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Alignment Of Forces In Greece-Turkey Maritime Dispute Clarifies: Turkey Is Definitely Alone

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Alignment Of Forces In Greece-Turkey Maritime Dispute Clarifies: Turkey Is Definitely Alone

Turkish survey vessel Oruç Reis has found itself in the centre of a major international dispute

The EU and the US have left no doubt – if there were any doubt – that they consider Turkey to be out of line in its maritime border dispute with Greece. Senior officials from both parties have warned Turkey not to proceed with its intention to explore for gas in areas that are the subject of maritime boundary disputes with Greece and Cyprus.

Following Turkey’s declaration last week that it is sending a survey vessel, the Oruc Reis, to conduct exploratory activities in an area over which Turkey and Greece have competing claims, the country’s leadership has been warned by the EU and the US not to proceed.

Greece has already put its Navy on high alert and announced that it has sent warships to the area where the Turkish seismic exploration vessel was stated to have been headed.

Previously, the US State Department had warned Turkey over its intention to explore for gas reserves in waters between Cyprus and Greece, which Athens has declared ‘illegal’ given that the area cuts into Greece’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).

The State Department issued a declaration saying: “We urge Turkish authorities to halt any plans for operations and to avoid steps that raise tensions in the region.”

French President Emmanuel Macron also denounced the plan late last week, saying it’s “not acceptable for the maritime space of a European Union member state to be violated or threatened” and calling for sanctions if Turkey commences exploration in the zone.

Last year, the EU adopted a sanctions regime targeting Turkey over its unauthorized gas drilling in Cypriot waters. However, the measures were terminated before they took full effect as Turkey cut short its exploration program in the relevant area.

Turkey has so far rejected all demands from the US, EU, Greece and Cyprus that it back down. Turkey’s Daily Sabah newspaper cited President Erdogan’s office as follows:

Turkey rejects Greece’s “maximalist” objectives in the Eastern Mediterranean, which lack a legal basis and disregards logic, Presidential Spokesperson Ibrahim Kalın said Thursday.

Kalın highlighted that Turkey opposes the rhetoric of threats and favours an equal distribution of resources.

The Greek side’s “maximalist” position claims that the island of Kastellorizo (Meis in Turkish) – only 2 kilometres from the Turkish shore, but about 580 km away from the Greek mainland – “should have a 40,000 square km continental shelf area, which is almost like half of Turkey’s Gulf of Antalya,” Kalın told an online policy briefing by the European Policy Centre in cooperation with the Foreign Economic Relations Board of Turkey (DEIK).

Turkey has also used its claims over northern Cyprus, or the so-called “Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus,” to say it can drill in waters encircling the entire island.

Greek media sources are now reporting that Turkey has informed the US through its embassy in Washington DC that it plans to continue its drilling and seismic exploration activities in the disputed eastern Mediterranean waters.

Greece’s foreign ministry has reiterated that the planned activity clearly violates the country’s sovereignty and that it stands ready to defend its territory, a statement that was backed up by an announcement that the Greek Navy has dispatched warships to the disputed area.

Though reports in Turkish media have claimed the Oruc Reis vessel has already embarked on its assigned mission in the disputed waters, analysts have pointed out that as of late last week it hadn’t actually left port, suggesting that Turkey may be taking Greek threats of military action seriously – particularly so given that they are backed up by unequivocal statements against the Turkish stance emanating from Europe’s political heavyweights and the US.

Analysts fear that the additional deployment of naval forces in the midst of rapidly escalating tensions in the region could easily lead to armed clashes if not a large-scale war.

A statement issued by US Ambassador to Greece Geoffrey Pyatt late last week hinted at just such a scenario of military confrontation on the high seas.

“I want to echo the clear message from Washington and elsewhere in Europe, urging Turkish authorities to halt operations that raise tensions in the region, such as plans to survey for natural resources in areas where Greece and Cyprus assert jurisdiction in the eastern Mediterranean.” LINK

The US has thus far refrained from threatening economic sanctions against Turkey (though it had no such reluctance when Turkey announced its decision to purchase Russia’s advanced S-400 air defence system). Nonetheless, it is increasingly clear that if Turkey does not relent, the US will not support its position and will probably throw its support behind Greece.


