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Al-Waer District Of Homs To Be Handed Over To Syrian Army On Saturday

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Al-Waer District Of Homs To Be Handed Over To Syrian Army On Saturday

A screenshot from the video

According to pro-government sources, on Friday and on Satuday, the last two batches of militants and civilians (who want to leave) are leaving Al-Waer district in the northern part of the city of Homs.

2500 civilians, including 600 militants, will leave to the town of Garables in northen Aleppo and the entire district will be handed over to Syrian Arab Army (SAA).

The first batch of militants and civilians left on Friday, and according to pro-government sources, the Russian military police entered the seventh and eighth streets in Al-Waer and bulldozers began removing barricades, fortifications and barriers that blocked the streets and entrances to the district.

On Satuday, when the SAA enters al-Waer, the entire Homs city will be under the control of the Syrian government. Al-Waer district was the last district under the control of militants from  Ahrar al-Sham, the Free Syrian Army and Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS).

The district was used as a base to launch terrorist attacks on civilians and the SAA in Homs city during the past years. For example, a suicide attack on the Akrama al-Makhzoumi primary school killed over 40 children in October 2014.

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And where is the MAP?


So 600 al-Qaeda goons get out scot-free to fight another day? Does this mean that the loyalists have tacitly given up on the Idlib pocket, which will be another Turkish protectorate in future? Hate to admit it, but in Raqqa and Mosul the current US line seems to be “encirclement, then annihilation”, which would make them the more determined party in this fight. Then again, the loyalists have (some) commitment to preserve civilians and infrastructure, while the US has none. Only bad options left maybe; what a mess.


They probably figure they would all die in a losing battle against SAA if they were to stay and duke it out

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