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Alleged Syrian Intelligence Cell Apprehended By HTS In Greater Idlib

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The General Security directorate of al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) claimed on September 24 that it had apprehended a cell of the Syrian intelligence.

In a statement, Wissam al-Ayoubi, a commander in the General Security, said the cell’s members were apprehended in Idlib city after close monitoring and with help from the locals.

According to al-Ayoubi, the cell’s two members carried out a series of attacks in Idlib city upon orders from the Syrian intelligence. The men were allegedly behind a recent explosion that took place in one of Idlib’s main roundabouts.

HTS’ General Security released blurred photos of the cell’s members. The terrorist group is yet to reveal the names of the two men, which raises serious questions about its claims.

Alleged Syrian Intelligence Cell Apprehended By HTS In Greater Idlib

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Alleged Syrian Intelligence Cell Apprehended By HTS In Greater Idlib

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In the last two years, HTS arrested dozens of civilians after accusing them of paying for the Syrian intelligence. Many were executed by the terrorist group. No evidence was ever presented to the public.

By publicly announcing such arrests, HTS is trying to intimidate its opponents in Greater Idlib, especially government supporters.


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johnny rotten

The terrorists claim to have arrested members of the Syrian intelligence service in Syria, the world has turned upside down and too many people still fail to realize it.


HTS silly acting as some kind of normal human beings that respect law (which they never were) will not save them from ulterior extinction which animals like them only deserve as ending of their existence….when moment for that comes.


That moment should have come about a year ago.


All I say ; It is never too late, as long as it happens!
While you are more on impatient side.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Syrian Intelligence agents hey, but who do they really work for, are they paid for by Russia or does Iran pay their wages, or do they actually work for the Syrian people.
I say that because that’s the way it works in Syrian Military Intelligence, you either belong to one of those 2 semi independent organizations that operate under the umbrella of Syrian Military Intelligence, or you work for the Syrian Government itself.
So who could they be working for if they’re really Syrian Military Intelligence agents, were they pursuing Russian interests, Iranian Interests or Syrian Interests, or maybe even a combination of all their interests, I’m not sure, but the fact they’ve been accused of bombing a roundabout may be a clue.

sept 11, pro Turkish factions demand Turkey end agreements with Russia. – Russia bombed the outskirts of Idlib city.
sept 14, US, Syrian, and Iranian drones reported flying over Idlib. – US drones target and kill several pro Turkish supporters who oppose Turkish cooperations with Russia [ Al Qaeda agents killed with ninja missiles].
sept 15, Turkey pressures one of the demonstrating groups [Jaysh al Izza] to stop it’s opposition to Russian and Turkish cooperation. – Russian airstrikes north and south of Idlib city.
sept 17, more US drones but no strikes.
sept 18, pro Turkish rally in Idlib calling for the downfall of Assad. – Female suicide bomber killed while trying to attack Turkish base. – Turkish soldier shot and killed. – Another big Turkish convoy arrives in Idlib.
sept 20, Russia goes ballistic and sends 7 warplanes to attack the western outskirts of Idlib city, at least 28 airstrikes reported, WOW.
sept 21, Turkish backed moderate opposition attack SAA positions in western Aleppo and the Turkish backed terrorists attack the SAA in Idlib.
sept 22, Bomb goes off near roundabout in Idlib. – Turkey allows it’s factions to attack SAA in retaliation for SAA artillery strikes.
sept 23, Turks mobilize more mine detection forces on the M4 highway. – Another 2 large Turkish military convoys enter Idlib.

sept 24, HTS arrests the supposed Syrian Military agents for planting the bomb in Idlib.

sept 25, Reports of another 7 Russian warplanes flying all the way to the Turkish border in Aleppo, no Russian airstrikes reported. – Ongoing artillery exchanges between terrorists and SAA.
sept 26, No more Russian airstrikes. – Ongoing artillery exchanges between terrorists and SAA.
sept 27, Still no more Russian airstrikes. – Ongoing artillery exchanges between terrorists and SAA.

Russia was going ballistic with airstrikes before sept 24 but after that date there have been zero attacks, is there a coincidence, does that possibly shed some light on anything to do with this story by SF. Maybe not but it is interesting to find the sudden end to Russian airstrikes coincided with the capture of the Syrian Military Intelligence agents, and it’s even more interesting to see the SAA hasn’t missed a beat like the Russians have, they’re still chuffing along and taking potshots at the terrorists regardless of the agents capture.
Russia’s been making life a living hell for HTS lately, so if these captured agents actually do work for the Russians I suspect they’re about to be forced to divulge every dirty little secret they have on Russia, HTS will be very thorough, so God help these poor bastards.

And don’t confuse Syrian Military Intelligence with syrian Air Force Intelligence, they’re 2 entirely different agencies and are set up totally differently.

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