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  1. occupybacon says:

    Trump is talking the talk but as long Turkey doesn’t mess with Exxon, Chevron and they pays the 2% for NATO… The deliquent EU can go fuck itself.

    1. Ilya says:

      .. and the Turks can fuck whoever they want!

      Sure, dirka dirka might makes right. How, very, ape-like.

      1. HiaNd says:

        what did you expect , they are apes so they behave accordingly.

      2. occupybacon says:

        EU is a pacifist bunch of faggots, what Mogerini did when Islamists started to blow up? She cried on TV :) and I could go on and on. You know what I’saying.

  2. Porc Halal says:

    “Turkey rejects Greece’s “maximalist” objectives in the Eastern Mediterranean, which lack a legal basis and disregards logic”…no shit!…what ‘legal basis’ and what ‘logic’?!…the goatfucker logic?..or perhaps the muslim supremacy logic?…who fucking cares anyway…

  3. HiaNd says:

    This gas problem and looming war with the Greece will be the end of NATO.
    Good bye terrorist organization and good riddance.
    After collapse of the NATO the collapse of the dollar will be a cherry on the top event.

  4. johnny rotten says:

    Erdo the fool must be recognized a great merit, that of having made clear an internal conflict in the West that they have always tried to hide, together with the trump they are bringing to the climax the start of the civil war that will destroy imperialism, but also israhell here he has great merits, to all of them my heartfelt thanks.

  5. hvaiallverden says:

    I dont bother to dive into the border dispute other then remind people of what have been the international standard and norm for decades, and the drawing should tell you everything you need and if you dont get that YOU have an problem, along with some political leaders.

    Some things must be crystal clear, never mind the sea border dispute, etc, since they follow the recognised lines of nations borders, etc like the South CS issue etc to the Norwegian/Russian grey zone, but never think that the Kingdome of the Turds, run by the Ottomianian bug bitten erDOGan, is doing any of this without some fundamental suport put on place, and nobody gives an rats ass about the shit for brain Syriza soaked Gresess whines or drools in their corner, an nations that have slide belowe the banana republic line, but focus must be drawn out to see the bigger pichture, when the Uber ZioRat Levy is drooling happy in Libya about their buttbuddys in Ankara, whom is of course suporting the eh…. regime witch the same scumbags instaled after liberating the Lyiban people back to the stone age, of course of humanitarian reasons, right.
    And when you think about France, and the terror state ISISrael, the train of politicians whom have trusted their mutual heads into eatch others asses, where one is unable to differentiate whom is saying what to any given time, and ISISrael whom bought Oil/Gass from the family mebers of Sultan edDOGan, yeah, tell me, morons what do we see, huh.

    Its an freak show, witch is become the new “normal”.
    And I dont trust Russia for an split second, but when thats said, the level of trust is sub-zero in all aspects, and I already can tell you, Trudistan will get whatever they want, but of course some will whine and gnash teeths but thats just an part of the show, since everything is desided by the Imperial banana republic and the terror state ISISrael.
    Do correct me if I am wrong, I havent bothered to write anything because the world have gone nutts, and some sites have become much worse just in the last weeks, like the Dungeon of the Faker and Foreman Mao of Alabama, witch is sliding down into the idiot bin along with shitholes like RT and ZeroH.
    They have become an insult, simply.


    1. good american says:

      True enough, RT is becoming clickbait fodder for porn stories and every time I read ZH I leave thinking the Chinese hate us for our freedoms. The world is becoming madder and madder, each day there is another set of people itching to kill the other. What the hell is going on? The Catholic Church has recently said they need more exorcists as there seem to be more evil spirits coming into the world doing real possessions, not just mental patients going nuts. It wouldn’t surprise me if it is true.

      1. Ivan Freely says:

        Walked away from ZH a long time ago.

  6. Ashur-ban-them-all says:

    oh great the Mycenaean Greeks and Hittites are at it again, i just know that troy is gonna get sacked again.

  7. Garegin Nzhdeh says:

    God Bless Greece ?? from Armenian

    Death to turkey Death to azerbaijan

    Remember the Treaty of Sevres, you are losers we will take what is ours.

