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Alternative Version Or Who May Be Behind Minsk Special Operation

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Alternative Version Or Who May Be Behind Minsk Special Operation

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin (R) and his Belarus’ counterpart Alexander Lukashenko walk in as they attend a session of the Supreme State Council of the Union State at the Kremlin in Moscow on March 3, 2015. AFP PHOTO / POOL / SERGEI KARPUKHIN (Photo credit should read SERGEI KARPUKHIN/AFP/Getty Images)


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On May 23, a plane of RyanAir airlines flying from the Athens to Vilnius carried out an emergency landing at the Minsk airport, following a bomb alert. This is widely claimed to be a special operation ordered by President Alexandr Lukashenko aimed at arrest of one of opposition figures Roman Pratasevich, who was on board. However, a closer look at the incident and the newly-released data prove that other forces could be behind this ‘special operation’.

Reports about the explosive device on board were not confirmed. Passengers took another flight. Everyone except Protasevich, his girlfriend to whom he handed his personal belongings, including a laptop and a phone, and four Russian citizens, “who were GRU officers for sure “.

Roman Protasevich is one of the main figures of Belarus opposition, a co-founder of the Telegram channel Nexta that was used for coordination of mass protests since August 2020.

One of the main proofs that the incident was a planned operation of Belarus special forces is the publication on his Telegram channel of his private message, where cautious Protasevich described a suspicious Russian man, who tried to take a photo of his documents before landing. The authors of the channel consider this as proof that Roman Protasevich began to be followed back in Athens.

“I was silent, and he turned to me in Russian with some stupid question,” – Protasevich wrote to his friends. “Such a middle-aged, fit, with a bald head. In one T-shirt, in light-colored pants and a leather case.”

Alternative Version Or Who May Be Behind Minsk Special Operation

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A closer look at the chronology of events casts doubts on the claims of a “special operation” of special forces.

The crew commander of the aircraft of the RyanAir company informed Minsk about the mining on May 23, at 12:50 local time. At that moment the plane was already near the Lituanian border, but the pilots decided to act in accordance with the international security instructions and requested a landing in Minsk.

A recording of the pilots’ call with the dispatcher has been recently published online. It confirmed that it was pilots’ decision to land in Minsk. At this moment, Minsk airport received an e-mail about the bomb on board. The crew’s decision to land in Minsk was also confirmed by reports from the communications department of the Lithuanian International Airport.

Immediately after the call, the information was reported to President Lukashenko, who gave the command to take measures and secure the landing. The air forces of Belarus reacted to the emergency in according with international standards. The MIG-29 was following the aircraft in order to provide assistance if necessary.

As soon as the plane landed, passengers were evacuated, after which sappers and rescue services were deployed. At the same time, passengers were screened in accordance with safety standards.

Exactly at that moment, a photo of Protasevich appeared online with reports about his arrest. It was published by the assistant of Svetlana Tikhanovskaya on his Twitter account. According to reports, the photo was allegedly sent to the “opposition team” by Protasevich’s girlfriend, who was flying with him, for internal use, but they rushed to post it on the Internet even before official reports of his arrest.

Meanwhile, the so-called ‘special operation’ was carried out right on the eve of the first offline European Summit, where the European diplomats are going to have a strategic debate on Russia. What a coincidence!

The head of EU diplomacy, Josep Borrell, following the results of the EU summit on May 24, will have to prepare a report on relations with Russia.

Hype in global media platforms based on accusations of Lukashenko in neglecting international norms and in ‘international terrorism’, is aimed to have an impact on the results of the summit. European countries were going to discuss new restrictions against Minsk before the incident, but after an international scandal, this topic may become the main one on the forum’s agenda.

Alternative Version Or Who May Be Behind Minsk Special Operation

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The European Union is considering the closure of not only air, but also ground communication with Belarus in response to the actions of President Lukashenko, Bloomberg reported, citing a senior European official close to negotiations on new EU sanctions against Belarus.

Under any international legal law, the detainee Protasevich should be considered a criminal. The decision of the European leaders to protect him would be another case of double standard policies of the EU and would cut off the last opportunities for normalization of relationships with Belarus and Russia.

