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Alexa, Play “Despacito”: Biden Opens Florida Speech By Awkwardly Bobbing To Song From His Phone


Alexa, Play "Despacito": Biden Opens Florida Speech By Awkwardly Bobbing To Song From His Phone

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On September 15th, US Presidential Candidate Joe Biden held his first campaign appearance in Florida in an attempt to win over Latino voters.

He had a fool proof strategy in place: play Despacito from his phone.

His speech was nothing special, but the beginning was memorable. The former US Vice President under Barack Obama pulled out his phone and just played Despacito, a Spanish-language song that was, for a while, the most popular hit worldwide.

After being introduced by Luis Fonsi, the singer of the international hit, Biden said, “I just have one thing to say,” before hitting play.

“There you go, dance a little bit, Joe. Come on,” encouraged Fonsi.

In very awkward fashion Biden bobbed a little to the 2017 hit song and then began speaking.

“I’ll tell you what, if I had the talent of any one of these people, I’d be elected president by acclamation,” Biden said, referring to Fonsi, as well as singer Ricky Martin and actress Eva Longoria, who also spoke ahead of Biden in Kissimmee, Florida.

Also, Despacito’s lyrics translate to:

“I want to breathe in your neck slowly

Let me murmur things in your ear

So that you remember if you’re not with me


I want to undress you in kisses slowly.”

And other similar verses.

But it is still fair to say that Louis Fonsi himself introduced Biden, of course, and urged him to dance a little.

However, some are less optimistic, after all, Joe Biden attempted to bribe votes out of colored communities by vowing up to $150 million.

Latinos, however, got a little 10 seconds of Despacito.

Trump campaign adviser Steve Cortes tweeted that the playing of “Despacito” was indicative of Biden’s struggles to connect with Latino voters.

Sen. Marco Rubio doubted that playing Despacito to show that he was supportive of Latinos would be a factor.

“I don’t know if it matters. I mean, he was standing next to the guy who wrote –or performed the song, Luis Fonsi,” Rubio said.

“Here’s the bottom line: at the end of the day the people who are going to decide this election that happen to be of Hispanic dissent, especially in central Florida, these are very hard-working people,” Rubio continued. “What they want is what everyone wants. They want to be able to own a home. They want a job that brings dignity.”

Rubio argued Trump would be the candidate better able to secure those jobs for Latinos in his state.

In his introduction to Biden, Fonsi, who was born in Puerto Rico, said “Despacito, proved to me that in this country, we will never be defined by our differences.”

“And no matter who is president, Latinos and Latinas will always have a place here. But how much better would it be to have a president who celebrated our community instead of denigrating it?” he asked.




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