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Albanian women from Kosovo in charge of jihadist camps in Syria

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Albanian women from Kosovo in charge of jihadist camps in Syria

Written by Tanjug; published at in4s.net, translated by Mario Andrijasevic exclusively for SouthFront

There are more than 150 fighters in Syria who were recruited in Kosovo and are fighting for a terrorist organization called Islamic State. And that includes 42 women who are in average 23 years of age.

One of them is Camilje Tahiri, who is according to the chief editor of the Pristina’s Zeri Arbane Xharra magazine, one of the leaders of women’s IS camps in Syria and Iraq.

Camilje Tahiri is from Sipovo near Mitrovica and from there she followed her husband who was killed as ISIS fighter. Camilje still continues to serve the “Islamic State”, now she is as someone who recruits new victims among women and girls from Kosovo. Today she lives in Syria with two small children.

Then there is Shqipe Ajdini who after the death of her husband Sinan Mujo from Gnjilane managed to return from Syria together with her three year old daughter because reportedly she did not want to return documents from Kosovo to “Islamic State”.

There is also Laura Huseni Xharra who says she is a typical teenager from Kosovo who use to go out with her friends in cafes and bars and did never cause big headaches to her parents who were, according to her, “open and understanding.”

“She use to take a taxi and went to meetings in cafes or in the city with her friends. She wore the same clothing as her peers – often wore short skirts or jeans. She was very modern, “said Faik Uksmajli whose son Arbnori married her.

While Faik speaks about Laura, tears are running down his face. He recalls sitting on a wooden chair on the balcony of the house in Donje Nerodimlje, a small village located between the crops that surround Urosevac, the third largest city of Kosovo.

Not far away from there is the largest US military base in Kosovo called “Bondsteel”.

Faik said both of his sons Arbnori and his younger brother Albert were very social and open as well as Laura, but last year something terrible happened with all three of them. “In only few months,” he said, “the village mullah and his wife totally brainwashed them.”

“All three have become orthodox Muslims and separated themselves from their friends and circle of people with whom they use to have contacts. Arbnori had grown a beard, wearing trousers sheets and constantly talking about Bilad al-Sham, a religious name for Syria, “explained Uksmajli who said that this is how everything began.

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Ari Rusila

Dick Marty’s report “Inhuman treatment of people and illicit trafficking in human organs in Kosovo” (http://www.assembly.coe.int/Comm…//s4.cdnstatic.space/2010/ajdoc462010prov.pdf) five years ago to the European Council challenged the picture created in Western mainstream media about Kosovo war and after. I regret that it has not yet forced Western powers to make a reassessment related to Kosovo status. In my article Captured Pseudo-State Kosovo (http://arirusila.wordpress.com/…/captured-pseudo-state…/ ) I have summarized Kosovo

“as Serbian province, occupied and now international protectorate administrated by UN Kosovo mission; as quasi-independent pseudo-state has good change to become next “failed” or “captured” state; today’s Kosovo is already safe-heaven for war criminals, drug traffickers, international money laundry and radical Wahhabists – unfortunately all are also allies of western powers”.

Unfortunately I still have the same picture about Kosovo.

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