Roman Protasevich is charged under articles on mass riots, organizing and preparing actions that roughly violate public order, as well as inciting racial, national, and religious hatred. Protasevich is included in the KGB list of organizations and individuals involved in terrorist activities. He not only supervised the work of the extremist Telegram channel, but also coordinated the actions of radical groups, stuffing the information space with fakes in order to raise a protest wave.

Alternative Version Or Who May Be Behind Minsk Special Operation

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His detention does not change the essence of the charges. The investigation will simply be carried out in his presence. Belarus opposition leaders say he could face the death penalty.

The incident took place right after another media scandal involving the Belarus opposition.

Russian prankers Vovan and Lexus has recently talked to the leadership of the U.S. agency National Endowment for Democracy (NED), impersonating the former presidential candidate of Belarus Svetlana Tikhanovskaya and her assistant.

Fund President Karl Gershman told the pranksters that NED has close cooperation with the Russian opposition, including Leonid Volkov, the head of the regional headquarters of the Anti-Corruption Foundation. According to Gershman, the new US administration has a “great willingness to help” the Russian and Belarus opposition.

A new international scandal representing President Lukashenko as a tyrant, and a defenseless opposition as a victim of his impunity, is aimed to distracts public attention from unveiling of the activities of American NGOs, in particular NED, as well as the true face of Tikhanovskaya and her team.

At the moment, there are two main versions regarding the incident with RyanAir aircraft:

  • Either this is a really high-profile operation of the Belarusian special forces aimed at detaining a young activist, which has no impact on the trial and does not even affect the work of his Telegram channel.
  • Either it is an operation by the Belarus opposition forces supported by their Western allies, which in the end is likely to lead to more sanctions and an increase in the rift between the West and the East in Europe.

At the moment, the available data on the incident confirm the higher probability of the second option. This version is supported by the chronology of events, the release of his private photographs before boarding the plane, the pilots’ reports, the independent decision of the crew to land in Minsk in accordance with international rules.

It is likely that the entire case may have been provoked by one of the factions of Western-linked ‘Belarusian opposition’. These groups remain in the state of the permanent struggle for money and back-patting of their ‘Western partners’. Therefore, Belarus authorities may have received the data about the movement of Protasevich from his own colleagues that wanted to escalate the situation and motivate their sponsors to make more active actions (and allocate additional funding and resources for the ‘fight for democracy’ in Belarus).

Alternative Version Or Who May Be Behind Minsk Special Operation

Click to see full-size image

Mr. Protasevich has highly likely become another sacred victim in the confrontation of forces in Europe.

It is also possible that his “comrades-in-arms” in the opposition camp simply handed him over to the Belarusian authorities as a result of an internal conflict connected, for example, with the distribution of finances among the opposition leaders, since the problem of funding is acute in the opposition team, which by the way was once again confirmed during the conversation between representatives of the US NED agency and allegedly Svetlana Tikhanovskaya.

Anyway, the current reaction of the EU and NATO officials has already proved the double standard policy of the so-called collective West, as well as their commitment to manipulate the international law.

Demonizing Lukashenko, everyone forgets about the similar precedent with a the Boeing of Belavia, which was operating a flight on Kiev – Minsk route, and was forced to return to the airport of departure in 2016.

50 kilometers before entering the airspace of Belarus, the aircraft commander received an instruction from the Ukrainian dispatcher to immediately return to the airport of departure without explaining any reason. It was also stated that in case of non-fulfillment of the command, Ukrainian fighters will be raised into the air.

After landing at the Zhulyany international airport, Ukrainian law enforcement officers detained one passenger who was a citizen of Armenia.

There was no international reaction to the incident at all.

Meanwhile, the landing of RayanAir aircraft in Minsk reminded the special operation of Ukrainian forces aimed to capture the plane with the alleged Wagner PMC members on board in 2020.

But this was another story… sure.


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In any case, american mercenaries should be crushed with an iron fist.

The end

Win win situation for both sides of the blade. Lets make a political swap – Roman for Julian.

Crypto is freedom

Roman is no where near worth what Julian is 😂

The end

So why the same amount of fuzz then? (rhetorical)


As per the article, the EU will be discussing Russia. It gives them another reason to pass more sanctions and demonize Belarus/Russia. They want the western world/public to buy into the Russia is bad and dangerous narrative. Future wars don’t sell themselves, you gotta dehumanize and demonize the enemy.

