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Aleksandar Vučić is expecting applause in Srebrenica

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Aleksandar Vučić is expecting applause in Srebrenica

This article originally appeared at IN4S translated by Stevo Marjanović exclusively for SouthFront

Prime minister of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić said that stability in the region is very important and that Serbia will do anything to maintain it, before his trip to Sarajevo.

He said that he does not fear for his safety after the attack in Srebrenica, he didn’t eve talked about that, but he will visit that place in a few days

Serbia will allocate a significant amount of money for that small district. We will return and we will help. Those people that threw rocks at me and tried to punch me will greet me with applause.”, said Vučić for B92.

Serbian prime minister said that this will happen “because truth and work are always victorious, and not media manipulation”, and that he is not concerned about safety but rather looking to achieve something for Serbia.

Vučić stated how infrastructural projects and cooperation in all spheres are important, and that this must not remain in the phase of political discussions, with which “someone in Europe should be satisfied.”

“Result is necessary, it is necessary for us to work on tourist linking, to call each other for vacation through video commercials… When people come into contact, then relationship between the countries is moving forward”, said Vučić.

He said that the only difference between Serbs and Bosniaks is religion.

“We want good relations with Albanians, but that is different society. Bosniaks and we are almost the same, religion and faith are different. That is why we will fight to achieve closest relations with Bosnia and Herzegovina because it is one of our most important export destinations.” said Vučić

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Only a complete idiot can trust this man the PM of Serbia. No-one and literally no-one, including Mr. Vucic himself, is able to determine the aim of his policy. His constant is to speak opposite of what he spoke the day before. He seems to have been obsessed by impressing people as a powerful man. Psychologists would say it’s the result of the features of his baby-face. There mustn’t have been anyone to take him as a strong boy when he was a child. All this is his revanche.

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