    Tausendjähriges Reich

    1. Mustafa Mehmet says:

      nah alırsın ermeni köpek. Another clueless idiot Cockroaches

      1. Nzhdeh says:

        Invaders and coward nobody likes you you are weak and you will go down

        1. Mustafa Mehmet says:

          Such as life you can’t please everyone

          1. Nzhdeh says:


          2. Sencer says:

            Backstabbing terrorists.

          3. Nzhdeh says:

            Yes you are

          4. Mustafa Mehmet says:

            Wait your turn lady

      2. kamalashila says:

        Little Turkwy is your future.

        1. Sencer says:

          Little TR is your wet dream , while a colonized , indebted little Greece is tr reality.
          Get used to it.

          1. mhtsaropinigitakis says:

            you economy is worse than Greece…and it is getting worse every day…get ready for civil war

          2. Sencer says:

            No , it is not dear. You are a small colonized state kissing German ass for existance.

          3. mhtsaropinigitakis says:

            ok then go suck some more Quattari meat stick …you are slaves and you dont know it

          4. Sencer says:

            LOL no dear , Qatar and TR has mutual interest in the regiion , while you are nothing but a colonial bumper state indebted by Germans since 1821.

            Your first king was Otto the German , Now it is Merkel the mummy. Somethings never change.

          5. mhtsaropinigitakis says:

            You are slaves of the Qataris…u send young Turkish ppl to die for Quatari interests…we dont die for anyone…so better not speak…be a good slave and die for your masters

          6. Sencer says:

            Mhtsa , is that how yr press feeds you while you serve pink assed europeans on some beaches just to stay alive and pay yr debts ?

          7. kamalashila says:

            This time you are in big hallucibnation. This time Greece is member of EU. If you attack Grecce, you are at war with the EU. You will lose everything.

      3. mhtsaropinigitakis says:

        sorry mustafa the only cockroach here is you and turkey…go back to your steppes and eat some more grass with your sheep

        1. Sencer says:

          Do you want to discuss what happened last time you tried it ?
          You were almost all ending in Ethiopian grassland where you all came from.

    2. Sencer says:

      Sweetie, you got what was yours , ie some distant landlocked shithole where you can go only with some donkeys and air armenia.

      History lesson : if you colabrate with enemies and backstab your own country while yr state in fighting in 5 different fronts , you may end in Deir Zor or some another shithole where you will cry for some centuries to come.

      1. Nzhdeh says:

        I would throw acid in your face if you were in front of me.

        1. Sencer says:

          Of course you will do , what else one can expect from a backstabbing terrorist ?

          1. Nzhdeh says:

            People fighting for their lives and their own homeland after being persecuted for years are not terrorists you scum.

          2. Sencer says:

            People who coalaborate with Russians and kiiling civilians running after wet dreams of Greater Armenia are nothing more than terrorist backstabbers sweetie. get used to what you actually are .

          3. Nzhdeh says:

            Remember the treaty of Sevres, that land is ours. Ararat and Van sound Turkish to you? Why you have your own names for it hahaha???

          4. Sencer says:

            I remember Lousanne , if it is not a problem for you.
            We dont call it Ararat btw . Many people came and went from Anatolia., and you are one of them sweetie. Dreaming of greater armenia and ending in lebanon , deir zor and some landlocked shithole, thats yr reality get used to it.

          5. Nzhdeh says:

            You avoid the truth, there’s no helping you animals.

          6. Sencer says:

            You know what is the best part ? You backstabbed yr own host state , collaborated with Russians , and then Soviets screwed you all and slaughtered your intelligentsia if not sent you to Siberia in cattle wagons. LOL.

          7. Nzhdeh says:

            Does it disturb you we have control over a quarter of Azerbaijan and they will never get it back? Your closest relatives. Does it bother you have we slaughter them every day and you must sit and watch and can’t lift a finger?

          8. Sencer says:

            LOL, look here . ”Victim” looking for ”justice and understanding” suddenly becomes a bully when cornered.

