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All In To Revenge: Turkish Air Force, Artillery Pound Kurdish Militants (Photos, Video)

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All In To Revenge: Turkish Air Force, Artillery Pound Kurdish Militants (Photos, Video)

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At least seven Kurdish fighters have been killed so far in northern Syria as part of the retaliation actions by the Turkish military in response to the death of two soldiers in the Euphrates Shield operation zone.

“Thanks to the effective strikes of the Turkish Armed Forces units, according to preliminary data, seven terrorists were eliminated. The militants are punished for their criminal actions, ” the Turkish Defense ministry claimed.

Operations and strikes against Kurdish targets in Syria continue.

All In To Revenge: Turkish Air Force, Artillery Pound Kurdish Militants (Photos, Video)

Click to see full-size image

Turkish MRAP Kirpi was targeted with a guided missile on its way to a military base in the vicinity of the town of al-Bab, northern Aleppo province on July 24. As a result two Turkish soldiers were killed, two others were injured.

The Turkish MoD published photos of the YPG/ALF military points which have been hit in response to the attack. TB-2s were flying over northern Aleppo during the TAF engagement shots.

Meanwhile Turkish-baked Syrian National Army (SNA) bombarded with heavy artillery positions of Syrian Defense Forces (SDF) on the Hazwan axis in the eastern countryside of Aleppo. At the same time, Turkish military forces shelled the SDF positions in the village of Maraanaz in the northern countryside of Aleppo.

The situation in northern Aleppo is escalating and is not likely to calm down in coming hours.


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turks are such cowards


Hot air iranians are the biggest cowards in the regio.


two cowards less also why does turkey think of itself as great if it obviously is utterly cowardly hiding behind nato yet acting tough i think the day constantinople gets liberated will be a good day for them to learn a few things about how their hybris doesnt get them to any places but into a dark pit

Last edited 2 months ago by farbat
The Objective

To talk like this about Constantinople, are you a Shiite or Christian? It appears you are a Russian or one of the Christian zionists backing Russia. You are not Iranian.
Whatever is the case, Russia cannot liberate Constantinople with the Russia state still standing. It’s likely that Turkey will briefly loss Constantinople to the Christian forces of Europe, but this will be taken back permanently.

Last edited 2 months ago by The Objective

They (PLURAL of ‘IT’) invade or her Countries (Anatolia at first) and cry when they are dummy targets? Actually BEASTS.


Are you related to Jens? make no sense at all. Stick with your native language.


Make an effort, come on SHITturk


And SAA to defend Syria and Syrians? Where are them beside allowing UNHUMAN GENOCIDALS get into and occupy land to put there their chihuahuas? And RUSSIANS who should be Syrians’ allies? Are sending weapons to MERDolfgan UNHUMAN GENOCIDALS?

Murdering Turkeys

Sad that an uneducated thug coward Erdogan is sending teenagers and old men to die in Syria for a fantasy revival of Ottoman Empire. Just look at the photo that poor dead kid should be in school and the old bald NCO should have retired from his job ages ago. Erdogan is the most shameless and destructive CIA plant the poor Turkeys have ever had. Turkey has 25-30 million Kurds and they have been bombed and murdered since the inception of the moth eaten Mustafa Kemal’s failed western Zionist slave state. Turkey is a mere cannon fodder for its US and Zionist masters and the Kurds are convenient tools as they have been manipulated as well. It is time that Iraqi and Syrian Arabs unite and inflict serious casualties on the Turkeys like they did to destroy the Ottomans. Turkey is ripe for plucking.

The Objective

Whatever it is, Russia isn’t taking back Idlib as easily as you people thought. Your frustration is a sign that you admit this fact.
Too early to judge yet. The war is ongoing.


Fool. You try to speak as if you have a clue as to Syrian military strategy working in concert with their allies.

You attempt to play the “if” game as a transparent psychological ploy instead of “when”. The end result is already known. Complete success by the SAA & allies, nothing less.

Last edited 2 months ago by block

What makes the turks such vermin is their pretense. Especially the gangster erdogen with his delusions of a new ottoman empire. These subhumans are not even competent to scrub zionist toilets. And now with some plug and play drones they think they are scientists and engineers – lol.

Ashok Varma

Turkey should send its troops to Afghanistan.

The Objective

Over time, the Taliban will join Turkey in Syria.


Turkey shall return the Greek capital of Constantinople ASAP! they keep hanging thousands of HUGE Turkish flags in all the buildings trying to persuade themselves that it is turkish ground…but they cant lie to themselves…deep inside they know it that the time is getting closer and the waves are getting higher


ISTANBUL re yorgo ISTANBUL gadavales

The Objective

You guys tried many times in the past – even when Turkey was at its weakest after the Ottoman collapse. How did that end for the coalition of Christian nations who tried to take back Constantinople? 250k dead but Constantinople still in Turkish hands.
You can try though.


go hang more flags little sissi girl cause you are scared to death


turks and kurds killing each other on SYRIAN SOIL? I don’t see the problem…

The SAA and allies sit back and take the day off.

A clown like you

It is a stupid title, do you think they could kill Turkic “soldiers” and Turkey do nothing?
In what world that happened?
At the end of the day terrorists killing terrorists, happy days.

La Rata

Were is the USA support for the SDF ????


They are busy getting the last shipments of heroin out of Afghanistan.


Ottoman invaders versus Kurd Contras. May both sides do their best to win against each other.

Last edited 2 months ago by Ragheadthefiendlyterrorist
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