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Algeria Ambassador In Damascus Calls For Return Of Syria To Arab League

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Algeria Ambassador In Damascus Calls For Return Of Syria To Arab League

On Wednesday, Algerian Ambassador in Damascus Saleh Bosha called for the return of Syria to the Arab League.

He made this statement during a reception held by the Algerian Embassy marking the 63rd anniversary of the outbreak of the Algerian Revolution of 1st November, according to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA)

“Algeria rejected freezing Syria’s membership at the Arab League and it has called for activating bilateral cooperation,” Bosha said, according to SANA.

The Algerian Ambassador also revealed that that over the past few months, officials from the both countries have exchanged visits. Bosha also stressed that Algeria is supporting Syria against terrorism and supporting the “exerted efforts to allow Syria to play its regional and international role”.

Presidential Political and Media Adviser Bouthaina Shaaban who attended the reception thanked Algeria for its support. However, Shaaban said that Syria is not willing to return to the Arab League, and accused it for “conspiring” against Syria.

“Syria has its own vision regarding the Arab League, and the league we want to return to is not this league which conspires against Arab countries.” Said Shaaban.

Back on 12 November 2011, the Arab League suspended the membership of Syria after accusing the Syrian government of being responsible for the violense in the country. The Arab League also imposed economic and political sanctions on Syria, and appealed to its member states to withdraw their ambassadors from Damascus.

The Arab League resolution was considered illegal, according to its own internal rules, because several members voted against it. However, most of the Arab countries obeyed the resolution and withdrew their ambassadors from Damascus.

After 6 years of this resolution, many Arab countries including major regional players like Egypt, Iraq and Algeria are again working with the Syrian government. The recent development allows to suggest that more powers may re-establish connections with the Syrian government in the near future.

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Alan Chen

Syria should only rejoin the Arab League on the condition that Saudi Arabia be kicked out of the League and Syria be given serious reparations to rebuild their Nation ie the oil they lost from ISIS and materials and resources to rebuild their nation. If these conditions aren’t met Syria should never rejoin the Arab League considering Syria was sold out by their own.


I wish there was an international institution which wasn’t a cut-out puppet and would exact judgment and ruling based on evidence. Not made-up evidence like the White Helmets but the kind of verifiable evidence which exist. Like testimonies of former ISIS members and terrorists, like countless pictures and videos and leaked documents, like the things former Qatari PM said, like the aerial pics of oil tankers lining up on Turkish border carrying stolen Iraqi and Syrian oil and many more.
Well, there isn’t such organization and the conspirators and psychopaths who unleashed this plague on Syrians, Iraqis, Yemenis, Afghanis, Rohingyans, Philippinos, Libyans and average Joe Europeans won’t compensate the lives they took and the harm they done.

The best thing we can do is to learn and make sure it never happens again. That is, if we are able to unite regardless of our religion and colour.

Solomon Krupacek

rohinyas = chinese/myanmar action


No Solomon, it’s “Harakah al-Yaqin” or “Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army” (led by Pakistani born and Saudi raised Ata-ullah and other Saudi members of it’s leadership committee) which is the bastard of Saudi-Pakistani Wahhabis. They kill both Rohingya farmers and Myanmar security forces.

Apparently they’re there to block Chinese-Myanmar bilateral relations by creating chaos.


They kill both Muslims and Buddhists as you say to create chaos , but with a plan . If the “plight of the Rohingya” gets press , and Soros is making sure they get it , they would like to create a separate Islamic state on the west coast . That separate state could then claim a portion of the off shore oil and gas , and equally important , invite US “protection ” . The aim being to disrupt Iranian – Chinese oil shipments through Burma .

Serious Dude

Personally I believe that Syria should be united but Assad has to go. Maybe Syria should have a democratic Alawite as president, not the corrupt Assad family.


Luckily it’s up to Syrians, not you and me and they showed their support of their elected president Assad.

That’s what really matters.

Serious Dude

Yeah but many don’t support him. He should resign after that bloodshed. However, did you see that Israel are helping Druzes against Syrian rebels?


Maybe I wasn’t clear enough: It’s not for you to prescribe for Syrians. Syrians themselves, alone and only will decide what to do, support him or not. Who’re you to tell them what “should” they do?

If some people cared for their own countries just a tiny fraction of what they care for Israel, a lot of their countries’ problems would be solved.
Nobody invited this parasite to do anything and NO, the facilities Israel built to help terrorists on Golan and it’s provocative attacks are blocking my view.

Jerusalem Post:

Times of Israel:

Serious Dude

And if they don’t support him then what will you say? Problems are caused by greed not by Israel. My source is: https://syria.liveuamap.com/


It’s not for us to say anything. I don’t get to vote in a Syrian election, just like you. We better learn NOT to poke our noses where they don’t belong.

Why do you insist on talking about Israel?
To hell with this greedy parasite and it’s problematic provocations.

SF published two great articles in this regard today which are far better than just a map.

Serious Dude

It is not for us to say anything about Syria while you say about Israel. Israel has helped the Druzes while SF says they support HTS. This is a total lie. SF has attracted many trolls and I will leave this website in the near future. Anyway, I am having a theological argument with another guy. Wanna learn?