            Sweetie , they are killing you as well in lots. A fact we both know.
            And they have the oil while you have nothing but Russian charity. Guess who has the upper hand in future.

          9. Nzhdeh says:

            Four Armenian soldiers killed while 16 Azeri killed, funny. 25% of internationally recognized territory is populated by Armenians, we took it back and kicked out the remaining traitors who were against the Armenian majority who have been in karabakh for thousands of years, deal with it.

            In the 90s when we established control they couldn’t do anything we destroyed them and humiliated them, and they cry and cry until now launching pathetic attacks. You turks didn’t do anything then and you don’t do anything now. You stay in your place like the obedient sheep you are while we cut your cousins throat in front of you.

          10. Sencer says:

            Nice sources , Armenian ? And very nice to see yr real colors – while you were speaking about yr ‘innocent kin’ , a few posts ago now you are bragging about
            some ”obedient sheeps , and some armenians cutting some throats in front of others.” LOL

            I dont care for any cousins or what , sweetie. Keep watching mount ‘ Ararat’ from a distance , and keep living in yr impoverished russian oblast shithole.

          11. Nzhdeh says:

            We will take that next and you’ll do nothing

          12. Sencer says:

            Before taking that make sure that it fits yr size sweetie.

          13. Nzhdeh says:

            Yeah ok

        2. Mustafa Mehmet says:

          , send me your address I come and visit you

          1. Nzhdeh says:

            Yeah sure

      2. mhtsaropinigitakis says:

        Getting a history lesson from a Turk?? AHAHAHHAHA best joke ever..You do good job building evemies all around you and you expect to see a future? you will be smaller than albania soon

        1. Sencer says:

          Of course, we wrote 400 years of YOUR history sweetie. Thats what I call a joke.

  8. ypovalkanios_katimas says:

    Turkey wants Greece to deliver national integrity and territory without firing a bullet exploiting the leverage she has in NATO due to geopolitical importance in order to have ”good neighbor-ship” .

    They demand to remove all arsenal from Greek islands and Greece to accept Turco-Libyan agreement.

    the good thing is that Army is ready to deliver massive blow at Turks. The bad thing is that politicians are Germany’s Quislings and Americans Yesmen and if they could deliver half Greek soil but to keep their political power they would do it without remorse. In this occasion they are scared of people cuz most of Greeks hate them and will not tolerate another back off as they did at cyprus 1974 and imia 1996 crisis .

    1. Mustafa Mehmet says:

      take it easy with ouzo re. island must be demilitarise that’s the agreement between Greeks and Turks. try to be gd neighbours

      1. kamalashila says:

        Free Kurdistan! Hatay back to Syria. Big Armenia. Western Anatolia, Bosphorus,m Dardanellas back to Greece. Hail Litttle Turkey!

        1. Sencer says:

          Dear , you morons do not have the ability to control such critical waterways.
          Keep chanting slogans , and dreaming. LOL.

          1. kamalashila says:

            Turkeys days are counted.

          2. Sencer says:

            Cheap slogans.

        2. Mustafa Mehmet says:

          I can tell you double the ouzo to bad

      2. Vas says:

        There is not such agreement, especially between Greece and Turkey because Turkey does not belong to the parties that sign that treaty.

        So in other words, the demilitarization of those islands will never happen, all those islands are Greek and you can cry all you want.

        1. Mustafa Mehmet says:

          Prepare you self 2023 on his way. we want our Island back. what’s blong to TURKIYE

          1. Vas says:

            You are so funny mongol. All islands belong to Greece as they were for thousands of years long before any mongol tribe like yours arrive in this region and you cant do nothing about it. Keep dreaming mongol.

            For now run run as you did with your fleet and Orus Reic, they all went back to your harbour once we said that we gonna sink it lol and like coward rabbits you even withdraw your navtex hahaha. kokot.

          2. Mustafa Mehmet says:

            Why don’t just sink it don’t just say it. navtex still on re mavro

          3. Vas says:

            We didn’t sink it because you didn’t dare to send it to the Greek EEZ, its still in your harbour.
            And nope, you withdraw your navtex.

