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Alleged Video Of Staged Chemical Attack In Idlib Is Circulating Online


UPDATE: The video has already been widely reported in the Russian state media and social media. However, the origin of the video still remains unclear.

Some sources say that it was filmed much earlier this year in the area controlled by the Syrian government. This version also remains unconfirmed.


An alleged video of the staged chemical attack in the Syrian province of Idib is circulating online. According to some pro-government sources, this video is a leaked footage, wihch was filmed by the White Helmets and other pro-militant media organizations in order to accuse the Assad government of carrying a chemical weapons attack in Idlib.



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  • MichaH

    If I remember right, this is one of their old staged films. Maybe last year?

    Ridiculous, but not new.

    • Tudor Miron

      I never saw this one. Plenty of others but not those above.

      • Empire’s Frontiers

        Watching it, I too had a recollection of the man in the striped shirt.

        It seems familiar to me.

      • FlorianGeyer

        I remember the rather ridiculous parts of the fakery where the ‘victims’ on the stretchers are bundled into ambulances with arms ‘waving in the breeze ‘. :)

        • Tudor Miron

          OK, I may have missed it.

          • FlorianGeyer

            There are so many false narratives from the US Coalition of Terror that its a daily task to keep up with all their fakery and frauds Tudor :)

    • You can call me Al

      Sorry, but I have never seen this one before – are you sure it was from past times.

      • testera

        I remember seeing this video months ago, maybe even a year. It was found on a captured computer.

  • jade villaceran

    Fake, it was last year chemical attack, if i remember correctly ru channel or southfront cover this stage attacked

    • MichaH

      So it is a fake fake gas attack? ;)

  • Merijn

    No this is not a Fake-Chemical-Attack this is a White Helmets Skill-building exercise… They do that year-round 24/7 to stay fit & prepared… These are just some Innocent Drills whenever Assad & the Russians are going to use Chemical Weapons

    Here we got some fine examples of the Good work that the White Helmets are doing for the Syrian People…




    • FlorianGeyer

      Its called ‘On the job training’ Merijn :)

      There is a lot of that in the UK, but despite that, little government manufactured reality in the ‘UK is What it says on the Tin’.

      • Merijn

        It is quite a coincidence that a lot of these “On-the-Job-Trainingsessions” are held at the same time a “Real” Terrorist-Attack occurs…


        • FlorianGeyer

          That’s what happens when the UK government is obliged to employ those with little imagination and the attention span of a gnat.

          This will amuse you.
          The UK Daily Telegraph today has an article about increasing tourism to Salisbury.
          One of the sights the town council recommends is the Ancient Cathedral with the iconic Spire.

          Only a few weeks ago the Government narrative poured cold water of Russians wanting to visit that Cathedral :)

          Attention spans of Gnats again and why these people need rehearsals to have a piss and a shit together.

          • Merijn

            The Great Cathedral: Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary…. I always visit it whenever I’m in Salisbury….put it on your Bucketlist….a must see…It is truly a Miracle how the Elite was able to Create this Bunch of Brainless Sheeple…gotta admit that…

  • occupybacon

    WH produce more quality stuff, this is actually bashing WH footages, not to be taken seriously

  • Fernando Silva


  • Siegfried Stahl

    nice move ;)

  • Sinbad2

    They need to get Speilberg to direct, Weinberg could produce, and Adrian Brody could play the lead role, he does victim very well.

  • I love the way the dead or unconscious people move their arms out the way.
    What? … Do they not even think to change their shirts for each event?
    Not very bright people. Shìtty script writer too – Fancy trying to drown a kid with a hosepipe!