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Alleged Cyberattack Creates “Unprecedented Chaos” For Iran’s National Rail Network

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Alleged Cyberattack Creates "Unprecedented Chaos" For Iran's National Rail Network

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Originally published by ZeroHedge.

Iranian state TV on Friday afternoon (local time) reported “unprecedented chaos” at train stations across the country, leading to cancelations, immense delays and confusion impacting hundreds of lines after what’s being reported as a potential cyber attack.

Reuters reports as evidence of a hack that a phone number for the Ayatollah’s office was posed in place of a national train services hotline: “Train services in Iran were delayed by apparent cyberattacks on Friday, with hackers posting the phone number of the country’s supreme leader as the number to call for information, state-affiliated news outlets reported.”

State-run Fars News initially reported “Long delays due to cyberattacks,” but provided little in the way of further confirmation.

Further details are being reported in Bloomberg as follows:

Departure notice boards showed blanket cancellations and carried the message “long delay following cyber attack,” the national broadcaster said, adding that the disruption to Islamic Republic of Iran Railways’ computer systems also affected station entrances and exits as well as ticket booths.

The national rail company’s website, www.rai.ir, wasn’t loading as of 7.50 p.m. in Tehran. Iranian state TV didn’t say where it got the information.

Iranian officials have in the recent past blamed Israel and the United States for frequent cyberattacks on national infrastructure, in addition to the latest ‘sabotage’ incidents on nuclear and oil sites, often blamed on Israeli intelligence.

Alleged Cyberattack Creates "Unprecedented Chaos" For Iran's National Rail Network
Tehran metro rush hour, file image

The Islamic Republic’s national transportation network has further struggled over the past years of Trump-era sanctions against multiple major industries, leading to decaying infrastructure.


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Zionist Daiper scum

Just a few late trains, but more than a few Zionist cowards ships will sink lol

Arch Bungle

‘israelis’ dancing in joy at their successful attack on civilian infrastructure.

Iranians have proven themselves the Moral Superiors of the jews and their gulf arab satraps in the middle east.

They have already won the moral war. Victory in the real war is assured.

Marco Polo

Except the jews believe they “are god” and therefore “above morality” itself because of Kabbalah.


Rabbi: Gentiles Are The Worlds Garbage

min. mark; rabbi on shooting Christians: Israeli Spies + Blackmailed Politicians + Controlled Media = A Conquered USA

Jew Loves Putin https://odysee.com/@martinezperspective:2/putins_jews:a

Putin is on good terms with Chabad Lubavitch in Russia and Israel, they often promote jewish supremacism and speak about non-jews as “scum”.

Vladimir Putin told me a personal story in the Kremlin:


“In 2004, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed an edict to honor him with the Order of Friendship. This award was presented for the contribution made by Rabbi Lazar to developing culture and strengthening friendship between nations within Russia.”

Chabad Lubavitch Rabbi: “The messiah will return only once Edom -Europe, Christianity –will be totally destroyed”

Jewish Kabbalah, Zohar: ‘Exterminate All Non-Jews’

Judaism is Anti-Gentile & Exploits Non-Jews

Last edited 14 days ago by Marco Polo

Why don’t you study cabalist numerology as seen on 9/11? Don’t simply copy/paste endless links. Learn for yourself.

Marco Polo

Will do. :)

Tommy Jensen

Jewish Kabbalah: Exterminate-6-million-Non-Jews-per-day until all Gold is ours.
This is what the Kabbalah says in its scriptures. You refuse to believe it and say it cant be true, but its a fact with reason and also logic! Search and read many books and you will find the truth.

Marco Polo

It’s called the Zohar. I.B. Pranaitis presented relatively brief details on the magnitude of jewish scriptures in the introduction to his book ‘The Talmud Unmasked’.

Modern translations are among the least reliable, they occasionally admit intentionally censoring the most revealing aspects of their texts.

Last edited 13 days ago by Marco Polo
Marco Polo


American Jew’s foreknowledge of WW2 in 1937: https://bit.ly/3e5UWXS


A rabbi “admits” that Jews are “inter-dimensional aliens” who were sent on a mission to conquer planet Earth to enslave humanity, of course the extraterrestrial part is metaphorical.

How the Kaifeng Jews in Ming China worldtruthvideos.org/watch/how-the-kaifeng-jews-destroyed-ming-china_VVVMbsHQjojtf5Y.html

How the Jews Destroyed China With Opium: worldtruthvideos.org/watch/how-the-jews-destroyed-china-with-opium_GzKi6quWJQEMKSx.html

Last edited 14 days ago by Marco Polo
Marco Polo

Jews in Germany Discuss How to Subvert Poland & Destroy the Polish People

Jacques Attali (Jew): “The future will be about finding a way to reduce the population…”

“Jerusalem … It’s a nice spot for a World Government,” says Jacques Attali https://www.bitchute.com/hashtag/jacquesattali/

Rabbi: “Jews Should Marry [Only] Jews”

What the Jews Think About the Gentiles by Phil Young

Candid Israeli author, Yossi Gurvitz: ‘When Israel Is Mighty’

Last edited 14 days ago by Marco Polo
A clown like you

Iran hacks Zion every military and some Zion infrastructure from time to time, funny thing, I remember reading about Iran hacking Zion rail network a few years back and much more. It took Zion a few days after Iran made the story to civilians about hacking Zion infrastructure.

Also, how much money yanquis gave hackers just a few weeks back?

Last edited 14 days ago by A clown like you
Religion divide people. No to religion

Is not Israel, is that Russians cyber terrorists who attacked USA Europe and Saudi Arabia.
Russian security are on the hunt to capture them


American clowns are still sore after the pipeline attack and the IT company kaseya was hit. Hundreds of companies affected.

Fog of War

At this point the Iranian situation is getting boring, Their counter intelligence system must be very inept.

Arch Bungle

About as inept as you who can’t recognise the difference between Hezbollah and Hamas.


More Israeli and US cyber terrorism,and they have the brass balls to accuse others of cyber warfare.


inshallah iran finds out who did it and TERMINATES them lmao

Damien C

The phone number switch was funny, hands up it did make me chuckle

Peter Wallace

Is that nutbooboo’s petard he is missing . It was a nice touch by whoever which is a sort of British thing. Others could have picked up the added touch. All in all it does look if someone is preparing for a war. FRUKUS + Israel ???

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