The end

When the war comes, and it will, I will be first to demand our president to send his son in the first wave of the attack. We need important people to mourn, before we send in the crowd…


How dare insult julian,has knowledge which is priceless and indeed far more powerfull,than cia gimp!

Peter Jennings

Relax. It’s fun taking the piss out of trolls and idiots.


Where can i find the leaked recordings of the pilots communications mentioned in the article? .


That is the 1000 $ question. The mention it, yet give no proof. If it exists surely the Minsk authorities would make it public to silence the critics. Yet no recordings can be heard.


now reported pilots made decision based on threat—recordings exist we can wait for evidence


If the alternative explanation is true than its poetic justice for Pratasevich, traitor of Belarus and prostitute of Grandpa Sam. Like most opposition figures working for the west, when they have little value left free or alive, the west is happy to sacrifice them to further their political goals.

Overall, the official narrative of this story didn’t really bother me due to the way the west acted with president Morales and his plane and other civilian planes. The only thing I couldn’t digest about the story is why would Lukshenko need to fabricate a bomb hoax to divert the plane? It’s just bad optics and doesn’t make sense.

Pratasevich is allegedly a conspirator in the coup plot against Belarusian government and assassination of Lukashenko. Therefore Lukashenko didn’t need a bomb hoax as a pretext to force the plane to land. It was flying in Belarusian airspace, Belarus could have simply forced it to land, arrested Pratasevich and let everyone else go on their merry way.

Last edited 2 years ago by MHC

This is the funniest propaganda I’ve read in a long time.


amerikan too dim to comprehend propaganda


Shhh, he probably supports war with Russia over Crimea.


Without any evidence, these Russian government propagandists claim this was a “false flag” (gee, what isn’t a false flag these days according to Russian propagandists?) and poor ol’ Belarus was tricked.


Cut down on the swallow cia/botched!


The authors of this propaganda piece acknowledge that Protasevich’s girlfriend took a picture of his arrest and sent it to allies. As far as I know, data transfer is quite fast these days, almost instant. So there’s literally nothing suspicious about what happened.


They will punish the vile evil zitfaced fugly worm,no doubt about that,serves it well being a fuckhead!


You propagandists didn’t even bother looking at Belarus’s claims, that “Hamas” emailed them a bomb threat unless a ceasefire with Israel was reached. Otherwise, they’d blow up a bomb over the territory of their ancient enemy, the Lithuanians LOL. Even funnier: a ceasefire had already been reached 2 days back! Funny stuff.


propaganda website


You need to stop sucking freedom sperm,that ponly makes you more blind and dumb,begone gimp!

eat shit and die

Yeah, yeah then stop spamming 100 comments here every day pathetic psychopath with no brain, life nor purpose except to pollute this site with your stupidity.


Why do you claim everything, including MH17, Skirpal poisonings, Navalny poisoning and even this are all “false flags”?

Remember that time you uploaded a stupidly fake video about how the Ukrainian plane Iran accidentally shot down was actually a “false flag” attack by the U.S. using a drone? Remember how you were embarrassingly forced to delete the video the very next day, when Iran confessed?

Your mommies dildo

Gee Matt just one message would suffice, multiple messages suggests an emotional response which suggests that there must be abit of truth in the report.


amerikan CIA dimwit create false flag—so incompetent cannot murder scripal or navally…LOL


You swallow too much pff,see Australian Feds comfirmed 0% evidence russia hit mh 17,so fkoff!


Do you remember when your parents had your genitals mutilated ? Good ol’ USA, branding it’s chattel.

AM Hants

Riddle me this, but, why has the junkie that died, after coming in contact with ‘Eau de Novichok’ never have a Coroners Investigation, if it was Novichok that actually was responsible for the chronic addicts death? Riddle me this, but, why has a Soviet Military Strength Nerve Agent, got a lower death rate, to all it comes in contact with than Corona? Also, how come you can get the formula of the nerve agent on the internet, courtesy the scientist who left the Soviet Union and ended up in the US?

AM Hants

Talking of the Skripals, guess you have not seen the latest from John Helmer. Interesting read.

Anyway, going back to Dawn Sturgess and the article THE CAUSE OF DAWN STURGESS’S DEATH — FUNERAL AND CREMATION RECORDS CAST FRESH DOUBT ON NOVI CHOK, over on the Dances With Wolves site, it makes an interesting read. So many questions, so few answers. Now why is that?


