the Chinese side’s request, the US Consulate General in Chengdu was closed,” the Chinese Foreign Ministry said.

Tight security was seen around the complex throughout the weekend as moving vans pulled up to the facility. CGTN, the Chinese state broadcaster, announced that the American flag had been lowered at about 6:18am local time on Monday.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry has confirmed the departure of all American diplomatic and local staff.

Chinese authorities “entered through the front entrance and took it over,” including what international reports described as security men in hazmat suits.

Staff could be seen departing in the early morning hours amid tight security and a crowd of onlookers.

American Flag Lowered Over US Consulate In Chengdu As Chinese Agents Take It Over
A worker removes the consulate’s plaque, via AFP.

While the Chinese consulate in Houston had been given 72 hours by the US government to vacate before it was seized by federal agents wielding crow bars and power tools to gain entry, it’s as yet unclear how much prior warning the Chengdu consulate had before closure.

CNN had described of Friday’s final raid and shutdown of the Chinese consulate in Houston as follows: “US federal agents and local law enforcement entered the Chinese consulate compound in Houston earlier Friday in a series of black SUVs, trucks, two white vans and a locksmith’s van as a crowd of observers and news cameras observed from the edge of the diplomatic compound.”

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Verry well, USA endangered the world and herself trading with raw rat gobblers chingchongs


“If it has four legs and it is not a chair, if it has two wings and
flies but is not an aeroplane, and if it swims and it is not a
submarine, the Chinese will eat it.”

Tommy Jensen

Exactly as I have pointed out.

An American cant even have a little consulate in the Chinese police state without endless breaches of our human rights to do what we wanna do, and what we wanna say, and what we wanna sell to the freedom loving innocent Chinese people.

Its not the Chinese people who have done something wrong, no, its their government who refuse and deny freedom and peace to its own citizens!
Bombing civilians, selling organs, arresting people in the middle of the night, dumping people in Gulag camps where they work 16 hrs a day moving boulders without even a single soda pop.


The cia can save the bullsht for their californicated leppers over there, RE:PIZZA GATE:
Human rights? Japan,north korea,vietnam,cambodia,laos,afghanistan,yugoslavia,911,iraq,libya,syria,ukraine and the rest!
Who breached whoms?No brainer,fkn derr,USA’S ON DEATH ROW,ONLY A MATTER OF TIME!


Bombing civilian is US speciality, name one country bombed by china in this past 20 years, and compare it to the US lets says this past 1 year


Indeed this Tom guy is an unbelievable joke, even by the worst US propaganda standards.


Bombing civilians : 120,000 deaths in the opening year of the criminal, illegal Iraqi invasion alone, which also started on a pack of state lies all the way to the UN Halls that they stained with fake anthrax vials and doctored satellite pictures. Colin Powell upon resigning said he had the worst day of his existence trying to put forward the neocon criminal agenda. Millions more in Korea in the 50s, and a few other million in Vietnam in the 60-70s.

“Selling organs” : Mutliple Interpol investigations, past and present have busted time and again global US-centric organ-trafficking and illegal drug testing rings performing on impoverished citizen from the third-world selling their organs for a few hundred bucks or geting kidnapped by proxy organizations from local criminal underworld paid for by those companies, mostly in Africa.

“Arresting people in the middle of the night” : routinely done by night and even broad daylight by US authorities both inside their own country and abroad through the infamous Rendition practice dating back to the Bush era, and never fully stopped ever since. Most recently the masked and unmarked Fed officers have been doing so as well and several lawsuits have been set up by local Governor to address those abuses, to no avail so far.

“Dumping people in Gulag camps where they work 16 hrs a day moving boulders without even a single soda pop” ==> you mean open-air prisons called delocalized US-owned factories belonging to big corprations like Nike and Apple ? those Gulag camps with child workers earned barely enough to stay alive and sleeping within the production chain grounds in makeshift beds so that you can type your bullshit with your smartphone here ?


Oops. This time the “enemy” slaps back. You know, taste of your own medicine and stuff.

Ivan Freely

No surprises here. I guess Pompeo thought the Chinese wouldn’t return the favor.


and he dared complain when it did happen afterwards. This entire administration has been like “why do you slap me back when I slap you first out of the blue ?” when bullying other sovereign nations able or willing to respond in kind to their aggression (meaning any non third world country anything other than industrialized Eurovassals. Their take on the world is borderline crazy.

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