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JUNE 2020

Alleged Leader of Turkish Coup Attempt Arrested


Alleged Leader of Turkish Coup Attempt Arrested


An alleged coup leader, Turkey’s Second Army Commander General, Adem Huduti has been arrested by Turkish authorities, Anadolu Agency reported on July 18.

Earlier media reports suggested that the coup attempt was led by Akin Ozturk, an ex-Commander of Turkish Air Force.



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  • VGA

    Do the turkish authorities even know what they are doing or are they just arresting thousands? Imbeciles flailing their arms about trying to understand what is going on.

    They are so unreliable that Erdogan used his supporters as meatshields and even after the coup attempt was over he called them to maintain control of the “streets” because the danger was not over.

    If he was powerful he would have called on the people to stay at home and be safe while the police and the army dealt with the coup attempt. But he was too scared to do that, he called them to action and 100-200 people died while he was flying around in his private jet and screaming over the phone …

    • I think they are just making list of people they don’t like.
      Next the’ll claim Assad and Putin are on that list hahaha.
      Then the’ll say Trump and Kurd’s did it haha