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Aleppo Tunnel Bomb Kills 38 Government Troops

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Dozens of pro-government troops were killed when militants blew up a tunnel underneath a building in the Syrian city of Aleppo.

Aleppo Tunnel Bomb Kills 38 Government Troops

Photo: Youtube

Dozens of pro-government troops were killed when militants blew up a tunnel underneath a building in the Syrian city of Aleppo, BBC reported on Friday, citing reports of a UK-based monitoring group.

According to the reports, the blast killed 38 troops on Thursday.

The Thuwwar al-Sham militant group published online a video showing the process of the destroying of the building. The footage showed members of the group planting explosives inside the tunnel, and the building blowing up in a huge explosion in a cloud of rubble and ash.

Initially, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), 14 people were killed by the tunnel bomb. However, on Friday, SOHR revised this upward.

Aleppo has been divided between the militant-held east and government west for the past four years. Hundreds of thousands of people live in the east of the city, which was effectively cut off by government forces earlier this month. The military campaign of the government forces against the city’s militant-held areas have been intensified with the support of Russian air strikes in recent weeks.

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I don’t see how this ‘Observatory’ can be relied upon. I far as I can understand, it consists of a single person working out a a small house in Birmingham in the UK. Even if this person has sources they are likely not close to the action. I very much doubt they would know how many people were in any given building.

Dagwood Bumstead

Exactly, yet we see media, Arab media still using this “Observatory”, giving it far too much credibility. FWIU He’s even funded by covert U.S. organizations.


Lol agreed .. U are right! Full of shit

George Washington

be sure to rate this article 1/5


I saw the video, that building and the ones near it looked decrepit and empty. I guess tnere could be some troops inside, but not many. It wasn’t even a big building.

Anyway this SOHR is overstating civilian casualties constantly. If you read them long enough, you may think Syria is one big nursery. For every 10 people killed, half of them are little children and the other half their mothers and other innocent civilians.

George Washington

Terrible source – rated 1/5

Jens Holm

Just passing: Paul: 1) 1 Person in Birmingham could be a press incomming central for many others. 2) Dont think You can expect 38 unifomed wawing with flags in that building. They will be hidden behind the boulding, at the backside of it or in the basement. 3) Radiotraffic can be triangeld and also listened to invluding names. A haeadquarter – small or main always consist manned functions – and a minimum estimated number of people. 4) Havent heard the headquarter hasnt been there for more than a while.

And of course You shouldt believe every thing you se. Very much seems to be fake and propaganda. I often make % – Liar system and use diffrent sources – if there are. Could be jazeera, arabia, aranews.

My first following a war was Tjetjenia WAR2. Here I found out when Russian official told 10 own solduers were dead – their soldier mother organisation said 15. I therefore could use 2:3 and also use it when the Tjetjenians told 1 locomotive was destroyed and 10 wagons to – it really was the locomotive was damaged so it couldnt drive for the moment and only around 6 wagons were destroied and none or ligt dammage to 4.

Good luck for the truth.

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