Russian special services have better things to do than handle Lukas’s problems. They are washing undies.

rider kick

The European Union is the empire of the Antichrist


amerikan becoming less relevant more incompetent “amerikans are the living refutation of the cartesian cogito ergo sum. amerikans are yet they do not think. the amerikan mind puerile and primitive lacks characteristic form and is therefore open to any standardization”. Julius Evola


If I was Lukashenko I would offer the traitor a deal. He can do hard time or easy time. If you cooperate and give up all your contacts both from foreign intelligence agencies and fellow traitors you will do 30 years house arrest. Be given a government job (non security sensitive of course) that pays a decent Minsk wage and be allowed to get married and have a family of my own who will be free to come and go. If not cooperate you will be sentenced to 30 years in a small cell by yourself (solitary confinement) under harsh conditions (like a murderer) with minimal contact to the outside world. You will be forced to think of your betrayal of your Mother Country every moment of your 30 year incarceration.

Part of me would say just execute the traitor but that’s most likely exactly what the West wants at this moment. Instead entice him to cooperate.

Last edited 2 years ago by ElCristeroAmericano

Problem is that is another incompetent unskilled .low educated (us) gimp,can’t even cxhange a sparkplug on a lawnmower I’m afraid,yet seems to weak to dig,unless you put a gun to its fugly head?


That’s the same degenerate, none of you, punisher, easy to recognize his stupidity.


EU Eunuchs did nothing when Israel destroyed half of Gaza but they are concerned with this nonsense? How about Assange, no?


Firstly – nobody has heard of Roman Protasevich, and all of sudden, he and broader issue of non-US-compliant Belarus, are everywhere in msm headlines – smells lot like standard US CIA/ National Endowment for Democracy public relations tactics, and subterfuges, for color revolution/regime change program.

Secondly, can we all just recall for a moment, that quite recently the US forced down a Bolivian diplomatic flight, en route from Moscow to La Paz, over Vienna – to search the Bolivian diplomatic aircraft for US whistleblower and fugitive Edward Snowden. The diplomatic flight was forced down in third party country on nothing more than a US whim that Snowden might be on board – and, of course, he wasn’t.

Last edited 2 years ago by CantArgueWithThat

the guy is a courier for the western supported opposition his real presence on this plane was the fact that previous two days before he was a guest on the conference of the Delphi members ! who is Delphi? well they are what you call the G7 light version of pro globalist EU countries with Greece being the organizer and creator of this platform this was in the presence of the US ambassador of Greece who was the ambassador in the days of Maidan in Ukraine and they all are working for the implementation of color revolutions and organizing mass riots and chaos in Pro Russian countries this guy was wearing on his laptop and documents that certainly could have a very destructive impact on the manual and strategic plans they were organizing and the reason why these EU idiots were so harsh and panic wise to scream about the scandalous hijacking of this plane was expected when your complete playbook and conspiracy is about to be presented with facts and proves this is why they are squealing like hurt bitches this move was bold and was organized by the FSB of Russia and KGB of Belarus there is no doubt about this

Ace Ventura

Can you provide link for “A recording of the pilots’ call with the dispatcher has been recently published online”

Milos Zeman

And here is the reason why they bark the most in the Czech Republic. Protasevič founded a resistance group in the Czech Republic and trained young Nazis there.

Jackal from Minsk: Roman Protasevich as a fighter of the Ukrainian battalion Azov, who got to the cover of their magazine! Since 2017, he has had a base in the Czech Republic under the supervision of Czech squirrels! Shortly afterwards, he traveled via Poland and Brussels to the USA for interviews at the US State Department in Washington, and returned as a Euroradio collaborator under the federal non-profit USAID, which acts as a front house for CIA operations! His girlfriend is studying at a school in Vilnius, which last year entered into a partnership with the international OSUN network George Soros! The Belarusian youth resistance organization Malady Front, in which Protasovič was a member, is registered in the Czech Republic! Two days ago, in an article [1] about Roman Protasevic, we asked a rhetorical question, what on earth did the Czech Republic have to do with the grounding of an Irish plane in Minsk, and not a single Czech citizen was on board. We asked why the Czech Foreign Minister Jakub Kulhánek made such a shout, and why he invited the Belarusian ambassador to Prague on the carpet and handed him a protest note. Two days have passed and today we can publish information that gives clear and threatening answers to these questions.

