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Alleged Israeli Strikes Target Various Positions In Syria

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Alleged Israeli Strikes Target Various Positions In Syria

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On June 8th, Syrian air defenses intercepted an Israeli missile strike over the capital Damascus.

“Syrian air defences intercepted an Israeli aggression coming from Lebanese airspace,” state media said. Earlier, state media said large explosions were heard.

A Syrian military source was quoted on SANA saying the strikes targeted parts of central and southern areas, without elaborating on the locations, adding they left only material damage.

Not all missiles were shot down and some caused damage.

The Syrian Observatory of Human Rights claimed that violent explosions were felt in Damascus and around the city, followed by Israeli strikes on military positions of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA).

It also claimed that 8 pro-government fighters were killed in the strikes. Some reports don’t mention casualties, while others claim 10 died.

“Air strikes also took place in the south of Homs province and in the border zone between Homs and Tartus,” Observatory chief Rami Abdul Rahman told AFP.

The Israeli army, which rarely acknowledges its strikes in Syria, told AFP it would not comment on “information coming from abroad”.

This is the first strike attributed to Israel in nearly a month, and it coincides with Netanyahu’s struggle to remain in seat. There is no official confirmation from the IDF on carrying out the strike.

Western intelligence sources said Israel’s stepped-up strikes on Syria since last year are part of a shadow war approved by the United States. The strikes are also part of an anti-Iran policy that in the last two years has allegedly undermined Iran’s extensive military power without starting a major increase in hostilities.

There was no immediate confirmation from Israel, which does not generally comment on individual airstrikes in Syria.

This is the first alleged Israeli airstrike in Syria in the past month, with the last such strike reported on May 10.

In the May 10th strike, a young man was injured after an Israeli helicopter allegedly targeted a house in Ain Eltinah, west of the town of Hader in the Quneitra governorate of Syria, east of the border with Israel, according to SANA.

The IDF has launched hundreds of strikes in Syria since the start of the war in 2011.


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concrete mike

Al Nusrah air support.

IDF= pathetic


Pinpoint strike that kills only military, including a top research officer for SAA collaborating with Iran and Hiz. Yeah, pathetic.


Netanyahu desperately trying to lure Syria into serious conflict so he can remain in power and avoid prosecution for corruption. Despite one SAA martyr there was.minimal damage and Syria did not take the bait. Have fun in jail Bibi. TEP.

Gay Ranger

Correction. There were 8 Syrian martyrs and the guy replacing Yahoo is even more extreme. Good luck appeasing him with useless excuses and platitudes :D


The IRON DOME for the Palestinians is our righteous indignation – voice it before it is too late – make no mistake – silence will be taken as a green light for genocide. The world is watching America.


Let me finish your last sentence: ….with jealousy, envy and undisguised lust, since everyone in the world secretly wishes they could live in a 2BR condo in Boca than in a mansion in (insert Third World hellhole).

Bolshevik Khazarian Criminal Mafia (Communist) 👹

Yeah, nothing new BiBi getting fuked by his own kind is my new thing to laugh at right now.

China superpoor

Dead Chinese and Russian rats today in Syria and in mining accident in China 🤣

Proud dindu

You should not brag about this, since you are from the country where shit, rotting corpses on the streets and rivers are a normal occurence.

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