        2. Mustafa Mehmet says:

          Will happen. You got no choice otherwise we will come and get it… gadalaves re

          1. Vas says:

            You cant take shit lol, you dont have the power for that, you cant even fight the Kurds, you cant even fight the Syrian army despite being exhausted after 10 years of war and you believe you can take on Greece? lol Delusional mongol. If you really believe that you would have done it many years ago but you cant.

          2. Mustafa Mehmet says:

            We respect the agreement when the time comes we will come and get it

          3. Vas says:

            When the time comes…That time will never come because you don’t have the power to do something like that.

          4. Mustafa Mehmet says:

            Re be patient now don’t get exciting wait

          5. Vas says:

            Oh I am excited to be honest, I cant wait to take back all the things that belong to us.

      3. ypovalkanios_katimas says:

        disband the Aegean Corpse first . Same thing you said about Cyprus and when Greece removed the battalion after a few years you invaded

    2. viktor ziv says:

      Greece has huge debt and can’t afford long standing war with Turkey without financial help from EU. Can EU afford that? Doubt it (keep in mind vast Turkey emigration force in Germany – key engine of EU idea). On the other hand Turkey can’t afford long standing war with Greece due to unresolved internal situation with Kurds and multiple fronts in Syria and Iraq. It looks like politics barking from both sides. Otherwise political power will experience tectonic shifts in both countries.

      1. ypovalkanios_katimas says:

        it would be for a few hours. Then negotiations. The major task is to destroy as much of their navy and air force before negotiations .

        1. Sencer says:

          LOL ok. You are the only clever one around.

    3. Sencer says:

      Will be glad to see how you daydreamers will protect Meis island which is 850 mneters from Turkish coast but 550 km from Greek mainland. But keep talking , it is free .

      1. Vas says:

        What the fuck is Meis mongol, nobody knows it. Its easy how to protect our islands, by sinking your entire fleet.
        You are the ones who talking all those years but never dare to try to drill anywhere in the Aegean or invade any island, you cry everyday about Greece “occupy illegally” many islands lol and you cry everyday about demilitarization of those islands and no one is listen you. Its funny how a mongol Turk from the Steppes has the nerve to say to whom those islands belongs when their were Greek for thousands of years, long ago before any of your kind step in to this region.
        Your Oruc Reis survey ship went back to your harbour hahaha, you little cowards, after all those big talks you finally understand that we weren’t messing around and your survey was was about to get sink if it dare to come to the Greek EEZ, and any escort with it for that matter.

        1. Sencer says:

          Meis is Kastellorizo, you sub saharan ape. Look you learned something today , thanks to me.

          I am not in mood for listening to your masturbation stories. Go wank with yr Mickey Mouse country in front of people who do not know what you actually are .

          1. Vas says:

            Kastellorizo is Kastellorizo, nobody knows any Meis expect mongol Turks like you. You see, you learned something today.
            I always enjoy listening mongol Turks talking about things they dont know about it and things that dont belong to them. We know exactly who we are, we were here on this place for thousands of years before any mongol tribe like yours come in. Your small, fairly recent history offered nothing to this world, thats why the only things you show to the tourists are Greek of origin lol.
            You are so desperate that you turned Hagia Sophia into a Mosque, you basically pray in a Christian Cathedral lol.
            Your fleet like a rabbit turned away and went back to your harbours and you didn’t even dare to send your survey ship after we threatening you that we will sink it.
            Go back now to your poor cave country.

          2. Sencer says:

            Your illiteracy is not my problem sub saharan ape , 90 mio people call it Meis here , if you are using the italian name, ie Kastellorizo ( aka Red castle ) , instead of Megisti , it is yr problem no mine.

            Let me tell you who you are , sweetie. You are a bunch of beach bums living with charities , pleases, gimmies if you are not busy with cooking some books or trying to deceive some German pension funds. You have done nothing since last 1500 years , and still trying to use credit of some long gone others which in fact has nothing to do with gypsies like you of today.

            Someone a bit clever than you could simply understand that turning Ayasofya back to mosque was a political decision and a message , not a necessity.

            On the contrary, TR navy is still there although yrs left yesterday – Oruç Reis postponed for a month after intervention of yr boss , ie yr mumy Merkel, who will act as a meadiator for the next month with the meetings that will be held between TR and GR.