Yes, the Czech Republic is doing it in a way you have no idea, it is soaked to the ears and there is a real threat that it will soon be accused of complicity in the preparation of the assassination and assassination of the President of the Republic of Belarus in the impending coup d’état, which Belarusian KGB in cooperation with the Russian FSB in Moscow. Our editorial office has received the latest information from the Russian media and it will not be a tea party. First, let’s talk about the main actor himself.

The intensified protests in Belarus in 1996-1997 gave rise to the nationalist, anti-communist and anti-Yukashenko “Young Front” (Malady Front, Malady Front), founded in 1997. It is banned in Belarus and is therefore officially registered in exile instead. just in the Czech Republic, more here. The Young Front is known for its provocative political agitation against Lukashenko and encourages its members to train military. For example, in 2015, according to a report by Rádio Svoboda (Belarusian Radio Svaboda), the sports and patriotic club Fronty mládeže was opened called “Bojovník” [2].

He offers training with airsoft weapons [3]. Protasevich took part in the protests on Maidan in Kiev in 2013/2014, as shown by photos on Facebook, where he is dressed in the flag of the Belarusian People’s State and is involved in the destruction of Lenin’s statue, see. photo below. Protasevich has a neo-Nazi and anti-communist past. He is a supporter of the Pahonia unit [4], a Belarusian militia that fought alongside the neo-Nazi battalion Azov in the post-Maidan civil war in Ukraine [5]. The group is described on Twitter [6] as an NGO that helps Belarusian volunteers in Ukraine.

Chronology of the rise of the Jackal from Minsk to the highest structures of the Belarusian color resistance 2017 In February and March 2017, a series of demonstrations took place in Belarus across the country, which Protasevich eagerly “documented”, always just a step away from the neo-Nazi Black Bloc. On March 4, he took part in the installation of a temporary nationalist memorial, and books were symbolically burned during the act. A day later, he appeared in the middle of the Black Bloc at a demonstration in Brest, Belarus. On March 10, 2017, Protasevich took part in a demonstration, where he was again right in the middle of the neo-Nazi Black Bloc. He published photographs depicting a man with a balaclava with the emblem of the People’s Republic of Belarus (1918-1919) and with the Thor Steinar jacket, a neo-Nazi favorite brand.

On March 28, 2017, the Committee for the Protection of Journalists informed that Protasevich had been detained for ten days shortly before on charges of hooliganism [7]. According to his Facebook page, Protasevič moved to Prague in the Czech Republic on December 1, 2017 [8]. He later worked as a photographer for the Belarusian media and in 2017-2018 he was the holder of a Václav Havel journalism scholarship – an award for beginning independent journalists. The scholarship for journalists is a joint project of Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty, which are stations financed from the US state budget, the partner on the Czech side is the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

2018 – A year of turning and turning in the career of the Jackal from Minsk On April 12, 2018, he arrived in Warsaw, Poland. On April 20, 2018, he flew via Brussels to Washington [10]. On April 23, 2018, he published a photo with the subtitle “The most important week in my life begins [11]”. On the same day, he published his photograph inside the US State Department and said: “I have never experienced so many important and interesting meetings in my life. Tired but very satisfied [12] “.

In Washington, he met his colleague from the ranks of fighters for regime change, the Ukrainian Gleb Zhavoronkov [13]. He flew from Washington home on May 7, 2018 via Brussels to Prague [14]. On May 31, 2018, he continued his journey from Prague to Minsk, Belarus [15]. He traveled from Minsk on June 15, 2018 to Kiev, Ukraine [16]. Well, according to his Facebook page, he started working on August 31, 2018 for USAID-supported radio Euroradio.fm [17].

2019 According to his Facebook page, Protasevich left his job at Euroradio on December 1, 2019 [18].

2020 In February 2020, Protasevich announced his new job as the future editor of the Nexta Telegram network on the Polish-Belarusian channel Belsat: He confirmed his new job with Facebook status, stating that on March 19, 2020 he started working for Nexta in Warsaw, Poland [19]. “In ten minutes of live broadcasting on Belsat, as the future editor-in-chief of Nexta TV, I will talk about the first media in Belarus in the 21st century.”

