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Amazing NATO Manoeuvres In The Black Sea (UPDATED)

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Amazing NATO Manoeuvres In The Black Sea (UPDATED)

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Amid British hysteria about the asymmetric response of the Russians following the violation of its territorial waters on June 23, there is information about the other single provocations of NATO warships near the Russian borders.

On June 24, Russian Su-30 fighters and Su-24 bombers flew near the Dutch Navy frigate Evertsen, following the frigate’s move towards the Crimean eastern coast.  This was announced on Tuesday, June 29, by the Russian Defense Ministry.

The Dutch frigate Evertsen, which was sailing in international waters, changed its course and headed towards the Kerch Strait.

In order to prevent violation of the territorial waters of the Russian Federation, Su-30 fighters and Su-24 bombers took the air and flew near a Dutch Navy warship. The Evertsen was forced to change its course from the border of the Russian Federation and followed its route, the Defense Ministry claimed.

The flights of Russian aircraft were carried out in accordance with international rules for the use of airspace, the ministry stressed.

Earlier this day, the acting Minister of Defense of the Netherlands, Ank Beileveld-Schouten, said that the country’s authorities intend to discuss with Russia the incident in the Black Sea, during which, according to the Dutch side, Russian fighters created an emergency for the Evertsen frigate.

According to the Dutch side, Russian planes were armed with bombs and air-to-ground missiles and carried out simulated attacks.

On June 30, the U.S. Navy announced that despite the reports and tracking services information, the ship is in the port of Odessa and would remain there for the foreseeable future.

At the moment, a U.S. destroyer is holding a demonstration near Sevastopol. Alone again. NATO is trying to test the reaction of the Russians in the conditions of nautical twilight.

The NATO command is certainly informed about the devastated advantage of Russian forces and means in this part of the Black Sea. At the same time, a small group of NATO warships in three units separates and appears and at different time in different areas in the Northern Black Sea at a distance of hundreds of nautical miles from each other. They separately perform provocative actions aimed at irritating the Russian side.

It is obvious that the NATO naval command is confident that the Russian side would not undertake a hot response a direct military action at these targets.

According to the available information, there are two following conclusions:

  1. the presence of the group of NATO warships has exclusively provocative goals;
  2. the NATO command is afraid to demonstrate to Russia any other intentions, such as working out the combat interaction of their warships near Russian territorial waters, amid the threat of active Russian counteraction.

Thus, everything that we are observing at the moment has resulted only in news hooks that excite the BBC and СNN readers.

Another siege of Sevastopol should not be expected. If the Russians will not conduct retaliatory exercises off the coasts of Romania and Ukraine, this will once again demonstrate the Kremlin’s peaceful intentions.


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Ayetullah Bombastic

Slava Ukraine ⚽💋


slava kurac

concrete mike



Slava Ukranazi.

Lone Ranger


Israel Supporter Forever

Hopefully Israel supplies Ukraine with lots of Harop loitering drones and Hermes 900. In addition to the 12 active TB-2 with 48 on order, this would enable Ukrainian Army to have complete air superiority just like Azerbaijan in Karabakh and Turkey in Syria.


They could supply bagels to the Ukronazis which would be militarily more effective than that Joo junk mentioned.

Titus Quinctius Flaminius

Be silent and happy, little jewish guerilla fighter until you can. Otherwise the descendants of Lusius Quietus will take care of you. Keep in mind the fate of your forefathers.

Raptar Driver

Modern jews are not the ancient Hebrews.

Titus Quinctius Flaminius

I agree.

Titus Quinctius Flaminius

Maybe, but not to banderistas.

Raptar Driver

This will continue indefinitely until the Russians give them a bloody nose.
At this point they will need to give them a cracked jaw.
They do know Russia is peaceful.
They don’t care.
They want a war, they want to control Russia.
The Putin administration is allowing this to happen.
Slowly but surely.

AM Hants

They need something to happen as the vaccination is no longer working for them and the Arizona Audit will soon be published. Good luck Russia and no doubt you know exactly what there next plan of action is and are fully prepared.

Rhodium 10

Ministry of Defense of Holland has wrote in Twitter that Dutch frigate was jammed by Russian EWS

Lone Ranger

Rumor says they couldn’t even check their emails.

Israel Supporter Forever

Lol! Russkies had a hard time jamming US Airforce AC-130 gunships in Syria and you think they can jam a massive WARSHIP with a much larger and more powerful RADAR that any plane could carry? Ha!

AM Hants

USS Donald Cook, shame the Dutch never bothered checking out the story. Well done Russia.


wow, one small error or misstep and boom, war! and russia wins lol


the Ukrainians are actually called the Kievian Russ

AM Hants

Well, the Tzars did give Kevin Russ to Ukraine, which was once part of Russia. In fact Ukraine has done seriously well owing to the generosity of Russia. Land given by the Tzars, Lenin, Stalin and Krushcehv. What has Russia got in return, besides grief?


The Dutch thinking they have some importance in this world they better stick to tulips and Gouda cheese imho


The Dutch government, headed by that cuck b*stard and low-life transgender sodomite, Rutte, are a rogue state which has essentially turned Holland into a fiscal paradise within the EU to the delight of the organization’s morally decrepit and parasitic capitalist ruling class.

AM Hants

Even Russia turned their back on the Gouda Cheese and no doubt the tulips as well.

Israel Supporter Forever

NATO warships armed with the most advanced air defense and CIWS could annihilate any jet within 150 miles. US should send 2 aircraft carrier strike groups to the Black Sea (2 aircraft carriers (120 F-18s), 10 destroyers armed with hundreds of tomahawks and AEGIS anti-aircraft missiles, and 6 attack submarines. Would make the rusty RUSSKIES think twice! Ha!

