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Aliens Exist, They’re In Contact With Israel And The U.S. Only: Former Israeli Space Security Chief

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Aliens Exist, They're In Contact With Israel And The U.S. Only: Former Israeli Space Security Chief

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Israel has been in contact with Aliens, according to Israel’s former space security program chief, retired General professor Haim Eshed.

Eshed, who has 30 years of experience as the head of Israel’s space security program, and is a three-time recipient of the Israel Security Award gave an interview to Yediot Aharonot.

He said that both the US and Israel have been communicating with Aliens for years.

Eshed claimed the existence of a “Galactic Federation.”

According to him, however, the Aliens said that humanity wasn’t ready yet.

“The Unidentified Flying Objects have asked not to publish that they are here, humanity is not ready yet,” Haim Eshed, former head of Israel’s Defense Ministry’s space directorate, told Israel’s Yediot Aharonot newspaper.

Eshed said cooperation agreements had been signed between species, including an “underground base in the depths of Mars” where there are American astronauts and alien representatives.

“There is an agreement between the U.S. government and the aliens. They signed a contract with us to do experiments here,” he said.

Eshed added that President Donald Trump was aware of the extraterrestrials’ existence and had been “on the verge of revealing” information but was asked not to in order to prevent “mass hysteria.”

“They have been waiting until today for humanity to develop and reach a stage where we will understand, in general, what space and spaceships are,” Eshed said, referring to the galactic federation.

One could ask why he’s chosen to reveal this information now.

And to this Eshed explained that the timing was simply due to how much the academic landscape has changed, and how respected he is in academia.

“If I had come up with what I’m saying today five years ago, I would have been hospitalized,” he said.

He added that “today, they’re already talking differently. I have nothing to lose. I’ve received my degrees and awards; I am respected in universities abroad, where the trend is also changing.”

He also used the chance to plug his new book “The Universe Beyond the Horizon – conversations with Professor Haim Eshed”.

It contains spicy content such as how aliens have prevented nuclear apocalypses and “when we can jump in and visit the Men in Black.”

While it is unclear if any evidence exists that could support Eshed’s claims, they did come just ahead of a recent announcement by SpaceIL, the group behind Israel’s failed attempt to land a spacecraft on the moon in 2019.

Uploaded to social media with the text “Ready to get excited again?,” the announcement contained a 15-second video of the moon with text saying “Back to the Moon,” followed by the date of December 9, 2020.

It is true that too much excitement could be a precarious thing, but … why not?

It, however, explains why the US and Israel are such sworn allies, and the US forward’s Tel Aviv’s interests globally. It could be because the Alien federation asked Washington to do so.

On a serious note, a spokesperson for NASA said one of the agency’s key goals was the search for life in the universe but that it had yet to find signs of extraterrestrial life.

And still, that’s exactly what everybody would expect him to say.

“Although we have yet to find signs of extraterrestrial life, NASA is exploring the solar system and beyond to help us answer fundamental questions, including whether we are alone in the universe,” the spokesperson said in a statement.

Regardless, an 85-year old expert is attempting to sell his new book filled with alleged documentary anecdotes of his interaction with Aliens, and saying that out of hundreds of countries on the planet, an Alien federation only decided to speak to the United States (as the global superpower, which is still fact) and Israel (“the only democracy in the Middle East”), luckily they’re both allied.

This version of events could potentially explain how, according to Iran, Israel used an satellite-controlled, AI-using machine gun to assassinate Tehran’s top nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh.


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  1. johnny rotten says:

    My question is if the aliens are goyim or are they also part of the chosen people, if they are goyim will they accept to serve the Jewish people as slaves? I don’t think it will be easy for Jews to enslave them if they turn out to be Goyim, at least not as it was easy to enslave Europeans in North America, and in the old continent, it will be fun to see how things evolve between the Jewish masters and the rest of the galaxy peoples.

    1. Blas de Lezo says:

      The tiny banana republic of Israel should ask the Aliens for money and weapons. I’m sick and tired of my taxes being used by uncle Sam to give Israelis welfare checks and free military aid only to have Israel still asking the US to fight all its dirty wars.

      1. Pave Way IV says:

        Israel isn’t asking the U.S. to fight any of it’s dirty wars. They pay off U.S. citizens’ (supposed) representatives in the U.S. government to do that. It’s pretty much on autopilot here – no ‘orders’ from Tel Aviv even necessary. Israel did ask the aliens for financing and weapons, but they declined, “We could never match the amounts you’re able to con from U.S. taxpayers. It’s obscenely huge, even by Galactic Federation standards.”

  2. qveenz says:

    I red a lot of “alien diplomatic relation revelation” that this one is annoying me. This paper is totaly right: is how to use “Luke I’m not your Vader” in propaganda to remotivate people.
    I will not be surprised if the new Covid vaccine is promoted as extraterestrial mastered technology.
    Well folks we have factions which are mostly violent, the entire universe is living violently, and violence need factions, why there are only one extratestrial faction in smooth contact with us.?