As far as the BBC can be trusted, Nexta was created as an anti-Yukashenko YouTube channel, created in 2015 by Belarusian teenager Stepan Putila, also known as Stepan Svetlov [20]. According to the Strana.ua server: “In Belarus, the channel is famous for internal information from the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic. He did not publish the sources of his information. While Belarus’s independent intelligence environment was virtually closed during the August protests in Belarus, only Nexta was able to publish news from within the country on an ongoing basis. As the BBC wrote, “a popular Telegram messaging app called Nexta” has managed to circumvent many restrictions. ” The answer to the question of why Nexta succeeded where others have failed may be that the hitherto virtually unknown channel is not a local civic effort, but operates from neighboring Poland, where Protasevich and Putila lived.

Protasevic’s partner in Nexta, Stepan Putila, also known as Svetlov, worked for Belsat (his father also works there as a sports commentator), which is based in Warsaw and is funded by the Polish Foreign Ministry. The channel’s website states [21]:

Formally, the establishment of the television channel was the result of an agreement signed in 2007 between the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Polish television. The agreement envisages long-term cooperation and financing of the Belsat television channel. Belsat’s motivations are more than questionable. In 2015, an article appeared on the channel calling for people to volunteer for Ukraine’s side in the war with the “Novoruska” states, including a contact e-mail address and telephone number [22]. However, the station also regularly provides a platform for Belarusian nationalists and neo-Nazis.

2021 The Politico server reported [23] that on May 23, 2021, Protasevich boarded a Ryanair flight from Athens, Greece, to Vilnius, Lithuania, but was detained by a fighter and ordered to land in Minsk, where Protasevich was arrested, when the plane entered Belarusian airspace. The article describes Protasevich as a journalist, not an extremist, as a Belarusian court correctly ruled in 2020 in connection with the Nexta staff. No mention of what Protasevich may have actually done in Athens or what he intended to do in Vilnius.

His presence in Greece coincided roughly with the visit of Western-backed regime change exile leader Sviatlana Tichanovska to Greek President Katerina Sakellaropoulou [24] and US Ambassador to Greece Geoffrey Pyatt [25]. According to Protasevich’s Twitter account, he worked as a photographer for Tikhanovska in Athens and took photographs of her in various environments [26]. Protasevich, 26, a girlfriend of Sofia Sapega, who was detained with him, is a law student at the European Humanities University (EHU) in Vilnius. The university has been cooperating [27] since 2020 with the Open Society University Network (OSUN), an organization founded by US-Hungarian financial magnate George Soros.

Roman Protasevich obtained war spurs in Ukraine, where he worked as a paramilitary reporter assigned to the Azov Battalion. In 2015, they chose him for the cover of their Black Sun magazine Before entering the media, Protasevich was a prominent local “democratic” activist in Belarus. A Ukrainian article about his past explains this [28]: “Already in 2012, he was detained as the administrator of opposition groups on social networks. Protasevich was then a member of the Young Front, a center-right pro-European organization (registered in the Czech Republic), which organized street activities against Lukashenko. ”

Mladá fronta is a registered nationalist, anti-communist and anti-kukashenko organization in the Czech Republic. Protasevich was part of the Maidan in Kiev 2013/2014, as shown above in this article, a photo on Facebook, where he is involved in the destruction of Lenin’s statue. ” Dmytro Jaroš led the Right Sector, a neo-Nazi confederation of Ukrainian militias, which was established in November 2013. Jaroš and members of the Right Sector were to form the core of the Azov Battalion.

The Western-backed coup on Maidan against Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, led by neo-Nazi militias, was completed in February 2014. The Canadian embassy in Ukraine helped coup forces by opposing demonstrators, including the Right Sector, during a week in the uprising against Yanukovych in February 2014 at the Canadian embassy for a week. During the uprising that overthrew the regime of former President Viktor Yanukovych, the Canadian embassy in Kiev was used as a refuge for anti-government protesters for several days.

Protasevich has invaluable information from inside the 2015 Azov Battalion, when Operation UNIFIER was taking place in Ukraine. In June 2014, Ukraine formally incorporated [29] extremist far-right militias, including the Aidar, Dnieper, Donbas and Azov battalions, which played a key role in the Maidan coup, into the National Guard, led by the Interior Ministry. University of Ottawa professor Ivan Katchanovski brought [30] reports from the Ukrainian media revealing that Protasevich served in the press service of the neo-Nazi Azov battalion during the war in Donbas.