Lone Ranger

Thise carriers wouldn’t last 2mins.
Phalanx CIWS has a max range of 3miles and can only engage targets slower than Mach 1.6.
RIM can engage targets of up to 20miles.
U.S. doesn’t have super or hypersonic weapons in service.
Russia does.
So does China.

Israel Supporter Forever

They could stay docked off Romania Turkey or western Ukraine. They don’t need to go close to Crimea. And still launch 120 F-18s to carry out suppression of air defense/electronic warfare strike missions. Plus the tomahawks have a 2000 mile range and 2 carrier groups = 90×8 = BGM-109 720 missiles total! Ha! Add 6 attack submarines and you have another 120×6 tomahawks which is =720 so all together 720+720=1440 tomahawks carried by 2 carrier strike groups. Not to mention the 600 AEGIS missiles with a range of up to 100-150 miles. That’s enough tomahawks to completely wipe out an entire military.


lone ranger is a gay russian. You should not try to explain him; his brain can not think outside s#it propaganda :) . It’s a retarded person, like those palestinians ass kissers.

concrete mike

Id rather be a palestinian ass kisser than a fascist zionist ball licker like you!
Its funny you have become just like the nazis of last century, that you claim to habe faught so much.

The shoah must go on, your next chump!

AM Hants

Wow, is that seriously your argument? One uses facts or law to debate their argument and failing that, suck on the dummy, throw the toys out of the pram and scream for Nanny to come and change their diaper, as they use personal insults for debate.. So not a good look..

Lone Ranger

Only rusty nowdays is the U.S. armed forces, they are in the worst shape since the end of the Vietnam war.

Israel Supporter Forever

US warships are all armed with state of the art AESA radars, newest generation ECM jammers and state of the art AEGIS interceptors. Meanwhile Russkies still use old PESA radars and jammers from the 80s.

AM Hants

The only thing that is comes in handy on a US warship is the supply of NATO strength Pampers, when stuck in the Black Sea, trying to antagonise Russia.

concrete mike

Your a complete morron. An aircraft.carrier is not allowed in the black sea .


1. Russia sends aircraft out for show. The real threat are road mobile Bastion Missile systems armed with Oniks missiles. These missiles weigh 3 tons and fly at Mach 2-3. They can be armed with nuclear warheads but 3 tons of titanium and steel flying @ mach 3 doesn’t need a warhead

2. Read the Montreaux Convention. No carriers or enemy subs allowed in the Black sea and a non Black sea nation armed vessel has to give 2 weeks notice to enter. Russia would be within it rights to sink a non compliant warship trying enter the Black Sea. Ships have to pass through the Bosperous to get into the Black Sea … Russia could have mines set in the Bosperous in a matter of hours … anything trying to transit the strait would be sunk blocking the shipping lanes. The Bosperous would become a shooting gallery and whoever came up with the plan would go down in history as the dumbest Admiral Churchill @ Galippoli.

Last edited 26 days ago by HB_norica

“AEGIS anti-aircraft missiles”

What has the Ageis system actually shot down? Besides an Iranian airliner that is? Completely unproven system sold on the basis of Lockmart marketing hype.

AM Hants

Can see you are upto date with those Disney Fairy Tales. Only you forgot Russia has more nuclear warheads than any nation, including the US. Has hypersonics in active service, which no NATO Member state has and basically on a budget of $47 billion, has made NATO obsolete. Remind me, how much do the NATO members spend on defence? Yet, they are no match for Russia.

Raptar Driver

Yes they have the most advanced weapons that work some of the time if they’re lucky.
Are you feeling lucky punk?

Lone Ranger

Slava Rossiya.

Israel Supporter Forever

Ukraine to receive 48 additional Bayraktar TB-2 by 2023. They also need Patriot Pac-2, Harop loitering drones, F-16s and lots of Hermes 450/900s! This would give them 100% guaranteed air superiority in any future conflict.


“British warship this is Russian warship, why are you running away British warship? We only want to talk and have some tea together on board. Would you accept our invitation British warship?”
“British warship please come back, have I offended you?”

Last edited 26 days ago by Mr.Spicklespock

Imbecile article (low quality propaganda articles in the last years on SF). NATO it’s not afraid dumbass :D , it’s ships are sailing in ukrainian waters (which gay moujiks pretend that’s theirs). So NATO ship’s are pissing on mouijik propaganda; but unfortunately most of the russians are stupid and beleive sh#t RIA propaganda. I guess that all NATO sailors will desert again once they are ashore :D :D :D :D :D ….

Monte George Jr

The word is ‘resign’, not ‘desert’. Recall the humiliation of the Donald S. Cook.

L du Plessis

WW3 is not a matter of “IF” but when…. and its going to be a HISTORICALLY HORRIFIC mistake!! Nato will see the true wrath of Russia, never experienced before!!


As an American, I can only hope that Russia and friends will return the favor to the Jews’ US Tyranny wardog by staging similar in the Gulf of Mexico.

AM Hants

UK has admitted that they were in the Black Sea, sailing close to Crimea, in order to get Russia to react. Hoping Russia would strike, not land the bombs in front of the ship. Seems the rest of NATO are trying the same trick, trying to get Russia to react. I wonder how many NATO sailors are wearing those NATO strength Pampers? Do the Dutch seriously believe they can take on Russia? They should get back to their Pride Parades and leave the fighting to the adults in the room.

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