  3. Ardeen Roy Diamante says:

    Pfft. The Russians would know about this too. Ask Russia

  4. RichardD says:

    The GFL, Galactic Federation of Light, is the organization that I was negotiating off planet travel with when I got shot in the face during a disagreement with them over regime change, social engineering, terraforming and omnicide initiatives that they wanted my support and participation in.

    I’m willing to consider embedding ET SF personnel in my specop force company under some circumstances and accepting logistical support for transportation, equipment, information, cloaked sentinel drones, etc.. For missions that could include mitigating the Jew World Order omnicide of our species and civilization that is currently underway.

    1. Ivan Freely says:

      when I got shot in the face

      You should be dead. Or, did they set their phasers to stun? ROFL

      1. RichardD says:

        Maybe you should get shot in the face with a beam weapon and spend 2 months chewing your food on the other side of your mouth. And a year recovering. Then maybe you’d understand.

  5. RichardD says:

    – Non-human entities have ordered globalists to engineer a scheme in which billions of humans can be eliminated without much of a fight.

    – The Wuhan coronavirus was engineered and released to stir up mass media hysteria in order to justify the deployment of medical police state policies around the globe.

    – Human economies were deliberately crushed in order to obliterate economic abundance and make most humans economic slaves (refugees) dependent on government, taking away their individual liberties or economic options.

    – Governments will only pay benefits to those who agree to line up and get vaccinated with the “kill switch” vaccines.

    – The deaths won’t occur immediately, but upon exposure to the next pathogen being released in the binary weapon depopulation scheme.

    – Once the great masses of human sheeple have been culled, the non-human entities can engage the remaining human resistance forces and eliminate them in a mop-up operation, preparing planet Earth for post-human colonization and other applications. Those human globalists who aided in the extermination agenda will of course be betrayed and eliminated themselves. Bill Gates, in other words, will eventually wind up with his own head on a stick, too.

    – Covid-19 isn’t a pandemic plan, it’s an EXTERMINATION plan for humanity –


    1. John Brown says:

      – Non-human entities, demons and their lord Satan have ordered their racist supremacist global Jewish Satanic Slave Empire Dictatorship to engineer a scheme in which billions of human Goyim can be eliminated without much of a fight.

  6. ruca says:

    Even aliens are afraid to be called antiseptic, I mean antisemite.

  7. BMWA1 says:

    Sounds like tommy!

  8. RichardD says:

    “observers who have been watching Earth have reached what they see as the point of necessary interventions to save Earth from humanity. It appears they have made the decision to initiate the extermination of humans.

    Biological weapons use human tissue to replicate the weapon itself, allow the weapon to be race-specific and to focus its second wave of binary death on the most highly-populated areas (cities). It is no coincidence that cities are where lockdowns and vaccine compliance programs are being most aggressively announced as well. This is where mass compliance can achieve the most efficient mass exterminations in the years ahead.

    How political upheaval and civil war play right into the mass extermination agenda

    Within this framework of the mass extermination of humans, any geopolitical wars or civil wars that can accelerate economic destruction and the collapse of public health are viewed as aiding the larger goal of global extermination. Notably, nuclear weapons will not be allowed to be deployed for the reasons stated above (i.e. the pollution is impossible to reverse). They can, instead, be decommissioned after launch via exotic non-Earth tech which has already been deployed against ICBM tests.

    But conventional, kinetic wars between nations will be encouraged, as will domestic wars. Anything that promotes chaos, death, economic destruction and the collapse of health infrastructure is seen as accelerating the end goal of global depopulation.

    Part of the mass mind control of humans is to keep people focused on small, tribal differences (Republicans vs. Democrats, Black vs. White or China vs. the USA) rather than realizing all humans have been targeted for extermination, and that we all share a common enemy which is not of this Earth.

    In less than 10,000 years, humans went from innocent, indigenous dwellers to insane, destructive, technocrats who threaten not just Earth, but every planet we can reach. As we stand on the cusp of interplanetary travel and colonization, it seems that our cosmic neighbors have decided that humans are a threat to the cosmos and must not be allowed to continue to exist.

    Ending humanity, they believe, is necessary to save Earth. And this is the plan you are seeing rolled out right now.”

    – Covid-19 isn’t a pandemic plan, it’s an EXTERMINATION plan for humanity –


  9. Free man says:

    Now it is clear how this small country has such an advanced technologies. The Jews have outside help. It’s not fair. LOL.

  10. Rhodium 10 says:

    Aliens have asked for help to Israel and USA because they fear that China buy theirs planets…

  11. Garga says:

    Good god!
    We’re lucky that Trump didn’t announce it – I have no idea how possibly he resisted the urge – and this guy did, otherwise we had mass panic! Good job guy for listening to the aliens’ request and keeping their existence and your secret arrangement a … secret!

    I absolutely bought his word about aliens doing experiments here on earth, you see, the organ theft of the Palestinian young captives and transplanting them into old fart Jew Zionists is a very important experiment done by aliens and its aim is not to prolong the life of these parasites at all.

    Surely tech transfer is also on the table, that’s the reason for %110 success rate of American and Israeli air defence and winning of all their wars and their wonder weapons like Joint Strike Farter, Zumwalt and indirectly, the HMS Big Leaky.
    But I can’t think positively about these aliens, they searched and found two of the worst fascist, racist police states on the planet who were at war and attack all their existence to make friends with, birds of feather.

