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Aleppo “Armed Opposition” Shapes Its “No Surrender” Approach After Recent Defeat from Syrian Army – Report

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Aleppo "Armed Opposition" Shapes Its "No Surrender" Approach After Recent Defeat from Syrian Army - Report

Photo: AFP

“Opposition factions” are ready to withdraw from the Syrian city of Aleppo, a pro-miltiant news agency, Qasioun, reported on Tuesday, citing an anonymous field commander in the area.

According to the report, “opposition factions” unanimously decided to leave the city and ordered their representatives in Turkey to contact the UN on this issue.

No further details were provided.

The initiative now has to be confirmed on an official level.

UPD 22:07 CET 6.12.2016: Unconfirmed reports are appearing that militants are surrendering to government forces near the Aleppo Citadel.

The report appeared after another military blow delivered to militant groups operation in Aleppo by the Syrian army earlier on Tuesday. The army and its allies recaptured from militants 3 districts of Aleppo city and now they are further developing the advance in the eastern Aleppo area.

At the same time, the US-Russian talks on the same issue – the withdrawal of militants from Aleppo – officially collapsed on Tueday. This could indicate that the recently appeared rumors are just an attempt to buy an additional time for Aleppo militants.

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northerntruthseeker .

The Syrian Army should finish the job and not let these criminals escape, period… They should all be captured and or destroyed for the murderous rampage and acts of genocide against the Syrian people….

Gary Sellars

Agreed. Don’t allow these criminals and murderers to escape and repeat their atrocities against others.


If I were the government side, i’d dangle the juicy carrot but continue hitting with a baseball until i get terms in my favour. Anyway, even if the opposition don’t want to admit surrender, they will be surrendering East Aleppo… if that is, they are really leaving.

Michael Simpson

Personally I wish that they would be interred in a prison camp until these people realize that they must accept SAA control, then if they swear allegiance, they could go home. Otherwise, it seems foolish to let them out only to have to fight them again and perhaps lose loyal soldier’s lives just because a hard decision could not be made.


Ideally it would be so, but when politics are involved and a certain “equilibrium” must be preserved we have a not-so-perfect outcome. Still, a great success for the Syrian Army & its allies.

Pavel Pustina (ARTforU)

US special forces are also in SAA cyrcle I assume.

Michael Simpson

I am certain Syria would have no problem securing escape for US special forces remaining in the pocket when in turn, Syria receives the control of the remaining portions of Aleppo that are rebel controlled. The result would be the prevention of a number of lives lost in battle, it makes full sense to facilitate such things.

Gary Sellars

No. If there are US special forces in Aleppo, they deserve nothing but a dusty grave. They are there to precipitate the collapse of the Syrian secular state and usher in a radical Islamist Caliphate (with a pliant US-controlled sock puppet at its helm). They deserve no special considerations now that their filthy plan is on the rocks.

Michael Simpson

Deserve and what is best may be two different things. “You don’t cut off your nose to spite your face.”

Gary Sellars

Maybe you are right. It would be better to capture US special forces and parade them in front of the international medias cameras. Maybe after a little “enhanced interrogation” US-style they might be… encouraged…. to admit their complicity and provide an insight into US crimes of aggression and support for terrorism.

Daniel Apaza

It’s too late. Obama thought Hillary was going to win. It’s a bad miscalculation!!!


The oligarchs who back the clinton crime family are still trying to undermine and or overturn the us election. If those who unofficially rule the us try to force her on the people there will be a civil war and or declarations of independence by several of the usa states. I would consider it the best outcome if the states were to declare independence from the dc crime ring since they’ve made themselves illegitimate through their own actions. Those include but aren’t limited to direct and indirect support for terrorism, repeated and willful dereliction of duty, blatant disregard for the Constitution they swore to uphold. The Constitution also happens to be the same documents the federal government claims authority by over the states. Like so many other agreements, the usa central government expects other parties to uphold their side of the agreement but refuses to do so itself.

George King

It is a matter of atonement for the death of two Russian Medical doctors and the serious injuring of another in a mobile medical treatment involved in humanitarian aid to civilians. This is why there will be no lull in fighting or escape from bell that tolls for thee.

Daniel Apaza

I dont think they are in a position of strength to make demands or deals to escape; it’s too late!


Or not too late to make deals, but the price just went up to the stratosphere. The E-Aleppo is defeated and any deal made must really be worth it.

George King

Russia has noted that the artillery attack resulting in the deaths of 2 and the injuring of a third Russian medical doctors manning a Russian mobile emergency unit was given logistics and targeting data GPS. They mentioned the supporters and funders in the same statement as guilty as are all accomplices in premeditated murder.

The bell tolls for thee!

Gary Wells

Special Ops personnel need to be captured, or killed. It is very important to reveal to the world the duplicity of the US government. They need to be shamed. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are Israelis there as well. MSM could not ignore a parade of US and Israelis on their way to prison to await trial.

Gary Sellars

No agreements. Kill the goat-fucking child murderers… every last one of them.

Jorge Castro

What about of that motto “We shall not negotiate with TERRORISTs”.

Jewish Watchman

Remember who these mothertruckers did to the Syrian troops who surrendered to them in 2012 – lined them up on their knees in the street, bound and executed everyone of them….single shots to the back of the head. Take them out to the countryside in locked buses for target practice….please

Mahmoud Larfi

SAA should not let go Noureddine Ezzenki mercenaries and Foreign fighters.

John Mason

Syria should not have any surrender terms because amongst those terrorists are those responsible for atrocities and war crimes plus US covert operatives who need to be killed or captured.


They are buying time evacuating thru microtunnels. Remotely controlled small tunnel boring machines less than two meters diameter are a recent invention that has military application and easy to transport.


Kill em all..I wanna see public execution of that USA black jihady fuck journalist,…

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