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America is unable to predict Moscow’s moves


America is unable to predict Moscow's moves

This article originally appeared at IN4S translated by Stevo Marjanović exclusively for SouthFront.

The inability to anticipate Moscow’s actions in the international arena is the biggest failure of U.S. intelligence from September 11. 2001, the head of the intelligence Committee in the U.S. Senate Devin Nunes stated. The result of this is the fact that the US government couldn’t predict Russian invasion of Crimea and the deployment of military forces in Syria.Many senior American officials and representatives of the army, including the Director of the Pentagon, claim that Russia represents the main threat to the United States. In the opinion of Congress, it is due to the fact that the White house is not even able predict the behavior of Moscow, said Nunez in interview for CNN.

“The biggest failure of U.S. intelligence services since September 11. is the inability to predict the plans and intentions of Russia,” the Congressman said.

He adds that after the “Russian invasion” in Georgia, Washington was relying on diplomacy, but after the events in Crimea, they should have draw a red line and immediately strengthen U.S. allies in NATO.

“And then we completely missed the moment when they put a new base with aircraft in the Mediterranean, in Syria,” said Nunez, and added: “We didn’t noticed that. We were blind. Intelligence service continued to make mistakes“.

Nunez said that the culprit for this is the White house, the Congress and the allies of Washington, “because for many years we underestimated Putin.”



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