    Good news is, in the end they’ll turn on the US and Occupying regime, after they sucked all the wonder tech those two had to offer aliens and destroy their landmarks, Everyone knows that and it’s on movies, you think movies lie?

    More importantly, let’s talk about aliens and not all the simultaneous shootings all around Israel, mkay?

    1. Pave Way IV says:

      As long as the Galactic Federation agrees to a Rothschild-controlled central bank, then there won’t be any problems. If the aliens resist, then it will be obvious they are under Iranian control. U.S. Space Force: ATTACK!

  12. Kalash says:

    they’re no aliens. In islam Jews where known to have close contact with Jinns & Demons, Israel owns all powerful and known black magic books, they got nuclear knowledge from there…

    1. RichardD says:

      These videos from Mike Adams are all listed as being posted last year before the scamdemic hit. If that’s true, they’re prescient of what happened this year. He says that he got a lot of this information from government insiders who say that this is all preplanned.

      1. Harry Smith says:

        A guy in September 2019 said that elections 2020 will be stolen. He definitely knows something.

      2. Tommy Jensen says:

        Any idiot can figure out this has been pre-planned. Only the sheeple and the leftish cant.

  13. Me&Myself None says:

    He has a book to sell, and since this breed of people is allowed to be as deceiving as it can be in order to rip off other people for profit, therefore I am not surprised that he came up with the biggest lie ever.

  14. HiaNd says:

    At least now Trump knows where Biden got his votes from.
    Aliens obviously.

  15. cechas vodobenikov says:

    why do aliens only show to uneducated drunk villagers?

  16. Phoron says:

    …and in the year 4040, Galactic President-Premier Oog-Baalfol laid a wreath to commemorate the six hundred and sixty six googolillian killed on the burnt-out cinder formerly known as Clown World

  17. QuickshooterMk4 says:

    Jews are not in contact with aliens
    Jews ARE aliens (or behave as such)

  18. farbat says:

    hahahaha aliens is the democrats wishdream of taking over the world how absurd the zionists already are moving to pleasure the democrats in america and soon they will destroy relations with russia probably

  19. farbat says:

    lets say there is techology in existence beyond our imagination on earth and the ones owning it are after the end of the usa and basically they seek to rescue earth by culling it meanwhile there are those of the believe that they can just do as they please and that everything will work just fine for them most mentionable 2 are the usa and the zionist usurper entity these two are basically facing an enemy which one could indeed call alien but that doesnt mean its a lifeform from a different planet its all earthbased and still extremely alien to humanity

  20. farbat says:

    imagine jews as part of galactic federation hahahaha they would be thrown out from 100s of planets XD

  21. Pave Way IV says:

    “If I had come up with what I’m saying today five years ago, I would have been hospitalized,” he said.”

    Hey, it’s not too late, Professor!

    “He also used the chance to plug his new book “The Universe Beyond the Horizon – conversations with Professor Haim Eshed”.

    Wow… unexpected!

    “It, however, explains why the US and Israel are such sworn allies, and the US forward’s Tel Aviv’s interests globally. It could be because the Alien federation asked Washington to do so.”

    Or it could be because monied Israeli interests have stuffed the U.S. government leadership with their agents and use bribe-funneling organizations to promote ‘Tel Aviv’s interests globally. Kind of like AIPAC is used to shekel U.S. politicians into obedience. Yeah, I think I’ll stick with that one. Alien Zionist Federation: email me if I got this wrong. Thanks.

  22. Ivan Freely says:

    Regardless, an 85-year old expert is attempting to sell his new book

    And there you have it. The REAL reason for his outlandish comment.

  23. Tommy Jensen says:

    Exactly what I said years ago, and I was almost hospitalised. You guys were not ready.

    The Aliens only want to negotiate with the United States because we are winners and those in power, and because they know they can trust an American.
    After I told you about our Space Command you know today what space and spaceships are and what photonic roemer weapons are, and you know America was playing baseball on the moon before you were born………………….LOL.

    Later on I will show you some representatives from outer space. Pretty nice ladies with nice titties.

    1. Che Guevara says:

      The Aliens only want to negotiate with the United States because we are winners and those in power, and because they know they can trust an American.

      The Aliens: Take us to your leader… On second thought maybe not.

  24. SnowCatzor says:

    If this were true why would they favour Israel of all countries? Are they Jewish aliens? Evangelical aliens perhaps?

    What I also find strange is how people used to claim aliens cooperated with Nazi Germany and yet now they apparently love Israel?

    Ridiculous, he’s probably just raising the popularity for his new book.

    1. RD-180 says:

      Just to be on the safe side, if the creation of the eyptian, babylonian, jewish religions was part of a long-term plan to have Earth conquered by Aliens – an Alien invasion would most likely take centuries rather than weeks, like in Hollywood movies, to unravel – it would make sense that Aliens are in contact with members of Israel’s elites. Maybe the same Aliens cooperated with NaZis in order to help create the state of Israel, since this would facilitate conquering our planet. Maybe!

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