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Algeria Received First Batch Of Terminator Vehicles From Russia

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Algeria Received First Batch Of Terminator Vehicles From Russia

The BMPT-72 tank support combat vehicle at the Ninth International Exhibition of Arms, Military Equipment and Ammunition in Nizhny Tagil. Photo: SPUTNIK/ SERGEY MAMONTOV

Algeria has received the first batch of BMPT-72 Terminator-2 tank support combat vehicles (TSCV) from Russia, the Algerian media outlet Menadefense reported on June 25. According to the report the first batch included sixty Terminator-2 TSCV.

The first reports about the delivery of about 300 Terminator-2 appeared in the public space in 2017. Then, it was claimed that the delivery of combat vehicles to Algeria will start in 2017-2018. However, it seems that the implementation of the deal was delayed by some reason.

Algeria Received First Batch Of Terminator Vehicles From Russia

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  1. Dick Von Dast'Ard says:

    How good is it as an anti-aircraft system? (Or is it really more anti-infantry and mechanized infantry orientated)

    1. James says:

      I suppose it’s for ground warfare. What gives it advantage is that human life isn’t exposed to any danger, so it can take more risk and act without thinking about self-preservation where necessary.

      1. Zionism = EVIL says:

        These are very useful and versatile in urban asymmetrical combat zones where dismounted infantry is vulnerable to a range of IEDs, snipers and ambushes. Even the previous Soviet 23mm Quad tracked Shikla have proved their worth in every urban combat zone providing effective rapid fire force multipliers to the infantry as well as being effective against rotary aviation and slower aircraft. The Terminator is far more deadly as it is armed with Ataka-9M120 ATGM which are very deadly with 98% hit probability in both open and urban terrain against a range of armored and fixed targets. The twin 30mm autocannons have more hitting power as well.

        1. Harry Smith says:

          Please pardon me for correcting you, but it’s Shilka, not Shikla. Named by river in Siberia.

          1. cechas vodobenikov says:

            probably an ostayak or evenki word—there are so many indigenous languages in Siberia

          2. Superfly says:

            and no real English translations for Russian words…….

          3. Harry Smith says:

            The initial words can be translated very easy. Nightmare starts when all that suffixes and prefixes are added

          4. Harry Smith says:

            Shilo means awl in Russian. Shilka could mean small awl.

    2. Icarus Tanović says:

      It isn’t. It’s tank supporting vehicle. Bmp 1 was not so great, that one based on t55 was well okay, and this one is a masterfully crafted for urban combat and protection of tanks.

    3. Bob says:

      Mechanized support – the Russian’s learnt in Chechnya that tanks and BTR’s were vulnerable in built up urban streets – where separatists were firing RPG’s from basements and from apartment upper floors. The standard tank canon isn’t designed for firing at ground immediately in front, or traversing steeply upward at close range. Result – this tank support and urban suppression vehicle – designed to hose down those sorts of targets using a deeply traversing (up and down) dual auto-canon.

      1. Dick Von Dast'Ard says:

        Just surprising to me that it has no stated capabilities against drones and/or attack helicopters. (which is what one might expect confronting Anglo-Zionist western forces)

        1. Assad must stay says:

          What else should it have?

          1. Dick Von Dast'Ard says:

            Some sort of REX Anti-drone electronic warfare system and double SA-24 launcher. (perhaps a 3M47)

            Perhaps maybe have a standalone anti-UAV/UCAV/CAS Terminator version?

  2. Zionism = EVIL says:

    Algerians are also natural born fighters, the Berbers captured all of southern Europe and ruled it for hundreds of years, their legendary general Tariq bin Ziyad was one of the able military genius on the planet and the British occupied Spanish outpost of Jebel Tariq (Gibraltar) is named after him. Algeria has the only fighting military in North Africa and the most modern weaponry. The modern Algerian military is the continuation of the revolutionary FLN that so comprehensively defeated the French fuckwits. Russia has picked a worthy ally in the Maghreb.

    1. alejandro casalegno says:

      Algeria was not Vietnam……………were not Route 4 , less a Dien Bien Phu, in the city, the french created a “Mini.Auschwitz”……..all prisioners were tortured to the death and the resistance was erased.
      Few survived to see the french departure.

    2. Brother Ma says:

      The Palestinians were duped into having HAMAS by Israel so they are controlled opposition. All hope and support for Palestinians by Westerners was erased once HAMAS murdered Yasser Arafat and all Christian Palestinian tterrorist leaders and soldiers. Sucks to be stupid and a Moslem Brotherhood Palestinian.

    3. Brother Ma says:

      I won’t debate it with you but this army is being whittled down by terrorist activity that has been going on longer and more brutally than Al nusra and Isis.

    4. Brother Ma says:

      When did Berbers rule Greece and Italy?

      1. Ronald says:

        They never did, but they raided their coasts for slaves.

        Don’t remember the name of the Caliphs, might have been Jebel Tariq, who ordered 2000 blond virgins from his general who he sent to attack Spain and got them.

        1. Brother Ma says:

          Yes ,that I would agree with.

    5. Mansouri says:

      Tariq Ibn Ziad was Moroccan. Algeria didn’t exist at that time, it was part of the Almoravid/Almohad empire.

    6. Mansouri says:

      just to let you know, Algerian army has been struggling with islamic fighters since 1990. Still to this day, a bunch of terrorists hiding in algerian mountains with rabbit hunting rifles are seen as a major threat by the algerian army.

    7. Hassan Ghonem says:

      u forget one important note, Palestinians are pussies not men, not even close

  3. cechas vodobenikov says:

    I am not an expert—I am told that Russian vehicles are preferred where the terrain is difficult due to their durability—many amerikan tanks, etc do not perform well partly because they r reliant on fragile technology—-the Abrams tank, the osprey, f-35 r 3 examples of inferior design

    1. Superfly says:

      Russian technology is practical and low maintenance and can be repaired easily, the T-34 tank and Kalashnikov are prime examples of timeless design.

  4. Lone Ranger says:

    I like it.
    Want one for Christmas.
    Pretty please….

    1. Assad must stay says:

      Same lol

  5. Brother Ma says:

    So we can expect the Algerians to turn around and gift these to the Neo -Ottomanist Erdo in Libya?

    1. Hassan Ghonem says:

      cuz it does not matter, shit like that happens every day. It is bad as it happened during a parade but it is expected though as any Equipment is subjected to technical malfunctions even old shit like F15s are falling like once per week causing human losses fro USAF

  6. Assad must stay says:

    Terminator 2: judgment day :)))

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