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JUNE 2021

Alexandria Security Chief Survives Assassination Attempt (Videos)

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On March 24, a booby-trapped car exploded near a convoy of Egyptian security forces while it was passing the Tolip Hotel in the Stanley neighborhood of the coastal city of Alexandria, according to the Russian RT TV.

The Ministry of Interior of Egypt revealed that Major General Mostafa al-Nemr, the head of security in Alexandria, had been the main target of the attack. He survived the incident. Two policemen were killed and four others were injured, according to the ministry.

The attack came only two days before the Egyptian presidential election. Due to this, several Egyptian observers accused the Hassm Movement, the armed wing of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Party, of carrying out the attack in an attempt to sabotage the upcoming election.

The Hassam Movement was established by radical elements of the Muslim Brotherhood Party after the Egyptian Army had removed the Muslim Brotherhood from power in what had became known as the “2013 Egyptian coup d’état”. Since then, the movement has carried out a series of terrorist attacks against the government’s security forces.

Many Egyptian experts say that the Hassm Movement is backed by Qatar and Turkey, the two main supports of the Muslim Brotherhood Party in the Middle East.

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Expo Marker

Egypt and Turkey already have poor relations, but this assassination attempt by the Hassm movement will make things worse.


Muslim Brotherhood have won democratically the elections in Egypt. They were removed unfairly. For once, sunnis choose to make elections. Al Sissi is a dictator and a traitor who gave two egyptians islands to Saudi Arabia so that israel have free passway to the red sea.


Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood are radical fundamentalists who sought to exploit the democratic process to gain power, and immediately moved to undermine the democratic process, and secular society, once in power. It was simply a matter of time before the secular Egyptian society – headed by the military – struck back to halt this process. The basic question being, how should secular bodies respond when the democratic process itself is threatened by the successful participation of those who seek to use it to destroy it?


Once, people say that people should vote to elect their leaders, then, they say the opposite. I don’t understand.

So, the primary problem are the people who want to establish democracy in every country.

It’s not my business if they want to live under the sharia law. Why do I care ? And I don’t like the “preventive war”.


The question is what should the majority do when an aggressive minority seeks to use the system to overthrow the system? Western representative democracy is far from an ideal – it is a practical application wrought with inherent flaws, limits and contradictions. Consider the case of Wiemar Germany, which saw Nazi Party electoral participation. An economic crisis in the country precipitated a surge in radical party electoral successes – a scenario wherein the previously fringe Nazi Party secured enough support to be integrated and negotiated into actual government. What did they do with the power? They moved to secure their position and eventually suspend the representative electoral process itself and impose state martial law. The point being, it is bigger issue than simply ‘democracy’, it is about the question of how the majority and its political bodies should respond to an aggressive minority that seeks to exploit the political system to gain power and overturn the political system.


I have said several times that the republic system that the west want to export doesn’t work. It doesn’t work for the west. USA has became a global dictatorship worst than the Nazis. So, like I said before, the primary problem are the ones who want to export a non working system. The secondary problem is the ones who believe in it.


You are completely misunderstanding the point – the question is not about ongoing western attempts to export and or impose representative democracy. The original point in question is Egypt – an existing secular and nominal representative democracy. Does representative democracy work in Egypt? The answer is relative, in so far as, compared to what model?
The real question is how should any secular system with a representative electoral model, however functional, deal with an aggressive minority that seeks to use the electoral process and political bodies to gain control and destroy that process and system.
This is not a question confined to Egyptian secular state – consider it will be a real question in certain western European countries within next few decades – as Islamic political parties are able to source significantly expanding electoral bases.


Egypt is not secular, it’s a dictatorship. Secularism doesn’t work. I don’t know where did you see that secularism work.

And sunnis in Egypt are not a minority.


The term secular simply means not related to religious or spiritual affairs – it has absolutely no bearing as to whether a politician is part of a military junta or a political party. Likewise, it is not about the fact majority population are nominal Sunnis in Egypt – it is about political participation of radical and fundamentalist Muslim Brotherhood Sunnis.
It is quite clear you completely fail to grasp the larger abstract point, about whether an electoral political system can tolerate the participation of those who are intolerant, and hostile, toward the electoral system itself.


I perfectly understand what is your point. It’s just that it doesn’t work because people faith fixes their political actions.

If MB can’t be elected in Egypt, fundamentalist christians can’t be elected in USA and jewish extremists can’t be elected in israel.


Nope – you fail to grasp the basic premise.


Your basic premise is false. You separate people faith and their behaviour. It’s absolutely ridiculous. The problem with secular people is that most of them are not religious and want to bring their framework to religious people. Then, it fails and then they cry.


That’s not a “problem” with secular people. The problem is that religious fundamentalists want to impose their way of life onto anyone else. Secularism doesn’t impose anything on religious fundametalists. Religious fundamentalists are free to practice their own religion in their own private life, just like less religious people are free to practice their own way of life.

Just because a very slight majority of plurality of some group of people gets elected in a country doesnt mean that that majority can simply start terrorising and eliminating everyone they deem a heretic, sinner, unbeliever, apostate, polytheist, etc etc.


And you understand that israel was created on purpose because israel has been given acess to the red sea for no reason. israel, now, is even not the israel of before. It’s a secular state created on purpose by the globalists where gays (who must be killed according to the old testament Leviticus 20:13) walked in gay pride.


Good thing civilized countries don’t persecute people for homosexuality anymore. There’s all sorts of garbage written in the old testament that would make like a medieval shithole if it were implemented today. All these religious books need to be read in the context of the time they were written.


Joseph Stalin once said: “Murder solves all problems. No man, no problem.”

Please don’t take this to mean I support the attack, vote Sisi.


People don’t seem to understand that the problem is the terrorist Abraham.

Personnaly, I see no differences between a sunni extremist, a christian extremist and a judaic extremist. They are all the same.

So, people complain about the fact that MB may do I don’t know what and so must be destroyed. But, in the same way, the christians fundamentalists that are elected in USA are exactly the same as MB.

So, they try to talk you about so-called secularism, which solved no problem but make things worst as only dictatorships can be secular.


I don’t think you really understand what secularism is. Then again, you’re the biggest retard on this board, noone can expect you to understand anything.


And notice that people talk about secularism only for abrahamic religions and never for buddhism, hinduism or whatever.



That’s because virtually all other religions such as buddhism, hinduism, etc already co exist with secularism. There’s no such thing as theocratic buddhist governments or hindu governments.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Israel does not want a stable Egypt just as Israel does not wants a stable Palestine or a stable Syria.
Once it is destabilized and ‘terrorist’ run free ‘with help from Mossad agents’ then Israel has international rights to do bombing runs, grab territory ‘like Golan Heights and Sinai’ for examples.
Israel plans to re-conquer the Sinai, and later after that more of Egypt.
Israel has a hand in 70% of the evil deeds done against neighboring states.

Janice O'Connor

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Pave Way IV

“…The Ministry of Interior of Egypt revealed that Major General Mostafa al-Nemr, the head of security in Alexandria, had been the main target of the attack. He survived the incident…”

…but his hearing will never be quite the same.

“…Many Egyptian experts say that the Hassm Movement is backed by Qatar and Turkey, the two main supports of the Muslim Brotherhood Party in the Middle East…”

You can safely count the Bill and Hillary Clinton Foundation and the Qatari faction of the US deep state as major MB supporters. I’m pretty sure the secret UK Zionist cabal wants them back in charge of Egypt, too. The Muslim Brotherhood ensures a weak, corrupt, internally-warring, non-threatening Egypt, ripe for exploitation. That’s kind of why the Egyptians kicked their asses out in the first place.

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