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Algeria Accuses Morocco Of Deadly Drone Strike On Western Sahara, Vows To Respond

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Algeria Accuses Morocco Of Deadly Drone Strike On Western Sahara, Vows To Respond

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Algeria has held Morocco responsible for a recent drone strike on the disputed region of Western Sahara that claimed the lives of three Algerian truck drivers.

In a statement released on November 3, the Algerian Presidency described the unpresented incident as a “cowardly murder with sophisticated weaponry.”

“On November 1, 2021, while the Algerian people celebrate in joy and serenity the 67th anniversary of the outbreak of the glorious Revolution, three (03) Algerian nationals were cowardly murdered in a barbaric bombing of their trucks on the road linking Nouakchott to Ouargla, while they were in a natural movement of trade between the peoples of the region,” the statement reads. “several factors point to Morocco’s occupation forces in Western Sahara as having committed with sophisticated weaponry this cowardly murder. This brutal aggressiveness is characteristic of a known policy of territorial expansion and terror.”

The Algerian Presidency went on to stress that the murder of the three Algerian citizens in the Western Sahara “will not go unpunished”.

Morocco has already denied responsibility for the deadly incident. A senior Moroccan official claimed that the trucks were struck by landmines while moving weapons from Algeria to the Polisario Front in the Western Sahara.

The official accused Algeria of inciting against Morocco’s growing drone capabilities. The Royal Moroccan Air Force acquired several types of drones recently, including a number of Bayraktar TB2 combat drones from Turkey.

“Algeria wants to create a crisis over the Royal Armed Forces’ use of drones, which have upset the balance of power,” the unnamed source told the UAE-based al-Arabiya TV.

In October, Algeria and Morocco broke diplomatic ties due to new disagreements over the Western Sahara issue and accusations of espionage.

The two countries could be heading to a military confrontation in the Western Sahara. Morocco, who has been boosting its military capabilities, may use any response by Algeria as a pretext to launch a full-on operation against the Polisario. This would destabilize West and North Africa and threaten Europe.


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Chris Gr

Both of these nations are Turcophiles and part of the Gog Magog alliance (Put).

poko molo

crissy wet her panties

jens holm

Dont You have internet. Turks hardly are 8%.

Their main currencies in this is dollar, dirhams and franc.

You show very well how to create dark state conditions. Next You will insist Your neighbors has the´ree legs too.

Some look up. You seemes to look sown under Your bed blanket:8

Chris Gr

I said Turcophile not Turkic.

jens holm

The only Turkish there is a town named Fez.

Chris Gr

Yes also Germany is close to Algeria while France is close to Morocco.


morocco =corrupt amerikan colony

jens holm

News to me. Did it change yesterday, when I slept. Morroco is number 85 in the corruption index.

Who do You compare with?

Try the corruption index. Try the trade index.

In imports and exports USA is number 4. If You use our behind for finding data, You at least should use a candle. You are far behind in facts so to speak.


Interesting.. Morocco recognises Israel, and before you know it, they’re droning their neighbours.

Go figure, as they say..

jens holm

Unfortunatly You might be correct. But as You see they already are well armed. Israel by the way export several kinds of weapons. Their small firearms seemes to be first quality.


racist night porter idiot the most corrupt –u pay more for electricity than all EU nations in your dumbocracy…corruption index irrelevant—only regards perceptions not evidence
after you pay taxes you earn less than Russians

jens holm

I already has wrote the same agin and again. We use HIGH TAX AS EQUALIZER.

So we get the money back. They dont dissapear in corruption.

We by that d´finance free schools, free education, free hospitals, almost free medical care pension and many more things. Those are expensive. All children are supported by a child check every month too.

No one want to be runned over by a car or have canser BUT all – rich and poor – get exact the same treatment in the same kind of beds with the same kind of free food, operations, medicine a.s.o.

The Objective

TB2 drones again.
More than a dozen African countries are requesting drones from Turkey. Export will be in the billions. Plus maintenance and munitions. Erdogan said many countries are asking him for the Akinci drone.
Terrorists sponsored by the West on Muslim countries are about to face their defeat with these Muslim-made weapons. I can’t wait to see MAM-L munitions flying on the battlefield of Africa against Western sponsored boko haram, Alshabab, etc.

The profile picture here is been forcefully put by SF, maybe to depict me as a Turkish propagandist.

Last edited 1 month ago by The Objective
Chris Gr

Both Moroccans and Algerians are friends of you.

jens holm

I would say having relations. Whats wrong with being friends. Well it might says You are out for several good reasons:(

Chris Gr

Nothing wrong but these nations will form an alliance in the end. Both the Bible and Nostradamus have said it.

Peppe il Sicario

The Shmoroccan Moroccans are the US’s and Israel’s new Arab bitch who’s going to now try and trigger a cat fight with Algeria, a country militarily closer to Russia than nearly all other Arab countries. In real terms, it would be a no contest as Algeria is armed to the teeth. The Moroccans would be forced to call on their street drug dealers and petty thieves in Europe for cannon-fodder back-up.

Last edited 1 month ago by Peppe il Sicario
Chris Gr

Moroccans are armed from the Russians also.

jens holm

I would prefare to say Morocca has kept themself as neutral as possible and that has been possible because they onl was a relative peacefull part of the french connection.

The local Goverment – even they has a King – has had jihadists as Leaders too.

Algeria has had to find new friends after their terible freedom war, where mainly France almost genosided too.

West sahara by that has changed in importance too. Morroco should not have the taken paptent, but its wrong if Algeria try to take over. West Sahara as a minimum should be some kind of autonome being no part of them.

And who are in the middle being the real loosers – wel the Berbs and Tuaregs or whatever their local non arabs are named. We see how the Pan arabisme might be there too.

jens holm

And dear Pappa Roni.

As usual others are blamed for it – Anericans, jews, Russians. So You are an arap plqayin the usual a rap music.

Lance Ripplinger

What would an actual armed conflict look like? What kind of military power does Morocco or Algeria have?

Chris Gr

They are close to each other in strength.

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