In verified photographs [31], Protasevich appears in the official publication of the Azov Battalion “Black Sun” in 2015. The war in Donbass initiated by Ukraine began in April 2014 after the citizens of Donbas spoke out en masse for joining Russia after the Maidan coup until the armistice ended in September 2014. This means that Protasevich actually served as an agent of the Ukrainian Ministry during his service in the Azov Battalion. government.

https://aeronet.cz/news/sakal-z-minsku-roman-protasevic-jako-bojovnik-ukrajinskeho-praporu-azov-ktery-se-dostal-az-na-titulni-stranku-jejich-casopisu-od- year-2017-had-the-base-in-the-czech-republic-under-supervision-of-czech-cuckar /

AM Hants

An interesting read. Over on Moon of Alabama, there is another article, linking him with the Nanzi Party and also Zero Hedge was running a story. There is a Tweet, with an image of him in full ‘Azov’ battalion uniform, at the 1st Anniversary of Mariupol, back in 2015. Bearing in mind the Azov HQ, was based in Mariupol and weren’t Mariupol subject to a massacre, back in 2014?

What also interested me with the article you have posted, is the fact that he had an audience with Geoffrey Pryatt, now US Ambassador to Greece. Does anybody remember, back in 2014, when he was the US Ambassador to Ukraine and his phone call with Victoria Nuland? ‘FU EU’ so comes to mind, from the lips of Vicky.

Funny how the same crowd is involved.

With regards the coup d’erat that failed in Belarus, who was behind it? Who wants to take over Eastern Europe and is the ‘3 Seas’ project? Black Sea, Adriatic Sea, Baltic Sea (BABS).

‘…The Three Seas Initiative (3SI), also known as the Baltic, Adriatic, Black Sea (BABS) Initiative, or simply the Three Seas (in Latin, Trimarium), is a forum of twelve states in the European Union, along a north–south axis from the Baltic Sea to the Adriatic Sea and the Black Sea in Central and Eastern Europe.[2] The Initiative aims to create an Intermarium-based regional dialogue on various questions affecting the member states. The member states are Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, and Slovenia, and met for their first summit in 2016, in Dubrovnik…’

Now who is complaining that Belarus would not yield to the coup d’erat, assassination attempt or release of the Nanzi flight passenger? The same crowd that not only created The Maidan in Ukraine, but, also have vested interests in BABS and trying to shut down Russian energy interests, for their own gain.


Vamos A decir la Verdad sin Anestesia , Los EEUU y La OTAN , secuestraron a JULIAN ASSANGN , y nadie dice nada Ni Sanciones Ni nada estan ardidos Mal Genio por que querían un Golpe Tipo o Clase MAIDAN en Ukrania o un plan b Tipo Venezuela , Y NO pudieron LUKASHENKO un Valiente Quiere su Cultura y Nación, LO Peor quedaron descubiertos la CIA y ellos intervienen en las elecciones de otros Paises …..Por QUE——–




Vamos A decir la Verdad sin Anestesia , Los EEUU y La OTAN , secuestraron a JULIAN ASSANGN , y nadie dice nada Ni Sanciones Ni nada estan ardidos Mal Genio por que querían un Golpe Tipo o Clase MAIDAN en Ukrania o un plan b Tipo Venezuela , Y NO pudieron LUKASHENKO un Valiente Quiere su Cultura y Nación, LO Peor quedaron descubiertos la CIA y ellos intervienen en las elecciones de otros Paises …..Por QUE——– Esta es GUERRA señores…… lla CIA mandó a secuestrar a Ciudadanos Rusos en Otros países OJO…..


Por Que Bielorrusia es atacada Por la CIA; OTAN los EEUU…. es Clara la intervención en asuntos Internos de un País Soberano, Asuntos internos , quieren Un presidente TITERE , Lo Mas Terrible es que es el mismo guion , FORMA DE HACERLO EN TODOS LOS PAÍSES , Y Rusia NI China ni Los servicios de INTELIGENCIA donde están , No Deberían permitir nada DE Organizaciones EXTRANJERAS en un país Soberano Ya Que estas son manipuladas desde el EXTERIOR……. Lo Hacen Contra Bielorrusia Y Aparte de eso LOs Sancionan Que verguenzas. La DUMA

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