So an Israel apologist tried to trap me into saying something. Too bad I didn’t say Israel “should” do this and “must” do that. I said to hell with the parasite and I’ll add it’s apologists to the equation.

Not surprised with the defeat of treacherous Zionist plans for Iraq and Syria, some of these “trolls” are leaving. That’s good news. The sooner Zionism apologists leave us alone the better. Please don’t wait for the near future. Much obliged.

Sorry, I don’t have time for another unending cycle of your games, twists, fallacies, strawman arguments or repeating lies. Poor the other guy who probably doesn’t know what awaits him. Or her. Have fun.

Serious Dude

So all this fuss because of one geopolitical belief I have. And you act like you got your house stolen.


You’re not so skilled in Playing victim, are you?

Serious Dude

Nobody plays the victim here. But somebody sees the things black and white.


Who might that be?
Perhaps someone who sees “ALL” Zionist actions as good, “ALL” Shi’as as bad, “ALL” Bosniaks as anti-Greek, “ALL” groups who fight terror but are not on the US payroll as Iran’s proxies and in short, deals in ABSOLUTES and knows no middle ground.
So, yeah. “Somebody” sees in black and white.

Please only respond if you have something worthy to say, not just whining. Thank you.

Serious Dude

I haven’t said that all actions of Israel are good. Because I support Israel in its fight against terrorism that doesn’t mean that I agree with everything Israel does. HTS has accused Israeli army of conspiring with Assad against them. Not to mention that before the war broke out, several Syrian moderates wanted peace with Israel but the hardliners were the ones that had the power.
I haven’t said that Shias are bad. I have said that Shias can also make crimes and be sectarian.
There is an anti-Greek sentiment among Bosniaks, Albanians, Fyromians, Turks and Germans. It is not my fault. Not all of them but most of them hate Greeks.
Tell me which militia organization is an Iranian proxy? Hezbollah is an Iranian proxy and PMU are also.
Why do you talk like you are an American?


[Metaphorical] Son, I tried for some time to reason with you, introduce you to the way of discussion, show you one can’t accept everything one hears or reads without searching/finding/showing the proof. I tried to show you the errors in your judgement using facts (either posted by myself or asking you to do that).

I clearly failed, we’re at the first square again, right where we started. So I’m not going to waste any more of your time and more importantly for me, my own.

I ended discussing with you a few days ago for the very same reasons which I wrote in my last reply. Yesterday you tried to “trap” me into saying something about your precious little parasite which I anticipated but it saddened me. (you’re free to support Israel for whatever reason, but please don’t pretend Israel is fighting terrorism. When Israel takes other people’s lands and cracks down their every move, kills them, tortures them, demolishes their homes, sprays them with chemicals, blockades them and puts them in a very large and open air prison named Gaza, they’ll naturally fight back, with whatever means they still have. I know that, I know a few languages and I read Hebrew sources too)

You know what you said, I know what you said and my profile and history is public for anyone who is interested to follow. It’s all there.

Let’s leave it there and please only contact me again whenever you’re ready to discuss using facts, not rumors or what you read somewhere or other people’s opinions.

Good luck in your life and tell my regards to your parents, again.

Serious Dude

What is your definition of “facts”? Every people has its own prejudices. Why should I support Iran? Or maybe the regime of Iran? I don’t support only Israel. I support Lebanon, Kurdistan, Armenia and the Assyrians also (I think that Assyrians should have their own state in Iraq). You give the right to yourself to be against whatever you want (US, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Peshmerga, etc…) but someone else doesn’t have the right to do so. Not only that but he also receives the harassment from pro-Assad trolls.


You again twist my words. Old habits die hard I guess.

I have nothing more to say other than what I already said in my last reply, which you CLEARLY didn’t read.

Serious Dude

Maybe we misunderstand each other. Digital conversation always has this type of problem.


Well at least Syria , being the victors of this war against them, will get to write the history books, as the slogan goes, and which is usually what happens.

Pave Way IV

The problem with back-stabbing someone is that they still don’t like you years later. They don’t want to be in your f(*king club anymore. The Arab League is useless. Nice idea at one time, but a useless relic of the past today.


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Solomon Krupacek

polite words without weight

martin aguilar

Stupid Solomon never ends !


Let him be, please.
We all need a good laugh every now and then and Solomon provides like there’s no tomorrow!

Weldon Cheek

Hes just too annoying to amuse though,as soon as i see his rediculous comments i get red rage and feel compeled to slag him off in the harshest possible way! I even stopped reading comments section for a while as it was upsetting my inner peace!


I tell you a secret: That’s exactly what encourages this kind of people. They know what they spout is pure bull. They usually resort to personal attacks because they haven’t got anything better in their quivers. You write something and they response with “bulls#t. you’re stupid” or something like that without any reason, because they can’t counter you any other way. We can’t play their own game, The great Bernard Shaw said it best: “Never wrestle with pigs. You both get dirty and the pig likes it”.

Disclaimer: Hereby I declare that Ms. Piggy is a fictional character and any similarity between her and my dear beloved Solomon is pure coincidence and I take no responsibility for any kind of psychological or physical scar to anybody’s precious little feelings. For more info contact Disney.


Syria won’t join the Arab League because Syria is in a League of its own. Others can up their game and come and try to join Syria.

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