            Btw , ape , the question is till there . How you intend to defend a small island like Meis which is 850 meters away from TR coast ?

            Now learning a few things here , go back to yr Rothschilds funded small colonial Mickey Mouse country where you can tell some BS stories of ancients and rob some old germans.

          3. Vas says:

            haha mongol you are so funny, it bothers you I see that we have all those islands dont u?
            Well mongol they were Greek as I said for thousands of years and you cant have them, you poor mongols, most of your 80 mil population lives in very poor conditions and actually the real mongol turks are not 80 mil, more like 40, 20 mil alone are the Kurds and and the rest many are thousands of minorities.
            Still the avg Greek has more than twice that income than you poor monkeys, more than twice per capita.
            There are no talks, the only thing we said is to sign an EEZ on international Law basis, the same we did with Italy.
            Still no one cares how you call Kastellorizo/Megisti because no one else knows that with that name.
            As how to defend it, thats easy, by sinking your fleet with our ships, with our adv subs, with our numerous coastal anti-ship batteries on many islands close to your shores and with our Mirage armed with Exocet.
            You apes are so envy on us, that we have this culture, history and this land, your ape ancestors in your small and recent history did nothing. Just parasites on this planet.

          4. Sencer says:

            Sub saharan monkey , your women are selling theirselves for the cost a a big mac while you are pounding yr chest here like an ape.

            ”Young Greek women selling sex for the price of a sandwich, new study shows”


            It is really funny isnt it , btw what you have done with all these monies you stole , is still a mystery to me. What exactly there is to envy about some former minions whom were slaved for 400 years , who live with theft , gimmies , handouts and could not do anything for 1500 years ? What is to envy for a Mickey Mouse country who is just established by French, English and Russians to be a bumper between east and west .

            Now leaving aside yr BS about some ”incredible numerous coastal defence systems’ which will protect an island 850 meters away from Anatolian coast , all yr uninformed stupidity about ”exocets , mirages ”
            etc etc . let me take you back to reality..

            ”Fuck your parliament and your constitution. America is an elephant. Cyprus is a flea. Greece is a flea. If these two fleas continue itching the elephant, they may just get whacked good …We pay a lot of good American dollars to the Greeks, Mr. Ambassador. If your Prime Minister gives me talk about democracy, parliament and constitution, he, his parliament and his constitution may not last long…”

            Enjoy . LOL

          5. Vas says:

            AH dead poor mongol. I get it now, you envy our women also. You see we dont put that shit on their heads and we dont beat them like you do lol. Turkish women one of the most ugliest in the world, full haired body and they forced to have sex with other mongol haired apes like you lol.
            Like it or not, you will never reach us, thats why you envy us, all this area belongs to Greece, all those waters belongs to Greece, thats why you cry everyday lol.

            You should be lucky because if it wasn’t for the French, British and Soviets in 1922 to save you with money and arms, the Greek army would have take Ankara and would have send you back to the Steppes where you belong.
            As for the weapons, its not a fantasy but a fact, you see we are not a Libya/Syria/Iraqi destroyed place in which you think by sending paid terrorists to fight your wars that makes you a great power, in contrary to those countries we have a modern and large armed forces capable to sink and shot-down all your ships/jets.
            Thats why like cowards you withdraw your fleet and you never had the balls to send Orus Reic for survey in Greek waters, after we said that we will sink it. McChickens haha

          6. Sencer says:

            Triggered sub Saharan ape strikes back. LOL

            Sweetie , I am not interested in yr hairy women , chest beatings of your small and insignificant nation which stilll believe that someone envy them after 400 years of harsh domination.

            Lets never forget how Jeremy Clarkson described all of you ;
            ‘’’ In an article “Holiday ad cuts a’tache” Clarkson refers to a recent campaign by the Greek National Tourist board in London, were a women is pictured with Clarkson referring “and a girl who didnt look all that Greek either. She didnt have a moustache for instance, Clarkson also defines Greece as a toilett’’

            Let me also tell story of yr small pseduo nation ;

            During 1819/1821, Yr masters namely Brits , French and Germans decided that they needed a bumber state in Balkans between Ottomans and Europeans . So they decided to create a pseduo / fake state called Greece. They convinced some Ottoman peasants from Balkans that they were greeks and financed their uprising. The funds needed for the mutiny was mainly provided by Rothschilds in London . And at the end of the revolt , they jailed all of your national heroes and appointed a German King to rule Greece , to remind you who is and will be the boss.

