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JUNE 2021

Alleged Video Of Missile Strike On Saudi Arabian Capital Appeared Online

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An alleged video of the Yemeni missile strike against the Saudi capital of Riyadh has appeared online. The video shows the moment of the missile launch from the territory of Yemen.

According to the Yemeni state media, the missile targeted a military camp near Riyadh last weekend.

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Bernardo Morais

Whoa, missile launch, not strike.

I would be glad to see the strike footage of this missile.

gfsdyughjgd .

Good new terrorist powerhouse under attack it must be destroy to maintain global peace.

chris chuba

Regarding the Houthi missile attack on the Saudi frigate, the Saudis are claiming it was a suicide speedboat and have produced this video while the Houthis claim it was a missile. I’m suspicious of the Saudi claim because 1. they are liars, 2. the video was not released for several days, and 3. I don’t get why anyone would be taking a video of a stationary helicopter at such an opportune time.

In any case, is is possible that the Houthis have figured out how to control speedboats by remote control, how hard would that be technically? I’d imagine that this could be a pretty good weapon. Speedboats are slower but much cheaper than missiles, hit at the water line, and can carry a big payload.


Gregory Louis

Yet again it shows the Saudi Navies incompetence if they let that boat get anywhere close to it lol

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