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All western eyes are on Russian Birds

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All western eyes are on Russian Birds

Written by Ahmed Rajeev exclusively for SouthFront

On 9th October, Abdullah Muhaysini, the head of one of the ferocious terrorist organizations, Jaysh al Fath appeared on the syrian streets and claimed that Russia must remember Khattab and his legacy of fighting against Russia. As a terrorist, Ibn Al Khattab fought against Russia in soviet-afghan war and later in Chechnya. So, the direct message from Abdullah Muhaysini was to repeat the same soviet-afghan war on the soil of Middle East and this time in Syria against their old enemy Russia.

The heinous strategy of color revolution to contain the whole Middle East is still working as the fusion effect, where the increment of chaos and fighting are everyday phenomena. So, there are clear signs that the ongoing war of Middle East will never fall short on military recruitments. Everyday people from different areas of the worlds are joining the fight. The so called revolution of Middle East had planted hatcheries for new terrorists in the name of religion.

If there is a flow of new multinational recruitments as soldier for war, there should be an urgent need of weapons too. The urgent needs of weapons have been historically fulfilled by the US led west and their regional agents since the soviet-afghan war. Those who follows world history can remember that Taliban was armed with stinger missiles around 1985-1986 by the US. They gave those deadly weapons to the Taliban’s when Russians were nearly winning the war.

And this time the US bloc wants to repeat the history artificially. Recently the US supplied 50 tons of arms and ammunitions to the terrorists in Syria, and one can easily understand that those US deliveries had a huge chunk of Man portable air defense system which will be used against the Russian-Syrian aerial assaults. Even recently, there is a notable increment of western drones hovering on the Syrian Sky. Some suspects, that the US surveillances in Syria are to help the terrorist to flee from airstrike and regroup themselves later.

On the other hand, The US bloc of Middle East is trying to unify the segments of terrorist groups those are working under different names. To create such unity amongst factions in the field is not easy always, sometimes it is counterproductive too. So, The US bloc will try to make a very powerful terrorist group than the others by supplying updated weapons. The main objective of that group will be showing off power and might to the other groups. Then there will be a grand unification of terrorists under that umbrella of that powerful group in the Middle-East and gradually throughout the world. According to Reuter, let’s call it ‘Syrian Arab Coalition’ temporarily.

Now, how will they show off their power to the other groups and foreign donors?

The answer is simple. Now the Syrian Arab Coalition will seek to shot down at least one Russian Airplane by those west delivered weapons. And that unfortunate scenario will have a huge domestic political effect in Syria which will lead to the unity of terrorists in Syria and Middle East. On the other side, the western media, the propaganda tool of Washington, will promote that incident vastly to energize the global terrorism and their sympathizers. Therefore all western eyes are on Russian aircrafts now. So, Russia must be very cautious in taking risk to avoid big causalities. Though we know, war is a bitch.

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Syira has not tried to shoot down the drones? Whatever is keeping them from doing so?

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