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Alleged Russian Military advisers train Syrian snipers (Video)

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There is no doubt that Russian air assaults which began in Syria on September 30, 2015, favors of the Syrian Arab Army. Everyday Russian Defense Ministry and Syrian Army have been giving well documented combat reports.

From the beginning very little has been revealed about the training that Russian military advisers allegedly provide to the Syrian Arab Army. It was clear from the beginning that effective airstrikes, intelligence support complemented with a competent ground force would see results unlike the US-led coalition airstrikes which has not been coordinated with a reliable and effective ground force.
Coordinating with the Russian Aerospace Force, the Syrian Arab Army have made significant gains in southern Syria, Latakia province, Deir Ezzor which is a Syrian government held enclave surrounded by ISIS, and advancing towards eastern Homs province and Damascus province.

Here is a training video of Syrian snipers allegedly being trained by Russian soldier. SouthFront could not verify the authenticity of the video.

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Syrians should just become an Army of sharp-shooters and snipers. Anyone who can not snipe, or at least sharp shoot, is useless in modern warfare. Then, the Syrians need to become a military of Night-fighters. Night visions on everything. Then they will dominate the battlefields of the middle east with ease. As Israeli solders are 80% cowards.

Rocky Dave Vera Bautista

It’s firmly clear their training looks like from russian army and I can hear russki language.

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