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All-Out Gangs War On The Streets Of France’s Montpellier (Video)


An armed confrontation between two rival gangs has taken place on the streets of the southern French city of Montpellier.

Shots were fired at the foot of the Assas tower in the Mosson-la Paillade district on November 1, noon, according to local media. Masked gunmen involved in the shootout were caught on tape as they fled the scene.

Local media said that at least one of the gunmen involved in the shootout was injured. He was taken to the Lapeyronie hospital. The extent of his injuries is still unknown.

The shootout scene was sealed off by local policemen, gendarmes from the Operation Sentinel, which is tasked with combating terrorism, and the French National Police.

The incident came amid a wave of violence across France. A day earlier, a Greek Orthodox priest was seriously injured when he was shot by a suspected terrorist in the city of Lyon. Prior to that, a terrorist stabbed three people to death in a Nice church.

French authorities stepped up security measures throughout the country in the last few days to prevent further attacks. The shootout in Montpellier indicates that more serious measures should be taken by the authorities.




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