            You know what else is financed by Rothschilds ? Disneyland.. LOL. Todays Greece is nothing but an amusement park created to entertain some pink assed Western Europeans.

            Now , serve some Tomatokeftedes to Germans in table 3 and keep playing bozouki as you tell us some BS epic military stories regarding some island defence systems , exocets and mirages out of yr ass. While doing all of these keep thinkinbg how you will protect ‘’your’’ islands and yr’’ honor’’ intact against yr angry and warlike neighbours.

            Next post I will teach you how Greek Prof Dimitris Kitsikis calls you ‘’ a colony of the West and a failed state since 1821’’ Hope you will be ready to see what actually you are .

          7. Vas says:

            Haha the mongol Turk has the nerve to call someone sub-human. The Turks…the epitome of sub-humans, throughout their history the only thing they achieved and remembered for it was for genocides.
            You apes came from caves of the Steppes to the civilization and you think you can compare yourselves against civilizations which was the pinnacle of human evolution, haha delusional mongol.
            As I said say thank to France, UK and USSR for saving your butt in 1922, your army was on the bring of collapse and Greek army was just few km outside Ankara before they stepped in to help you.

            Also say thx to Qatar for saving your economy from completely collapse many times in the last years, even now that we speak by giving you billions of dollars to sustain your people and your campaign in Libya(which is failing) and to pay your Islamic terrorists that you brought from Syria, your lira has become a toilet paper, 8 Liras for 1 dollar as we speak lol, soon you wont be able to afford a piece of bread haha, especially the underdeveloped regions in your eastern side which is the epitome of apes haha.
            Listen Mehmet, you can cry all you want, this region is Greek and it will remain so for ever, all those islands that you are so envy of them will remain in our side and soon with the agreement of EEZ with Egypt(officials say that its coming soon), you wont be able to do shit in eastern Mediterranean.

          8. RD-180 says:

            Σχετικά με τους Κυπραίους που κλαίγονται στο pronews…
            …Αυτός που πρόδωσε τον Οτσαλάν στους Τούρκους, μέσω των Αμερικάνων, ήταν ο Αρίστος Αριστείδου. Ακολουθούσε εντολές του Κληρίδη. Έχει κάνει δήμαρχος Ύψωνα. Το σχέδιο για άφιξη του Οτσαλάν στην Ολλανδία, εκείνος το πρότεινε και έφτιαξε. Το σχέδιο για άφιξη του Οτσαλάν στην Κένυα, εκείνος το πρότεινε και το έφτιαξε. Και αφού μετέφεραν τον Οτσαλάν στην Κένυα, από μία “σατανική σύμπτωση” οι Κενυάτες άφησαν μόνο αυτόν να αποχωρήσει από την Κένυα ενώ απαγόρευσαν στον Καλεντερίδη την έξοδο. Το αποτέλεσμα ήταν να φανεί πως οι μόνοι υπεύθυνοι για το φιάσκο με τον Οτσαλάν ήταν Έλληνες. Παρακολούθα το βίντεο με τον Καλεντερίδη στο YouTube κανάλι “militaire”!

      2. ypovalkanios_katimas says:

        you can see it every day when f16 and mirage have your tails over it

        1. Sencer says:

          Says so Greek press. Still F16s fly over the same places every and each day since years.

          Still missing then question though , How you intend to protect an island 850 meters away from TR coast while Greek mainland is 550 KMs away ?

          1. ypovalkanios_katimas says:

            i told you how. there is nothing far for HAF

  9. Tommy Jensen says:

    I urge the parties to refrain from ANY violence and to talk it over with our US/Nato Command Centre who are there to resolve all the natives disputes.

  10. kamalashila says:

    Turkey will be destroyed and split, if attacks EU country.

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