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JUNE 2023

Amazighs Of Libya Aim To Establish Own Administrative Region, Reject Referendum On Draft Constitution

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Amazighs Of Libya Aim To Establish Own Administrative Region, Reject Referendum On Draft Constitution

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This week, the Amazigh of Libya (Berbers of Libya) have officially announced their intention to take practical steps to create a fourth administrative region controlled by them and declared their rejection of the referendum on the draft constitution.

According to reprots, this new administrative district will include the Amazigh municipalities in the Nafusa Mountains and Zuwara. The new administrative region will become the fourth in the country in addition to the three historical regions of Tripoli, Barqa, and Fezzan.

The decision was mde during a joint meeting of Amazigh representatives in the city of Jadu, in western Libya.

The participants also agreed to: “Reject the draft constitution categorically and boycott the referendum on it.”

This situation shows the current scale of division within Libya and endangers any kind of a peace process in the country.

A brief summary of the recent developments in Libya:

  • On January 29, the Amazighs of Libya rejected the outcome of the constitutional track meetings supported by Egypt and the United Nations Support Mission in Libya, and stressed that they are going to establish an independent region in Libya
  • Libya’s National Oil Corporation announced the restart of the production fromat the Farigh field operated by Waha Oil Company
  • On January 28, Algeria’s Foreign Minister Sabri Boukadoum met with Libya’s GNA Prime Minister Fayez Sarraj in Tripoli
  • As of January 30, reports about the presence of Russia-linked private military contractors in Libya resurfaced online


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Johnny B. Allan

I don’t understand why Southfront keep insisting on using this fake map of Libya.

Here is the correct map https://libya.liveuamap.com/

Fog of War

Good by Libya, the “green ” dream is over.

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